That Odd One

You know how being a girl, you get your period and everyone else decides to fast one day. So, they eat their sahur before dawn and clean all the plates and do their prayers. Hours later, the sun high and bright, you wake up and okay, breakfast is on you.
But because everyone else is practically camping out in the dining area, you try to be sensitive piece of shit and not eat in front of them so you don't turn on the stove to cook yourself some shit. You just eat cold bread. Excellent breakfast. Excellent lunch. Haha who the fuck do you think you are?
If you think for people, that's gonna be all the shit you get while you wait for them to break fast.
Of course, your sensitivity flies over their head and they're just gonna assume you're the most full and happy motherfucker around and have you do all the shit around the house. That makes sense, y'know. You can eat stuff; you have the energy. No one thinks you're gonna be a considerate little douchebag. Maybe that's not how the world goes around.

Haha I'm such a sack of shit.

~*About this Blog Owner*~

An introvert imaginist suffering claustrophobia, ADD and hemaphobia and sudden social reclusion. Enjoys drawing, watching animations, singing badly, daydreaming, surfing the internet.

Appears harmless and most of the time, semi-transparent. Easily flustered when in company, overly shy, prefers slinking into the shadow and wouldn't be shocked if you didn't notice or recognise her.

Mostly hovers at Tumblr, Deviantart, and Drawr. Basically doesn't have any other life except as a partially-sane fangirl. Has a tendency to doodle at empty spaces.
Specialize in digital imagery and is currently taking Diploma in Multimedia Application. Has an extreme liking to multimedia editing softwares and photography.

Warning: May suffer severe sugar rush at times - even without consumption of high-glucose content food...and I know Wapanese! Beware!


I am also an artist of somekind