D.Gray-man on Hiatus

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D.Gray-man chap 186 pg 17
D.Gray-man on hiatus!
What the...
As if the fans hadn't waited long enough when Hoshino-sensei injured her wrist.
I dunno, I'm so pissed.
To think that she's just about to unveil the prick Kanda's history
Well, guess we'l just have to wait.
Hoshino Katsura better have a damn good reason for making all her readers sit on edge longer than we should.
The edge is so not smooth, trust me.
Thus the name 'cliff-hanger'
chapter 186 is great
it seems the order is pretty adamant about having the KanAre duo go on every mission together ever since they moved into the new headquarters.
Leenalee will be joining them this time as they go to Istanbul for Hoshino-knows-what mision.
I mean think about it;
first, it was with Miranda at the graveyard to get the ring containing the innocence;
then, it was with Noise Marie to recruit their new exorcist, Timothy
...and now with Leenalee to Istanbul?
Hoshino has so TOTALLY heard of Yullen. Like, seriously.
Back on topic of the recent chapter,
Kanda Yuu ran away from headquarters because of a request from a nearly deaf swordmaker/chef
and we get to find out that he actually somewhat originated from the asian branch, being casual with Bak and everything
(that punch was totally killer)
Allen and Leenalee arrive through the portal in all their awesomeness and I didn't fail to notice that Leenalee and Link's hair has so totally grown longer.
Link was a stiff prick as usual
reminds you of somene, doesn't it?
and finally...
the one speculation I can't believe Hoshino is going to make us grovel over,
...Kanda is believed to be delusional
and/or seeing things.
Plus, child!Kanda totally made me squeal fangirl version
Hoshino-sensei better get over this hiatus fast.

Mafia Wars

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I don't remember who's invitation it was that I accepted but I started playing Mafia Wars at Tagged because of that person. So far my family size is 10(excluding me)
and I've just reached Level 11 T^T
I need a larger family
People keep attacking me, making me want to wring their necks!
I need 2 sedans!
and those cost 120,000!!!!!
Stop taking my money DAMMIT!
What the...
I've gone Mafia Wars obsessed...
Ah well, it'll stop soon.
DAMMIT TIMER! Hurry up and restore my ENERGY!!!

I'm suddenly a LinkAllen fan

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Well, not everything.
Recently...I've been obsessed with DevArt.
Being able to scan stuff is pure bliss.
But what's this?
A LinkAllen mania!
but it's true...
I needz moar Yullen

Episode 3 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Can be found at this site: [animelover-spot- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 3]

Aneki watched it with me~

Other than that...
fufufu...I found uruhara's blogspot.

...patriotic much...

The Handphone

Taking advantage of me using Nee-chan's laptop,
Here's the handphone I got the other day:
Equipped with mp3 and 1 gig memorycard
My Fullmetal Alchemist handphone strap that nee-chan bought me in a game convention.
It looks good.
Even if the series number is printed large and bold, I wouldn't know so don't ask me which it is.
The handphone next to mine is nee-chan's
she bought it on the same day as me.

Old works

I just remembered I scanned a few old works of mine the other day:
^This one was the one I submitted for GempakStarz Bakat Baru 2007
I did the storyline and art
while Fiza did the lining and inking
The original one is with Syima
the witch hadn't returned it to me yet somehow
^This one is the lined rough sketch.


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Sleep deprivation can do things to you
D.Gray-man 185 isn't out yet.
I've been especially waiting for it
But I got drawing pens today
That's all.
I think it's too late to notice this blog is full of images

A New Mission

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even when my harddisk problem in not done yet
comes another task
but this time it involves money coming in so it's good
Can't say more about it but I'm determined to do my best.

A short entry to just write something but let's end this with a crowded Super Junior wallpaper that I did in PS some time ago.

Awfully crowded. Like seriously.

I'm Tearing Up

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While sorting through my old files,
I found these old PS wallpapers I did
Let's go through it while I recount my despair moments
Lee Sungmin
I didn't realize the amount of Super Junior pics I stored was a hell lot more than my Animanga pics.
Choi Siwon
So, it was to my despair that I realized I needed to delete some to make sure my harddisk isn't overrun by bishie korean male
Kim Ryeowook
On the bright side, this task was made easier by some corrupted files that I just had to delete no matter what
On the dark side, I liked those corrupted images! T^T
Jo Kyuhyun
To add to my despair, the final amount of images that exceeded 2000++
Kim Kibum
So I'll have to throw out some more
I'm really going "Zetsuboushitaaaaa!!!" right now T^T
~*Kim Heechul*~
Currently I'm just going through the korean flv vids to take what I want and thrash those that I don't
Yes, thrash. Not trash. Thrash.
Say it with me. "Thrash"
Truthfully, the Sungmin wallpaper got corrupted as well
Lee Donghae
Thankfully I had back-up at photobucket
Sorry to Yesung and Shindong who I hadn't managed to make a wallpaper of.
it means despair

Gosh! 3 Harddisks to Empty!

