Musician's Lullaby

mood: jovial

Soshite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuita
(Then, the boy falls asleep)
ikizuku hai no naka no honoo
(The flame inside the breathing ashes,)
hitotsu, futatsu to
(and one by one)
ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao
(Many dear profiles appear)
daichi ni taruru ikusen no yume, yume
(Thousands of dreams drop to the Earth)

Gin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni
(On the night when silver eyes flicker,)
umare ochita kagayaku omae
(the shining you is born)
ikuoku no toshitsuki ga
(Even though countless prayers are)
ikutsu inori wo tsuchi e kaesshitemo
(returned to the earth by the passing millions of years)

Watashi wa inori tsuzukeru
(I will continue to pray)
douka konoko ni ai wo
(no matter what, shower this child with love)
tsunaida te ni kisu wo
(and kiss on the connected hands)

This lullaby that I often called Musician…
I learned it’s real name
The official version has come out!
In the form of D.Gray-man’s third soundtrack.
That came out December 17th
…it seems I missed it
“Tsunaida te ni kisu wo”
Sung by the energetic Kobayashi Sanae
Which is also the sneaky Allen’s seiyuu.
With a melodious voice, it accompanied the piano
Whose role plays importantly in the development of the story
The musical score that appeared in episode 93
After studying the fansub of the song…
I noticed that the lyrics were taken directly from the manga
With an excitement of a fan
I was awed by their ability to come up with a musical score that could fit such a lyric
While searching for the full list of the soundtrack
I stumbled upon this
That allowed me to get a download of the FULL soundtrack
Full of happiness,
I passed the night listening to the soundtrack

On another more personal note,
This person…
Finding the interesting art of henna drawing…
Had sacrificed her hand
For the sack of satisfying her love for squiggles
Though…in the end
It didn’t turn out so well
My young prince has to leave his royal sanctuary
In order to meet his relatives.
It was ok if there was the wonderful discovery of internet there
But alas…
There were still areas near the country’s motherland still not quite connected to the world.
But tomorrow…
After some time staying cooped up in my room jovially,
The time to interact with human has approached!
Let’s grab this chance~
Finally able to see other parts of this country…
Let’s pray for our safety
As we drive with a WHOSSH—
Making more memories for this year
…no internet there though T_T

Unnie's Long Awaited Wedding

mood: accomplished

이잫운니 and 하핏오빠's wedding passed two days ago
through mayhem and chaos
We all cleared up the house days before
Perhaps I’ve gotten manlier…
인탄운니 had to drive back and forth
Through 45 minutes journey
From her face I could tell she was near to losing her mind
Emotions overflow as the day neared…
엄마 went from good to bad news in a flash
Nevertheless she stood tall and accepting.
Our 엄마 of the iron fist!
Through the chaos of attending and greeting at the gate…
I await a young prince.
Even from afar, I saw him!
Hands that shook from nervousness and the smile that couldn’t leave my face
With a heart that beat faster as he approached, I couldn’t concentrate well.
I hope I look fine @_@
The highlight of the event…
행사의 하이라이트는…

*All three words which mean the same -_-;;*
The sisterhood utmost cool performance!
Even wearing the appealing maroon dresses~
To our special 운니

Though we performed awkwardly and out of order…
Who was unwell, smiled at us
We did this especially for you~!
Feeling like shouting that, we all did our best
We didn’t rehearse much and…
This person…
In charge of the choreography…
I didn’t do so well…T_T
I’m sorry…

아줌마 disturbed us in the middle of the performance and we nearly broke apart…
Watching it again, I noticed embarrassingly that a part of me stood out too much than how I would like…
The consequences of eating calorie-rich diet!
Like Jerai mountain…
Protruding at my abdomen…
A bulging stomach!
I didn’t get much exercise!
Feeling like crying, let’s just swallow this reality
And face it like a man!
…other than that…
A highlight event for me…
My young prince gave me a special reward…
A lovely bracelet…
As he was about to leave, he held it out
Speechless, I accepted it
Without knowing 엄마 saw it all.
Later, she said with a serious face-
엄마 : How dare he do it in front of his mother-in-law!
Saying this…
Has 엄마 approved of us?
Truthfully…I was more happy seeing him there than for 이잫운니 and 하핏오빠
This is just me...T_^

Unity of Japan's Strong Voiced Seiyuus

mood: melodious


Future Scramble

Aozora no Present


Song from Anime Tenchou'b.
- Minagawa Junko (Echizen Ryoma)
- Paku Romi (Edward Elric)
- Kobayashi Sanae (Allen Walker)
- Saiga Mitsuki (Yoite)

Disclaimer: I don't own this song. Credits go to its respective copyright holder.
Credits to AllysiaEchizen for uploading it.

