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Could you tell I was bored?

I'mma go back back peepz

What is this gayness I don't even...

Right, I'll be going back to KL y'all!
Have you missed me? No? Well, too bad!
Imma make j00 day worze
*is shot*

Sorry, been feeling crazy lol
also...I haven't been anywhere else other than TegakiE and Deviantart over the past few days. I haven't been motivated enough outside of the site. Sorry if there are notifications I have been ignoring
(they're piling up in my inbox, don't worry)
and hey, look!
I caught my own kiriban

See the 'pageviews'

Lol XD good thing it wasn't really a kiriban.
I've got other requests to tend to atm
and I'm also going full out for my on-going online Hetalia fancomic, "Un Vecchio Ricordo"
Um...more info on that later >.>
Must get ready to go home
It's over 9000!

Change of Plans!

Due to certain unexpected financial help,
Nee-san and I will be returning to our hometown
in time to celebrate the first day of Ramadhan while amongst our loved and cherished family~

...well we might.
I hope there are still empty seats on the bus.

I had planned to tell the adventure I had with Mai-hime on our outing last Saturday to watch
Avatar: the Last Airbender
but I've just went through a few too many emotional roller coaster to be able to sit down and write a decent report.
So maybe next time.

I do wish to tell you my views on that movie
See ya~!

Current Life: Hey, Another Movie

My current desktop:

Fesh n me
I gave the piece a lot of thought during the making but in the end, I couldn't convey it in my artist comment at DA
The lyrics on the left is 'Mein Gott'

So this sem, Nad-san asked for Aina-kun and my help with her scriptwriting movie.
Apparently, we're their cameraman....woman...whatever.
I'm also in charge of editing the whole thing once we finish the shooting.
ah...I've been getting a lot of praises for my editing on our last movie:
"Tan Sri Nak Kahwin Lagi"

which was screened during this sem's scriptwriting class - according to Nad
Oh! and following the line of thoughts as our roles, Aina-kun is director and I'm co-director again.

I'm really happy to be able to get into shooting and editing again.
But the problem now is, I want name for my hardwork.
I'm selfish like that - stop poking me

For our previous movie, Aina-kun had labelled us as Cicak Goreng Production
A stupid name but we're specializing in gag stories so it fits
So I want that label on this movie I'm helping them edit so that when our lecturer sees it, she'll recognize it as our work.
No matter how you look at it, it is the work of the Cicak Goreng Production
The production that consists of me, Aina-kun and Rieya-chan.
Rieya-chan isn't so involved in it this time but still...

I'm wondering how I can convey this to Nad-san.
This is her assignment after all
I won't get anything out of it other than probably more road trips and a free lunch or something so at the very least...

Sawa Rakan from Silver Diamond.

I just recently gotten hold of the fifth volume happy
The vines, I did it in Adobe Illustrator~ It's fun to be able to use it again!
This time around, all the colouring, drawing, textures and shapes are all my own!
It was hard work obtaining the textures but I'm quite proud that I no longer have to use others works to enhance my own
Let's improve in all fields!

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