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Yuuri...haven't seen kyou kara maou for a while now.
What's been happening in Shin Makoku?
Today, things happened
the day started quite late for me...
but a snake got into the house and caused chaos
still unsure if it has shown itself out of the house yet or not
Anyway, finally got the external harddisk that I bought with my own money fixed
I haven't tested it yet, but I think it should work now.
So, I'm currently emptying the harddisks in the computer I'm using now.
This computer has 4 harddisks
Can you believe that?
All slots filled. Seriously!
I occupy 3 harddisks with my stuff and they're about brimming already
There's a lot to delete considering I have to conserve space and everything.
Well shit happens.
I've sorted only 1 currently. Still working on my second
but as I was working, I stumbled on a few files I had long forgotten
It's the korean macros!:
Comprehensible lines: My friends say I'm special but my doctor say it's something called...like...A.D.D?
Lolz, Donghae killed me XD
but I rofl when I read the one with Heechul
I rofl everytime I read this

At first, I didn't know what autism is
then someone told me
and I lol'd harder

What the-XD
all macro pics taken from the kpophumour and kpopmacro community in livejournal

I stumbled upon this pic as well when I was sorting out a kind of misc folder
It's Heechul's back
Girly hair
I really miss using this as my desktop wallpaper
I did this in Photoshop in 2007
...when I still had photoshop T-T
Whoa! I haven't seen these pics in ages in my folders.
It's from an FMA doujin that I coloured in PS to test my colouring skills
My skills are very obviously poor T^T
Ed wasn't supposed to be naked in the third pic but I didn't make reference to the doujin when I coloured this
and the shirt lines were barely there...
Gah...things like these make deleting much harder

YUI - Again

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Promo pics for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
I was googling for screencap images but I got tired real fast
Computer is freakin slow and things dies fast
The second episode is coming out around 5PM(Japan time) on the 12th
While I'm waiting...
the OP!
-since youtube and sony ent. is being a real b***h, there's no video of her song to embed here-
yume no tsuzuki oikaketeita hazu nano ni
magarikunetta hosoi michi hito ni tsumazuku

ano koro ni mitai ni tte modoritai wake janai no nakushitekita sora wo sagashiteru
wakattekuremasu you ni gisei ni natta you na kanashii kao wa yamete yo

tsumi no saigo wa namida janai yo zutto kurushiku seotte kun da
deguchi mienai kanjou meiru nidare wo matteru no
shiroi NOOTO ni tsuzutta you ni motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo
nani kara nogaretaindagenjitsu tte yatsu

kanaeru tame ni ikiterun datte
wasurechaisou na yoru no mannaka
bunan ni nante yatterarenai kara
kaeru basho mo nai no
kono omoi wo keshite shimau ni wa
mada jinsei nagai deshou (I'm on the way)
konna itami mo kangei jan

ayamaranakucha ikenai yo ne aa gomen ne
umaku ienakute shinpai kaketa mama datta ne

ano hi kakaeta zenbu ashita kakaeru zenbu
junban tsuketari wa shinai kara
wakattekuremasu you ni sotto me wo tojitanda
mitakunai mono made miendamon

iranai uwasa ni chotto hajimete kiku hatsugen docchi
mukaiattara tomodachi datte
uso wa yamete nefukai HAATO ga iradatsu you ni karadan naka moeteirun da
hontou wa kitai shiten nogenjitsu tte yatsu

kanaeru tame ni ikiterun datte
sakebitaku naru yo kikoete imasu ka
bunan ni nante yatterarenai kara
kaeru basho mo nai no
yasashisa ni wa itsumo kansha shiteru
dakara tsuyoku naritai (I'm on the way)
susumu tame niteki mo mikata mo kangei jan
douyatte tsugi no DOA akerun dakke kangaeteru
mou hikikaesenai monogatari hajimatterun da
me wo samase me wo samase

kono omoi wo keshite shimau ni wamada jinsei nagai deshou
yarinokoshiteru koto yarinaoshite mitai karamou ichido yukou

kanaeru tame ni ikiterun datte
sakebitaku naru yo kikoete imasu ka
bunan ni nante yatterarenai kara
kaeru basho mo nai no
yasashisa ni wa itsumo kansha shiteru
dakara tsuyoku naritai (I'm on the way)
natsukashikunarukonna itami mo kangei jan

I'll find the translation soon...somewhere

Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 94 also came out recently
The popularity polls are out
and Ed still wins first place! WOOHOO
Al got fourth place though...T^T
Can't believe Scar could tie with the mangaka

Crop and erase

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Something good happened today
but I'll write about that later.
For now though,
D.Gray-man chapter 184 was put up in onemanga today!

This is one of the panels I liked in this chapter
Kanda in chinese clothes
and Allen wearing a tie
I liked his ribbon but this outfit makes him look like some random student so
Kanda's golem's and Timcanpy's glaring competition is so funny I just couldn't edit it out XD

This is also from chapter 184
Truthfully, Link was the one that made me realize I had a uniform fetish
...or rather a fitting vest and slacks fetish

This is from chapter 182

but I erased the blood and a few clothes accesory also got covered
It was too hard fixing those.
I might just make this an icon for my LJ

This one a scene in chapter 181
This just screamed to me
Good thing the text is directly on Allen's uniform
This one is also from chapter 182
I wanted to have a better look at Noah!Allen
I did everything in paint
because Trojan murdered my photoshop
I really wanted to touch up with PS T^T

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