A Just Ending

mood: okay

Recently, I finished watching the last episode of Nabari no Ou.

going through slight sleep deprivation and depression

just to get through to the end.

As if compensating

Tobari sensei let Gau-kun and Yoite, who are both homeless and quite broke, live with him and his lover.

As if granting Yoite's long yearned wish...

he disappeared with the wind at the end.

Through troubles and overflow of emotions


Yoite can smile freely even as he goes to see his bastard father


he became the last person Yoite saw

and spoke too.

Such a sweet ending

I cried slightly at the very end when Yoite's essence was carried by the wind

Raikou-san died though me that was the most depressing part.

It would have been better if Yukimi-san was to replace Raikou-san's role...

A pink haired shinobi that was a good bishounen

He led an Itachi-like life at the beginning of the anime

but became good friends with Miharu
Why did he have to die?

An Alternate Naruto

mood: fluffy

(Nabari no Ou)

"Summary: Set in the modern age, the story is aboutRokujo Miharu, who just wanted to live a normal life and inherit a Okonomiyakirestaurant. At the moment, his biggest problem was the constant pestering fromKouichi Aizawa and Durandal Thobari Kumohira, who started a Nindō Club. Miharuwanted nothing to do with "ninjas" and turns them down every time. But soon, heis attacked by actual ninjas and is protected by Kouichi and Kumohira. Then,Miharu learns of the hidden ninja world, Nabari, and the hijutsu Shinrabanshōwithin him. The hijutsu, containing all the world's knowledge, is sorely covetedafter in Nabari." - Wikipedia

Original Creator: Kamatani Yuhki
Director: Kunihisa Sugishima
Animation Production: J.C. Staff
Character Design: Kazunori Iwakura
Art director: Yoshinori Hirose

Name: Rokujo Miharu(六条 壬晴)
Age: 14
Specialty: Shinrabansho(森羅万象) and Aegyo attack
Seiyuu: Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵)
The reason I
started watching this anime series was because Kugimiya Rie, who voiced Alphonse Elric
in Fullmetal Alchemist, was his seiyuu. The blogger, whose blog I
found the anime review in, wondered at first if she could bring the character of
a young boy. I wondered as well because I knew Kugimiya Rie through talks that
she has a very sweet voice even though she played the role of Alphonse Elric, a
10-year-old boy's soul stuck in an armour. Even in Fullmetal Alchemist she
sounded feminish, a suitable voice for an undeveloped boy.
Through this
anime I found that she could bring Miharu's character well.
Now and then I
could hear Alphonse's voice though and it brings back memories...

Name: Yoite(宵風)
Age: 16
Specialty: Kira(kinjutsu)
Seiyuu: Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀 みつき)
...idiotic bishounen who wants to erase his existance because he fears
At first I
really thought his seiyuu was a guy but I don't think
wikipedia or Animenewsnetwork would lie. Mitsuki Saiga (seiyuu of Wolfram, Robert Hyden and Maria Ross) did a really good job for his voice~ so emo-ish...

In the end...the anime mainly revolves around Miharu and Yoite that some people even dub the story as BL. I've seen up to episode 20 but all these two do are travel around together. Miharu is always holding and comforting Yoite because he seems to always suffer mental trauma and emo breakdown when he remembers stuff.
The animation quality doesn't grow on me but the main characters are bishounens so I'm good.
I watch it mainly because of Miharu-kun's seiyuu
...but it's an interesting story

Fretful Tale

mood: annoyed

'Comfort me, I'm breaking down'
The picture...
like a silent prayer for the moyashi to pat bakanda
"You still have to move on, I'll support you from behind."
Someone made me feel a number of negative feelings
I was reminded of a bad trait
that I had done
I offered sweet words to a person
awaiting a delayed confession
it did not come even when a prince arrived
was I to give up a bright rose for a dried up sunflower?
I was criticized
but he said it with a heavy heart.
So as to live easily
he asked me to hate him
I didn't for he was already like a dongsaeng to me
the moment a special bird delivered a confession
It hurt me...
what he had said
but it was not enough for me to isolate such a special friendship
I have to wonder about such a broken relationship
perhaps I was too blinded by the past
but now the future is brighter.

Moderate Compensation

mood: reminiscing

Looking at this...
it happens to you
At a day when wrong things happen to you
or you often do the wrong things
or the thing that went wrong is connected to the thing you do the most...
Raya has just passed...
...haven't contacted me
A feeling of sadness
this is a semblance of 好き
this...a person like me wouldn't know
A heavy heart...
I await
hoping there is a connection...
remembering me would be impossible T_T
I'll try to get in touch with him
서방! Has your credits expired?

