Allen Walker and Toph Beifong

Allen Walker...
from the on-going manga and anime series, D.Gray-man
Age: about 15
Date of Birth: unknown but he was found by Mana on 25th December
My current animanga obsession
Could this top the international level Fullmetal Alchemist?
It's sad but the animation quality does not appeal to me
but seeing this moyashi (Allen: Arren desu!)
I'm glad I get to see him move
He first came out with a rather appropriate cursed arm.
It was red and dead looking and seemed cursed
should I say this...?
Thanks to Tyki Mikk who had practically ripped his arm off
Allen revived his parasytic innocence
forming the new arm and an uber cool overcoat
It was recorded by the Asian branch as 'The Crowned Clown'
The pic above is The Crowned Clown.
Rather than looks more like a masquerade(sp?) mask
Ah...Hoshino Katsura-sensei...
what were you thinking about when you gave this name a form?
Perhaps this is a brand name like our favourite golden golem Timcanpy?
I can't wait to find out what happens next
in this shounen, action/adventure, angst, humour animanga
...after SPM

Name: Toph Beifong
Gender: Girl
Anime series: Avatar, the last airbender
Element: Earth
Specialty: Blind
Witty, sarcastis and cool, this girl is the coolest blind character I have ever seen!
With awesome earth-bending moves
She loves solid land like Aang loves the air
Leaving a rich and controlled life to assist Aang in defeating the firelord Ozai
The coolest character created in history!
...for me.
Not even Edward Elric and Allen Walker could top her coolness
She knows enough manners to fake a noble family
yet she spits like men that hail from Arizona
She meets trials head on and earthbends her way around
Watching her...
I like her more than Aang...
This should be the first time I favourited a major character instead of a main character
Like I do for
Fullmetal Alchemist...
...why are these all shounen animes?
It's genre is:
...humour(love this part)
...Alternate Universe
...romance(not really loving this part)
is among it's genre
The best thing about this anime...
who joined up with Aang during season 3
...took the arse 2 seasons to realize he's wrong
but I'm happy for him because I've always wanted him to join Aang to fight the fire nation.
Go Zuko!
He's got a sense of humour now...'s funny but it's creeping me out...
...I want to watch the ending T_T

A Place to Return for Serenity of Soul

mood: happy

Able to return home
Embraced by warm familiar surrounding
Feeling like Korea's No 1's arms wrapped around Cinderella
A feeling like that
Although there wasn't any physical show
I probably felt as that.
It seems I miss home a lot T_T
It's good to be back.
How will I manage to go further with feelings like this?
Only thinking about doing it in the future
I have to prepare myself.
Now that I'm home...
I want to dance to WONDER GIRLS' NOBODY
Am I pitiful like this?

A Step in Education

mood: thoughtful

Once again,
faced with the decision to chose the future we want.
I have decided on the course of studies
the question remains...
To become what?
Furthering studies in Multimedia...
Creative writing...
Social studies...
I want to do all that
It is what I enjoy
But still...
What occupation will be presented before this uncertain lady?
Wondering about this at this age...
I should have thought about this long before....
After dancing in the shower at the dorm...
...away from public humiliation...
Thoughts strolled through this airhead...
How many dances do I know?
So the list begins...
WG's Tell Me...86%
WG's So Hot...70%
WG's Nobody...52%
SJ's Tic-Toc...85%
SJ's Miracle...25%
SJ's Haengbok...12%
I know so little...
I want to learn more...T_T
Next year...
Planning to do more SJ dances Don't Don
...Marry U
...Dancing Out O.o...
I will try harder!
Before SPM...
I still want to do WONDER GIRLS' NOBODY

Differ of Melancholy

mood: stressed

How come it hasn't passed?
The pressure of hidden promises to our teachers
I don't want to break those promises
I want to do better
Better than that person I have greened on the past year
Even if I don't get full A's...
don't disown this pitiful daughter T_T
I'll try my best
This is for my future as well
I want to study in a good place
A place I have always dreamt of
But now...
What is this?
I'm not giving my all...
It is a week dreaded by most ladies and women
A week of depression and anxiety
I have never truly enjoyed PMS...
At such a time
I wish I can tell my body
"Yah! Can't you wait until after SPM?!"
People will pass odd looks
Why hasn't SPM pass yet?
Pass with a wondorous ZZHANG!
I can't wait.
The moment I step out of the school gate on the 27th of November...
I will be a free person
Before SPM though...
I want to dance to WONDER GIRL's NOBODY first

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