Lounge with the Boys

These are my 13 favourite boys from 13 different series~!
Some of them I've drawn a lot of like Italy and Allen but there are also some that I've never drawn even though I love them all the same like Ichigo and Kyon.

As you can see, most of them are major characters (more like, all of them). I guess I just have a thing for characters who get to appear a lot ^^; Regretfully, there are still a

lot of boys that I would have loved to add in like Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou and Sawa Rakan from Silver Diamond but it was starting to seem cramp @A@

I'm sorry if some of them aren't recognizeable ;A; I have nothing else to blame but my own style.

Y'know if they were all in an AU world created by me, they'd all be dormmates! While I was drawing them, I was mulling over thoughts like this ^^;

From right to left!
Sawada Tsunayoshi

series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

He's called the youngest brother in the dorm because of his attitude and height. When faced with life threatening situations, he takes on a split personality of someone cool and strong. Secretly, his family is linked to the mafia. Occasionally, his 'family' comes to visit him.


series: Suyumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

He only wants to do his own stuff but somehow always gets roped into other people's problems by other people. For some reason, he is pretty used to a lot of things, namely aliens, time-travellers and espers but this is only due to something happening at his previous highschool. He is a rational-thinker and sarcastic but with enough force, he is easy to push around.

North Italy a.k.a Feliciano Vargas

series: Hetalia

Carefree and can't really read the atmosphere well, he often goes running to the 'big brothers' when he gets into trouble. Whines a lot about how very little girls there are (seeing as it's an all-boys school) However, he is a great cook (rivaled only to Sebastian) and loves to feed them up. The others' biggest concern is his habit of sleeping naked in other people's bed.

Sebastian Michaelis

series: Kuroshitsuji

He's the dorm's leader and is responsible in keeping everyone in line. It's troublesome work but he takes it as a challenge and does everything perfectly. His biggest headache is one Uzumaki prankster and whoever gets dragged into it.

Ryuugamine Mikado

series: Durarara

Often labelled as one of the 'younger brothers' but he's pretty capable of taking care of himself. He is protective of his friends and can be playful. Sometimes, without realizing it, he is dragged into problems (namely by one Uzumaki) He doesn't mind it much though because it keeps his life interesting. He may not look like it, but he is the leader of a powerful group.

Edward Elric

series: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Has a temper that matches his height. Very studious but somehow he's very good in fighting as well. Sometimes he would team up with Uzumaki Naruto to cause havoc. His little brother often comes to visit to see if he has destroyed half the school (whether from science or his own fist)

Takuto Tsunashi

series: Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

The dorm's pretty boy. He's friendly and caring. Charming by nature and can fight well. His weapon of choice is two swords.

Uzumaki Naruto

series: Naruto

The school's infamous prankster. Despite his playful attitude, he is loyal and protective of his friends and would willingly go through the depths of hell to help them. Headstrong and straightforward, sometimes he is his own downfall.

Li Shenshung a.k.a Hei

series: Darker than Black

Mysterious and quiet, everyone in the dorm suspects that he's affiliated with something dangerous but he's reliable when it comes down to it. Speaks only when necessary and has a liking to staring at water. Or black cats.

-lower line-

Kurosaki Ichigo

series: Bleach

One of the 'big brother', he's always seen with a glare on his face but the other's have long figured out that he has a gentle heart. Despite appearance, kids somehow are naturally attracted to him. He's protective of his friends and family and would even break the rules to do what he believes is right.

Sakata Gintoki

series: Gintama

Behind his ultimate lazy and old man attitude, lies the silver heart of a fighter. He wants to seem nonchalant but at any sign of danger, he is quick to protect those close to him. That is how he managed to land himself within the label of big brother.

Allen Walker

series: D.Gray-man

A person with an appetite bigger than himself. He can be kind and he can be evil, depending on how someone treats him. He can do exorcism and is often seen talking with Ichigo because both of them can see ghosts. The scar on his face makes him the target of bullies so somehow, he is pushed into the label of younger brother (who gets protected by the big bros)

Nozomu Itoshiki

series: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

An extreme pessimist. In the beginning, the entire dorm has a hard time preventing him from commiting suicide but once they realize he doesn't have the gut to kill himself, they let him do what he wants. Gintoki even makes it a hobby to urge the guy. His good point is...well...um...he has a unique way of looking at things?

All of these aren't actual characterisation of them though! It's just my mind being weird again and wanting to fit them all into a small family-like setting.


How did this boy...
...become such a cold guy?