A Dark Return

mood: expecting something

I returned home to a lifeless house
There was no electricity
All evening...
Without the computer's humming...
without the TV's blaring...
without the fan's whizzing...
without the feel of electricity running through the wires
We also felt quite lifeless...
only sleeping our way into evening.
With a heavy head as I woke up late.
Cleaning my room in the heat
Sweat formed just from moving the papers
Kerun-unnie wanted to sweat more
So we danced to Nobody, Tell Me and So Hot
Ending up only Wahida and I
Sweating our way to fat burning
I hope I lost a few weights.
But I ate Maggie later T_T

Sound Right to My Ear

mood: great

Watching this, I had fun laughing at the mirotic one

A Source of Practice

mood: happy

I used this vid from youtube to practice my Irony dance
I hope I improve

My Pace

mood: tired

I don't necessarily hate doing the washing up now
As if picking an unknown habit
I got hardworking
Trying to be better than my 운니
Finally feeling the soreness on my hands and feet
Let's not let it put us down
With an open heart, let's do better~
I tell myself this...
But doing this at my own time...
I still finish what I had to do...
doing things
. my own pace

Lost without Books

mood: blank

A feeling of lost...
After SPM...
No more books to hold
No more being told to study
No more exams to prepare for
Searching for other ways to fill the time
Surely I have found it
in the form of house chores
Trying to get used to it...
Such person...
telling myself that it is what I have to do
and is a tradition in the family
that 80% of house chores are done by a sibling who has just finished her SPM
Couldn't even sigh
there was nothing else I can do
Facing such facts
This heart lightens enough to...
...wash the dishes
...take out the garbage
...hang the clothes
...fold the clothes
and even...
open up cooking books 0_0
Thinking such unbelievable thoughts
I am willingly changing myself into a low-class housewife -_-;;
even thinking
"I need to do better!"
...I miss school life already T_T

A Special Last Week of SPM

mood: uncreative

Feeling like a free person...
Able to act crazily
'It has already passed!'
As if celebrating Independence Day
what we all thought would be a whole nightmare
nearly a month of pure studying
lagging slightly would serve a bad grade.
I felt nauseous everytime it was about to start.
Hoping I did well, let's pray for all of us.
I secretly procrastinated on my studying...T_T
A week before SPM ended for the science students and us...
A 남자...
An unexpected 男...
Making my last week of the biggest exam of every Malaysian
a special time.
with a heart that accelerated everytime I thought of it
I waited

My heart thumped.
And when the clock struck 3:15PM on the last day
I feeling of 행복 filling me
Stepping out of the class
A wide 미소 on my lips
...a ボーイフレンド

Allen Walker and Toph Beifong

Allen Walker...
from the on-going manga and anime series, D.Gray-man
Age: about 15
Date of Birth: unknown but he was found by Mana on 25th December
My current animanga obsession
Could this top the international level Fullmetal Alchemist?
It's sad but the animation quality does not appeal to me
but seeing this moyashi (Allen: Arren desu!)
I'm glad I get to see him move
He first came out with a rather appropriate cursed arm.
It was red and dead looking and seemed cursed
should I say this...?
Thanks to Tyki Mikk who had practically ripped his arm off
Allen revived his parasytic innocence
forming the new arm and an uber cool overcoat
It was recorded by the Asian branch as 'The Crowned Clown'
The pic above is The Crowned Clown.
Rather than looks more like a masquerade(sp?) mask
Ah...Hoshino Katsura-sensei...
what were you thinking about when you gave this name a form?
Perhaps this is a brand name like our favourite golden golem Timcanpy?
I can't wait to find out what happens next
in this shounen, action/adventure, angst, humour animanga
...after SPM

Name: Toph Beifong
Gender: Girl
Anime series: Avatar, the last airbender
Element: Earth
Specialty: Blind
Witty, sarcastis and cool, this girl is the coolest blind character I have ever seen!
With awesome earth-bending moves
She loves solid land like Aang loves the air
Leaving a rich and controlled life to assist Aang in defeating the firelord Ozai
The coolest character created in history!
...for me.
Not even Edward Elric and Allen Walker could top her coolness
She knows enough manners to fake a noble family
yet she spits like men that hail from Arizona
She meets trials head on and earthbends her way around
Watching her...
I like her more than Aang...
This should be the first time I favourited a major character instead of a main character
Like I do for
Fullmetal Alchemist...
...why are these all shounen animes?
It's genre is:
...humour(love this part)
...Alternate Universe
...romance(not really loving this part)
is among it's genre
The best thing about this anime...
who joined up with Aang during season 3
...took the arse 2 seasons to realize he's wrong
but I'm happy for him because I've always wanted him to join Aang to fight the fire nation.
Go Zuko!
He's got a sense of humour now...'s funny but it's creeping me out...
...I want to watch the ending T_T

