Gintama OP similarities

I decided to waste time taking screencaps of Gintama rather than continue Oedipus Complex. I'm so very sorry my readers...
But there was something in the Openings of Gintama that had me doing this.
First of all, let's start with the opening title
^OP 1&2
In space and above the clouds
^OP 3&4
Orange and blood red sunset

^OP 5&6
Stormy cloud and a full moon.
Nothing weird here.
From here on, Danna refers to Gintoki because that's what Sougo has been calling Gintoki and I like it. Teehee

^OP 1&2
Shinpachi looks a bit scared in the first one but is completely relaxed in the second. You can see admiration(wtf?) in his face as he stares at Danna

^OP 3&4
Since Danna did a 'jump' with his scooter, naturally Shinpachi would be scared. In the fourth OP, it's more of a boring ride in the evening

^OP 5
In this opening, everything about it screams 'Serious!' So everyone has their eyebrows and eyes nearer than they usually do.
^OP 6
Shinpachi singing...I'd be annoyed as well
It's ALL THESE that's been bugging me.
Why, you ask?
because it's Shinpachi riding on Danna's scooter with him in every single OP.
There's nothing odd about it because Kagura has Sadaharu and all
but! but!
It just caught my attention, that's all.
Nothing to it really
Now let's enjoy other pics I saved from the OPs
First of all! Let's start with the Danna that has a sweet tooth,
Sakata Gintoki

^OP 1&2
^OP 3&4

^OP 5&6

Now for the bespectecled fanboy,
Shimura Shinpachi!

^OP 1&2

^OP 3&4

^OP 5&6

And now for the tomboyish, super-strengthed brat,

^OP 1&2
^OP 3&4

^OP 5&6

And lastly, which anime OP would be complete without the lead characters joining in at the end of the song?
So here are the different OP endings:

^OP 1&2

^OP 3&4
I didn't fail to notice near the end of OP 3, Danna swinging his sword in a very bankai like way but it might just be my imagination~ Oh well.
Every fan is entitled to their own assumption
...until they're proved wrong.

^OP 5&6
yeah...I wasted time, I know. But it was a fun experience getting to see different kind of settings at each openings that somehow still manage to look similar yet different.

Super Junior Comeback at Inkigayo

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I scoured the internet for any news on SJ while at work and I found out they had a comeback at Inkigayo.
So here it is:

There was a brief interview before the performance.
Eunhae did a very short dance of Sorry Sorry and Heenim was babbling about stuff that I suppose should be funny if I understood it. Maybe it's about his new 'helmet' hair as he says it on his cyworld.
Baka oppa...there's no use whining over spilt milk now.
I chose a vid without the interview because no one has subbed it yet
...or I didn't find it yet.

During the perf, Donghae-oppa seems to have a bit trouble with his mike.
It nearly gave him problem when he needed to continue after the short lipsync during his entrance
but all in all, they made the stage look amazing this time.

Not that they never.
I still hope they finish one whole song of "Why I like you" one day.
I absolutely love that song.

Oh, during my secret searching this morning, I stumbled upon Trent Dickens(?) myspace account by accident. That guy got thanked by a lot of ELFs for Suju's choreograph.
I'd like to thank him as well actually but I'm quite awkward with showing gratitude so I'll leave it to all the other ELFs who have found and spammed his MS site.

Other than that...I was finally able to hear all the tracks in their new album. I love most of it and I have to agree with some of the ELF's reviews I read on the net that this album is much better than Don't Don's.
But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
A.K.A...Don't bash me
Later, if I have the mood, I'll post the lyrics of all 12 tracks that I found on charming miss leesia's blogspot
mood pic: Hoshino Katsura, D.Gray-man mangaka

Super Junior Performs Comeback at Music Core

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mood pic from behindinfinity

Yesterday, Super Junior also performed their comeback performance at Music Core with the song "Sorry Sorry" before "Why I like you"

Heechul-oppa has cut his hair it seems
It looks like that time after Don't Don's release.
It seems his legs are still acting up.
Either that or they haven't manage to add Heechul and Kibum into the choreography.
Anyway, I hope their third album becomes a hit surpassing other kpop artists and they get better recognition for their hard work.
Super Junior hwaiting!
(how many times have I repeated that -_-;;)

click to view
Since I scanned a lot of pics from the poster book late last night, I decided to scan this as well just for the fun of it.
I didn't bother translating or anything because no one reads my blog anyway and I think I might get sued for copyright or something but lets leave that to that.
If someone asks me too, I'll take it down.
Basically, this is one of my favourite scenes in Zint's comic, "Under 18 Fearless"
This part offers a new mystery to the lead character, Siv.
Teeheehee...if you know what I mean.
I'm a sucker for romance between a delinquent and someone normal.

Local Poster Book

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picture of: merkymerx

At the mere price of RM4.50,
I bought myself a local Naruto Poster Book that should have cost RM12
But I didn't know that when I bought it.
I prayed that it wouldn't disappoint me.
And it didn't...
by much.

Here's a little collection of some of the pics that I like in the book.
I preferred if there were a lot of manga-verse posters
but you gain some you lose some, the saying goes.

I absolutely love this picture of Yondaime!
I've never seen it in the net so I was quite captivated.

It seems there's a lot of KakaIru hints throughout the book but I like this.

Naruto girl power!

A good solo one of our troublemaker: Uzumaki Naruto!

More KakaIru hints! 0.o!!

I like this a lot because Neji is smiling in here!
Kya kya~

This time, it's Sasuke smiling that makes me like this.
Truthfully, I don't favour Sasuke very much but he looks cute with a smile.

No...he's not with the yakuza...-_-;;

A wacky poster of them! Even Sasuke!
No...I didn't doodle on them

Manga-verse Naruto.
It's posters like this that I like.
I like how Kishimoto Masashi draws it.


Naruto harem!'s for girls,ne?
But it's what came to mind the first time i saw it.

Chibi Naruto-tachi!

Uzumaki Naruto manga-verse!
I really like the colouring. That's why I much prefer the manga-verse posters.
I wish the poster book had more of these kind of posters.

The group that ran after Sasuke-teme! Manga-verse

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