A Bad Cold

A demotivator.
I am more motivated like this.

I have finally reached that point where I can't be proud of my immunity any longer
With a runny nose and hacking cough, I'm suffering the worst cold in probably 5 years.
If my nose falls off, will I feel better?
That thought has been continously running through my head.
While I tell you about some of my daily problems that worsened my cold,
take a look at the pictures Hafiz-san took at nee-chan's convo.

First of all,
to Aneki who inquired about it in her comment on the last post,
Rieya's assignment didn't make it.
Some -insert extremely bad cursing word here- guy messed up her pendrive and she had no other copies of that illustrator file.
There was absolutely no way to fix it eventhough I used a vista OS
I really felt like crying because I was the one who did 80% of the work.
I don't know how Rieya's coping but she cried really badly in her class and when she showed up at my house, she was really pale.
I really felt sorry for her to the point where the feeling of crying myself dissipated.

And on that very same day,
I also ruined a classmate of mine's assignment.
I really felt bad for her so I offered to re-do it for her and I spent a good 30 minutes doing it.
But I don't think what I did was enough to re-pay her for all the sweat and hardwork she did on her original one.
I really am apologetic about this.
I'm so sorry, Zima.
Next time, please be more wary about letting me hold the mouse in regards to your assignment. I may know a bit more about photoshop than you but it's your own work that matters most.
I'm really sorry.

I have sore throat now,
something to include to the amount of health difficulties I'm suffering now.
I'm coping well.
I can still laugh but my temper is a bit more quick now and I don't have much mood for anything

Okay, now I see what nee-san was fussing about.
She looks so fake in this picture. Must apologize.
[Gomen nasai.]

Hey, miss me too! Just because I've gone longer doesn't mean you guys can forget about me!
It makes me want to cry, y'know!
Today, I ate Kak Su's spaghetti so you're all forgiven.
Let's go to sleep now

Poster and Journey

My second Image Manipulation Assignment:

[click to view]
I feel like laughing everytime I look at this because there's not a single scary ghost present even though it's supposed to be a horror poster
Emma Watson doesn't count.
She's not scary. At all.
The simple layout and my lecturer's name awarded me with a 10/10
but when the poster was put up in front for everyone's viewing, I noticed several mistakes.
Like the title wasn't bold enough and [HOLDER] was too dim. I should've made Bonie shine more too.
Later, nee-chan commented about the [www.SPIRITHUNTER.com]
I hope my lecturer won't notice this EVER!
Please await SPIRIT HOLDER this November!

[click to view]
This is Rieya-chan's poster that I helped with. She did most of the work but I consulted about the layout design. She got a 10/10 too and she had the most hands-raised-when-asked-if-we-want-to-watch-it.
Lol. Even I didn't get that.
Congratulations, Rieya-chan!

Also, recently, Nee-chan completed another stage of her education life.
I hope it was a memorable day for her.
You look great in those robes.
Let's hope to see you wearing UUM's robes in the future, yes?
I'll edit some more pictures soon if I can.
Midterms are coming up so I can't promise much!
[Gomen na aru!]

And also,
Just a few days ago,
Rieya-chan came to me asking if I could help her with her Introduction to Computer and Application assignment. She needed to trace a portrait using Adobe Illustrator.
I took the subject last sem so I was more than willing to help her.
The thing was,
Last sem, because it was a short one, my lecturer had us auto-detect the picture using live trace. Manually tracing took a lot of time and effort and you'd have to be a prolevel to really make it look like the actual picture.
With Rieya-chan, her lecturer wanted her to do it manually. She had to do EVERYTHING from scratch. From the highlights to the shadow.
At first, I had her do the live trace and fix it from there but it ended up being too complicated and time consuming. Her lecturer became suspicious so Rieya-chan had to abandon the attempt of lying her way out.
We ended up doing it manually anyway. Right after her class today
This is how it turned out

The original

The trace
We put in a little more effort into detailing her but it really wore us out to the point where we just had to leave her shirt looking simple.
I think the portrait still needs more work but for something that's quite hurried, I really feel awesome for accomplishing something like this. It was finished in a bit over half a day.
Mind you, my Illustrator skills are rusty and I'm quite the ameture in tracing.
I hope she gets a good comment tomorrow, during her class.
I'm so excited.
She said once she gets her MARA money, I can claim the slice of cake she promised.