A Place to Return for Serenity of Soul

mood: happy

Able to return home
Embraced by warm familiar surrounding
Feeling like Korea's No 1's arms wrapped around Cinderella
A feeling like that
Although there wasn't any physical show
I probably felt as that.
It seems I miss home a lot T_T
It's good to be back.
How will I manage to go further with feelings like this?
Only thinking about doing it in the future
I have to prepare myself.
Now that I'm home...
I want to dance to WONDER GIRLS' NOBODY
Am I pitiful like this?

A Step in Education

mood: thoughtful

Once again,
faced with the decision to chose the future we want.
I have decided on the course of studies
the question remains...
To become what?
Furthering studies in Multimedia...
Creative writing...
Social studies...
I want to do all that
It is what I enjoy
But still...
What occupation will be presented before this uncertain lady?
Wondering about this at this age...
I should have thought about this long before....
After dancing in the shower at the dorm...
...away from public humiliation...
Thoughts strolled through this airhead...
How many dances do I know?
So the list begins...
WG's Tell Me...86%
WG's So Hot...70%
WG's Nobody...52%
SJ's Tic-Toc...85%
SJ's Miracle...25%
SJ's Haengbok...12%
I know so little...
I want to learn more...T_T
Next year...
Planning to do more SJ dances Don't Don
...Marry U
...Dancing Out O.o...
I will try harder!
Before SPM...
I still want to do WONDER GIRLS' NOBODY

Differ of Melancholy

mood: stressed

How come it hasn't passed?
The pressure of hidden promises to our teachers
I don't want to break those promises
I want to do better
Better than that person I have greened on the past year
Even if I don't get full A's...
don't disown this pitiful daughter T_T
I'll try my best
This is for my future as well
I want to study in a good place
A place I have always dreamt of
But now...
What is this?
I'm not giving my all...
It is a week dreaded by most ladies and women
A week of depression and anxiety
I have never truly enjoyed PMS...
At such a time
I wish I can tell my body
"Yah! Can't you wait until after SPM?!"
People will pass odd looks
Why hasn't SPM pass yet?
Pass with a wondorous ZZHANG!
I can't wait.
The moment I step out of the school gate on the 27th of November...
I will be a free person
Before SPM though...
I want to dance to WONDER GIRL's NOBODY first

Darker than Yesterday

mood: sleepy


I feel so tired today...

Perhaps it's the weather.

People like me can't function well in such way

Yesterday was the same.

Sleeping without care.

Very thankful to my few hours dongsaeng, waking me up to bathe.

Izzah...Gomawo T_T

this unnie has become useless again

can only draw the world on my pillow.

Please help me again in the future

I will sleep like that again tonight probably.





I want to sleep T_T

Dinner and Supper Outside

mood: full


Oemma agreed to go to Pizza Hut.

Ijah-unnie will pay for the food

...but eomma ended up paying for a lot as well.

With hyperness I couldn't get from school anymore,

my siblings and sporting eomma ate delightful dishes

until our stomachs grew larger.

But we began with a smile and ended with a smile

I can't find more happiness than times like those...

Oemma...please bring us to eat out more~~keke

That night,

Intan-unnie wanted to dance to Wonder Girls

but we were so full....

and most slept early before we could do it.






I want to dance again T_T

Happy Birthday Donghae-Oppa!

mood: happy

Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Saranghaneun uri Donghae~
Saeng il chuka hamnida~

Happy 22nd birthday Lee Donghae~!!
Hope our fishy will have a successfull year ahead!

Kyumin, Goodnight's Song

mood: blank

Goodnight's Song
I wrote another Kyumin~~!!

Title: Goodnight's Song
Rating: G
Genre: fluff

(Kyuhyun really felt like strangling EunHae-hyung for overdosing his Sungmin with sugar just 3 hours before. “Hyung, what do I have to do to get you to sleep?”

“Sing for me!” Sungmin immediately said before sitting up and tugging the blanket back under his chin. “Sing our song.”)

This was inspired by Kyuhyun and Sungmin saying that the song they like the most from Super Junior is 'Believe' in an Arirang interview. It's not really related but I enjoyed writing it.

슈퍼주니어 오빠 들 사랑해~~

슈퍼주니어 화이팅~!

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