Okay, well I've been watching Bleach is all.
The Pendulum episode was really depressing. I don't like Urahara with such a sad expression on his face

I Wanted to Update but Had a Hard Time Figuring About What

So while I think something up, look at this image of a defeated Grimmjow
I didn't know this guy was capable of looking like that since he always had that shit-eating grin on his face
(Oddly enough I always rofl when I see it)

This is what my current desktop looks!
Ah, I wanted to talk about this amazing series called Durara but I haven't gone and captured screenshots of it yet.
I've only managed to do a few sketches lately but I wanna draw more Mikado~!
And Shizuo. I love that guy!
W-well this sketch ^ is a really bad one of him but you get the picture right?
Ah, and Anis-chan said something like "Izaya-san is a professional troll. You either hate him or love him"
and what felt like the first time ever, I hate a cool bishie like Izaya.
When has something like that ever happened?
Well, maybe it's what I feel towards Sasuke but there was a point in time that I actually liked that Uchiha bastard. 
As for Orihara Izaya, it just went from 'I think I can like this guy' to 'damn this bastard should get kicked in the balls'
Ganbatte Shizuo-san! I know one day you'll be able to get to this guy!

Play with Highlights!

In in some kind of art slump right now because I can't seem to get myself to work on something I specifically want so lately I've been doodling a lot. Whilst all the doodling, I still try to remember to practice on my colouring and shading. my lineart is still a wreck though. I can't seem to perform as well in SAI as I did in PS
That aside, I found a new activity that is fun to do and can help improve on the shades a bit~
So I made a tutorial! In case I forgot lol

So let's get to it then!

First and foremost!
Nothing interesting about this one...
I decided to give it a bit of the inking. I do miss doing linearts like this. For some reason, no matter the thickness of the point, it'll feel cleanest if I do this type of lineart lol.
I shouldn't have to do a tutorial for that as well, do I?
place a dark colour as the background
It is advisable to choose a colour that has a lighter tone than the lineart (if you are the kind to not use black lines, like me) Although I named it base colour, the colour you choose will also act as a shadow since you will be playing with the highlights.
It will look like this
Now we're moving onto the actual shading!
Let's start!
Choose a lighter tone
This is basically how I choose the colours. See the arrows I drew above? That's the general direction to choose the colours. Likewise, when choosing darker tones, you just move it in the opposite direction. The colour mixer might look different in PS and in SAI but it works just the same way.
First shading
I chose a colour that is nearest to the bg colour for this. Notice how I kind of coloured both characters completely? I wanted to show that their shirts are light coloured. I will be layering on more shades on parts that should have lighter colour or that will definitely be facing the light source. If you squint (or click on the above image to see its full version) you'll see that Hibari's (the guy who's slightly out of frame)shirt is coloured more while his jacket is coloured less. This is because his shirt is of light colour (white) while his jacket is of dark colour (black). Despite it being black, it will still need highlights to show where it faces the light source, right?
The setting for the brush
I let the opacity remain mostly within 20%-40% and use the blur tool a lot. It's not impossible to do the same in PS. Keep the opacity just as that and keep the blur tool at a high opacity (perhaps 50% to 70%)
2nd shading and light source
I'm just showing the general direction of the light source. You don't actually need to draw arrows like that (but if it helps you, go on)
You can see that I've started to define the folds in the clothes. That's why I keep the brushes at low opacity most of the time. It's easier to shape them like that.
3rd shading, more shaping
Around this part, I've also started using a low opacity eraser to define the shadows. I have the erasor at 10% opacity.
final highlighting and shaping
It's okay if you colour outside of the lineart. We'll be cleaning that up next.
Erase unneeded shades
Add shadows
I know I said we'd be playing with highlights but some places do need to be darker. but I only use one dark shade to do his pupils and some more shaping in the folds.
Adjust the colours

And we're done~! That's about it really. It's quite fun actually. I wouldn't mind doing it again lol.
I hope it helps somewhat ^^;

That One Day Every Week

Remember when I mentioned Fridays turn me into some kind of hormonal monster?


Happened again, yeah~!
Sir was so cute today, too!
Actually I saw him a lot this week~ I found out where his table is~ accidentally of course but it's not like it makes any different, uh-huh. I haven't gone so low as to start stalking.

Anyway, my not-so-very-secret crush aside, today was both a good and bad day~
I think I mentioned it before but I really love teamwork and my 2D animation team has really stepped forward and done their part. I feel so proud of them somehow!

This week had been really hectic for us and I couldn't even get the portion of work - that I was supposed to finish - done on the due date. Thankfully, Nad-san pulled us together and arranged for us to meet up Friday morning.

As a leader (I think I am, am I?) I felt a bit embarrassed by this since I couldn't even do something simple like that. It might seem something small to you but one of the qualities I always seek for in a leader is the ability to keep us together and, seeing as I'm always bitching about how leaders I have had the experiencing of working together with are either assholes or useless, this was a blow to my pride and my principles.

I will try my best in the future. We have an upcoming database group assignment and I'm looking forward to giving it my all if they make me the leader. IF they make me the leader. I'm already hetare as it is.