Oh yeah, Rieya-chan and I talked about some of our interests and it seems she likes Elegant Gothic Lolita like me too. We talked about photography a bit and it seems she likes her picture taken as much as I love taking pictures.
Don't we just blend?
I suggested a small photography session just among us and we talked pretty long about that thing. I hope the plans can materialize sometime in the future. It'd be exciting, won't it?
Nee-san, too, would be interested I bet.
The problem now lies mostly on...
the camera.
Neither of us have it
Must start studying.

On the Now

"My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride"
If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback

...to Seobang who I haven's contacted for days.
Hey, I listened to it already.

Other than that brief 'yo!' note,
That equals to 21 Hetalia characters!
I'm so awesome!
For my Element of Design assignment again!
Not so proud with this somehow. I'll see if I can take a picture of the scrapbook's final product.
recently, nearly the whole house is obsessed with hindi songs.
Lol, the wave'll die soon probably but it was nice to be able to see some of my most favourite hindi songs again.
I'm, by far, not a fan of those types of movies.
but tell me...
do tell me in all sincerity,
that you think stories like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is certainly, in all its right, favourable and memorable.
I will think that you are a heartless bastard if you say you hate this movie.

It felt so nice to revisit those moments where water just suddenly clouds your vision.
My heart certainly went [dokin] at the scene where the mother instincts just kicks in and I suddenly remember the story and suddenly feel like digging a hole and crying in it for a good half-hour.
Other than that awesome story,
I'm also re-listening to Mohabbatein songs.
I wonder if this ought to make you gasp, but I downloaded some of the songs from youtube.

Our sudden hindi obsession aside,
The other day (not too far from today)
I purchased a Pandora Hearts DVD
and, get this...
I got Anje and Kak Ngah to watch it with me!
Okay, that part totally shocked me too.

Here's what it looks like, basically.
That's Oz Bezarius, the main character.
His views are nearly similar to mine so I don't favour him so much. My favourite character is this one here:
Gilbert Nightroad. Such a tsundere.

Well, I won't elaborate much on that since I'm thinking of writing a full review about the anime later.

Oh, it rained today.
I'm just randooooom~~~

Failz Attempt at Scanlation

I’ve always been interested in the Japanese language.
But…How should I say this…?
I’m more interested in the animanga version of the language.
Since I like shounen animes with all its informalities and curses, I have come to like those kinds of Japanese.
For example; in all its appropriateness, to ask where one is at that moment it would be,
[Ima, anata wa doko ka?]
Tends to be just,
[Omae doko?]
Ah…that’s why the thought of properly learning Japanese is quite so-and-so
Recently though, I tried to translate a KHR doujinshi called [Lupoleprotto]
Etou…the title is Italian for something that I don’t know.

[click to view]

[click to view]

[click to view]
A while ago, there was already a translated version of it.
It was in my old harddisk. It became history already
I did find the lupoleprotto reprint scans on aarinfantasy though so I did most of the translations based on memory and common sense.

[click to view]
Right, this translation felt a bit awkward if you don’t get the story, doesn’t it?
Well, in short, Hibari-san, the one with black hair, is a wolf and Tsunayoshi, the small one, is a rabbit.
Tsunayoshi lost his whole family to the humans so he had ran away to the mountains.
Hoping to end his life by being eaten by the predators and return to the soil, he was found by Hibari.
Hibari, having just finished making his own territory on the mountain, was perhaps stirred by the little rabbit’s tale and decided to keep him as company.
So the story goes, if my memory still serves me.
Thus the [Jyaa nande Hibari-san wa ore no koto tabete kurenain desuka?]
…which, by the way, I’m not even sure equally means “Then, how come Hibari-san hasn’t eaten me yet?”
I think it was something along those lines.
I’m not exactly sure what [kurenain] means.
Help, anyone?

[click to view]

[click to view]
This one is from the second story.
Tsunayoshi has grown up a bit and decides to go out alone.
While frolicking(lol, not really) he accidentally bumps into a fox named Belphagor, or Bel for short.
I haven’t seen a scanlation of this anywhere so it’s done purely on my own knowledge.
I think Bel’s a kept fox though since there was talk about humans.

[click to view]

[click to view]
Okay, this one has me stumped

[ore no inochi no onjin de]
From my ‘Japanese Vocabulary for Speakers & Readers’, it says onjin(with the exact same kanji) means ‘person to whom one feels obligation’
So, what Tsunayoshi is saying to Bel is that he feels he is obligated to give his life(inochi) to Hibari…?
I really don’t know.
Help, someone?

[click to view]
Aaaaaand, that’s all.
I’ll work hard in the future~

Random This That's

APH: Italy n Japan by ~feshnie on deviantART

My APH fanart already submitted in DevArt.
It's actually a proud creation.
The concept and art wasn't special, it was the fixing technique that made me love this so much. It looks better than my previous half-assed America.
Will fix if I have the will power

So Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has finally finished.
Syaoran is still on a journey. He no longer has parents and Watanuki can't leave the house forever. Fye is a vampire and Kurogane wants to harm Tomoyo.
How lucky. Hn.
*sarcasm failz*

Here's hoping my trial KHR doujinshi will progress better among the sea of assignments

Click to view
The size is enormous.
This is my Image Manipulation Assignment to be handed in tomorrow.
Why yes, the one with green hair is indeed Hermione.
...and no, I didn't draw that awesome cool haunted house.
I googled it though
I've already got the 10/10
Let's pray I get the 10/10 on the CD and print job.

Pretty isn't it? On sale somewhere on the net.
I really wish I have it. Especially the one below. So...elegant lolita.
Found these two pics while googling for my image manipulation assignment.
Buy it for me?
*bats eyelashes*

Japan's Nap

(click to view full size)
My newest fanart of Italy and Japan. It was a pain fixing up the details.
It felt like I re-drawn the whole thing.
But at least I learned how to not make it as pathetic as the ones before.
I'm still moaning about not being able to scan stuff but this time's fanart was a lesson worth learned
...or something
Other than that

Hibari's ring.
I finally got a chain necklace to go with it. Bought it at Berjaya TS a few days ago. Now it's hanging happily around my neck
Now to wait for my bangs to grow back.

Tourist Survey~!

Today...it rained heavily in the morning.
Making our way to the bus station proved to be a bit unconvincing but we made it to KLCC in one piece.
Hell yeah! Alang and I went to KLCC today!
It wasn't for entertainment purposes though.
Alang had a few tourist satisfaction survey that she needed to spread around and where better to find wondering tourists than in KLCC?
Well, technically we had a lot of other options but KLCC seemed like an ideal spot at that time.
But because of nervousness and time, we only managed to get 2 surveys filled.
It was ludicrous really, the way we were really nervous.
In the end, we left around 1.15 PM to Berjaya Time Square to get my laptop checked.
We met up with Hafiz-san at the entrance and went up to his friend's shop.
I showed a vid that I took when my laptop acted up but in the end they said it might be hardware malfunction and told us to get it fixed at the HP tower thingy in Damansara.
After that we went to have lunch
that Hafiz-san paid for~
and Hafiz-san offered to help with Alang's survey.
He was such a big help since he didn't have a problem approaching them and making conversation.
I don't know what we would have done without him.
Thank you so much! Alang will credit you if her lecturer tells them to write a report!

I felt really excited when he approached the tourists and one of them was from Germany!
Doitsu~ Doitsu~
I can't help feeling excited like this since I watch Hetalia.
There was also one from Canada~
Matthew~ Matthew~
A lot of them were from Australia.
Everyone were so nice~
All in all, it was a fun experience since being in the multimedia application, I don't think I'll have the chance to do an assignment as nerve-wrecking as this.
I kind of wish I could show pictures of today's event
I learned quite a lot of stuff from this

Late into the Night

Now...don't start yelling and lecturing me about the disadvantages of sleeping late.
I'm in the middle of finishing an assignment that needs to be handed tomorrow.
Don't you start calling me a procrastinator or lazy too.
I only got the assignment yesterday.
Don't start bashing my lecturer for cruelty either.
...because I missed the last class before raya
and don't start trying to bite my skin for missing it, I thought there was no class since I thought any sane and excited person would've missed the damn class.
I'm in a pinch is all.
Who here can relate the differences between Data Warehouse and general purpose database?
I surely can't.

Dear Okaa-san(Hahaue),
With a big heart, I am proud to tell you that my image manipulating skills got praised last Monday and I've received slight recognition from it. A few classmates have begun to approach me for consultation and I think I'm no longer much of a wallpaper....though I still am when I am outside of class. Today(or rather yesterday), I was also the only one who finished my Element of Graphic Design on the date it was supposed to due. Other than that, English class is starting and I've got an awesome cool lecturer whose English sounds English and let's us curse in class. I am trying my best to participate in Q&A.

Well, things seem to look like they're going well.
I bought the October Rapidpass so now I don't really have to worry about bus fare for another month.
To think I have another scrapbook to produce and an essay to write.
Next week, I've to hand in my Image Manip assignment.
oh yeah, something is wrong with my laptop.
The monitor is flickering. I can't get it to stop no matter how many times I restart the computer.
I need to get that fixed soon.
Hafiz-oppa...please help me...and please turn on your handphone.
I beg you
I really want to do well again.

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