Back to Friday morning, it didn't start out too good. I woke up with bad cramps from sleeping on the floor but at least I woke up pretty early. I tried to finish my portion of the 2D assignment (model sketch) but by the time 8AM rolled by, I had to call it quits. Nothing much happened. I put on extra face powder even though I know 80% of it will be gone even before I reach college.

While waiting for the bus, my foot slipped and I fell into a ditch in front of a rather big crowd. Me being me, I apologized to the lady in front of me for startling her and acted as if nothing had happened. I even went so far as to ignore the pain in my leg (which I'm starting to feel now).

Regrettably, I arrived later than the appointed time. The bread I shoved down my throat nearly killed me but I survived somehow. Who knew bread could be that solid? I didn't even get to sip on my Latte before I was dashing inside the library and meeting up with Nad-san and Ak-kun.

She was responsible for colouring the storyboard. She even lined the drawings with pen - which, obviously, I was supposed to do but got caught up in other things. Nad-san, you're a real life saver!

I still had to finish my model sketches then and bitched a lot about how "I can't make it! I'll never be able to finish this!" Zi-kun arrived later on and both her and Ak-kun got roped into colouring the storyboard. I was really amazed by Nad-san's ability to give orders! She's really more leader-material than I am.

By the time the battery on my laptop was showing signs of comatose, Ak-kun arranged for us to stay in one of the meeting rooms with the sockets. Once we were in the privacy of the room (with CCTV of course) all hell broke loose. We practically littered the table with all sorts of stuff. It gradually got difficult to see the tabletop even.

Rieya-chan arrived a bit after that to discuss an assignment with Zi-kun. Nad-san and I, having taken the subject that they were pouring over (and they were also learning under Sir), interfered on their discussion a lot to the point where Zi-kun got aggravated. Sorry, Zi-kun! Rieya-chan! But it definitely lifted the mood within our group (that had gotten pretty tense from all those storyboard colouring)

I never actually managed to finish my part but I was advised to go through an anything-goes thinking. It was the same for the storyboard too - some two objects don't have the same colour.

By 2, we cleaned up and went down to print the model sketch as well as our Principles of Animation assignment. There was quite some panic there and Zi-kun got terribly pissed. I felt a bit guilty for having worked them so hard so I offered to buy lunch. It wasn't anything pricey but it was rice. We faced some trouble with binding the whole storyboard and I got really anxious that I lost my appetite.

Oh yeah, I also told Zi-kun and Nad-san that I like like Sir like that. I even said, 'like how a girl likes a guy' but in the end I don't think they actually understood me. Or maybe they just can't wrap their minds around the idea of me liking a guy like that? I dunno. I've been pretty uninterested all this while so I can understand the awkwardness of putting 'me' and 'in love' in one sentence.

Oh well.

We eventually arrived at class a bit late but thankfully Sir had yet to arrive.

As per usual, I became a nervous wreck. Something went wrong with the binding after all. Zi-kun finally rescued us and I calmed down considerably (considerably; seeing as I banged my head twice on the table a minute before)

I added some more bit and pieces of information on our storyboard when Sir finally decided to grace us with his appearance. After setting up his laptop and the projector, he went around to collect our assignment.

Nad-san said something like, "You're staring at him so much, you're not even blinking" but I decided to let that comment go unresponded. I think my mind is playing tricks on me. I keep having this hallucination that Sir glanced at me when he asked for our assignments. Of course, he's actually staring at our assignment that I deliberately left on the table but a girl can dream.

Fuck. We were all so bloody nervous. I could tell from the looks on our faces. I was probably the worst out of all of us.

In the storyboard, we had these dividers to separate some parts like storyline, rough sketch, storyboard, etc... and Zi-kun used a lot of the images I had posted on our group blog on the dividers. It even had one of Himapaparuya's Feli drawing! Sir pointed out to a drawing of a scowling Lovi that I drew some time ago and asked me, 'did you draw this using the computer?' and I was all nods and stutters. I really can't trust myself to talk normally with Sir. This is going to be a big problem, uh-huh.

I can't quite remember at which part of class it happened but Sir had asked about our team and seemed to have thought I did most of the work on the storyboard. It's not true and I told him we had all done it together. He seemed a bit skeptical and I felt really bad then when he said, "Don't worry, I will ask you a few questions about this and I'll know if you had done it [together]" It felt 3 times worse when he said that while looking at them. I tried to salvage the situation (and the fact that I had done little to defend them) by reminding them that the drawing style of the storyboard was not mine (seeing as Nad-san was the one who lined it).

I really hope they don't hold anything against me. Given the opportunity, I won't hesitate to defend them in the future.

I should also tell you that, our storyboard was the ONLY one complete and accepted. Everyone else (like last week) had to fix on something and will have to re-submit it by Monday. Class continued on as normal after that and Sir finally got to teaching us the practical stuff in flash. We will be moving to the computer lab a lot more now.

and I found out I have to re-do EVERYTHING in flash
Life is so wonderful
damn it

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