Bleh gune ke?

Weih, pehal tetibe cakap melayu nih?
Buang tebiat ke ape?

X, ni nak tanya;
Ada sesapa prasan x drama2 melayu pakat dok guna lagu2 org lain?
Baru tadi ja kot prasan ada nyanyian ala2 Hell Girl dlm drama kat TV3. Siap ada bunyi lagu Tinak Tina Tana dari cerita hindustan Mann kot.
Pastu lagi satu, bukannya diorang nak guna lagu2 yg org x tau sangat. Ni nak guna yg terang2 popular macam bunyi dari Winter Sonata ka My Girl ka...Autumn in My Heart pun biasa dengar.
Pastu ada jugak terselit iklan apatah penah guna lagu ala2 Suju
Iklan Alahai Fafau ada bunyi Para para sakura doh!
Ape kes ni?
Weih, melayu kita x bleh buat musik sendiri ka? Asyik guna pakai orang len punya bunyi je
Siap negara lain plak tu.
I might not love Malay music as much but isn't this too much?
Isn't it plagiarism?! There should be law against it.
ka semua org tetiba boleh guna copyright org lain?
Perhaps something I didn't manage to hear about?
Coz I was taught in my Audio-visual class NOT to use copyright music

We can't be this dim.
My first and last post in Malay, I hope
I'll re-write this in English later. Hati panas sangat.

Stop it!!!

I went and did it AGAIN
This is for Anis-chan
I'm sorry Prussia isn't in it

Im Young Soo!!! Saranghaeyo!!!
In the end, I didn't change anyone OTL
Don't Don~

Going Lala~

Actually it wasn't a duet but was sung by 4 people
But I ended up liking Romi Paku and Kobayashi Sanae after all
Random post is random

i'm crazy about this...


I made SupaHetare!
>.>...tis a weird name combination
It's from Noerago, dance version.
Oh, I kind of felt sorry for Canada who I had used in Ryeowook's place.
You can't really see him beside Japan/Siwon
Russia has turned gnome. I'm sorry
In soviet russia, gnome has turne -
*is shot*

The original capture:

So err, yeah. I also made sketches. I replaced the actual members with the hetalia characters.

Finland as Sungmin~!
This one is one of my most favourites among all these sketches. I just regret that I didn't give his shirt more detail
The epic original one:

Sungmin Saranghae~!!

Hak! What is this you say?!
Iggy and Doitsu?!!
What the duck right?
but it's KangTeuk so shut it >.>
Original picture:

I...need to revise the characters later for SuJu DonDon and Suju M

Since the part in Noerago only had 11 members, I didn't get to draw Heechul's Hetalia character.
So, I decided to make China as him.
The long hair! Focus on the long hair!
ah...I kind of miss SiChul...
This was also the start of all these sketches. Just because I wanted to involve the kkok-mi-nam Heechul-sshi
Oh, hello kitty necklace was a must
Original picture:

The fan that managed to capture this picture is really awesome.

Eh no...i meant EunHae
Such a dorky couple they were
Original picture:

Jing jing.

...and regarding Anis-chan's Suju M...
young Hong Kong?
...and Canada representing Ryeowook needs to be revised too...
Original picture:


It's on the cheeks!!!
Heechul just likes to do weird stuff.
Italy represents Kyuhyun
Original picture:

The bend of the head obviously shows it wasn't on something inappropriate. I kind of pity Kyuhyun who got grabbed by Heechul. It looked pretty rough.

It was a must
Actual SJ ones were Sungmin and Yesung though...
Original picture:

I got tired around the time I was re-drawing over Su-san/Yesung's shirt.

I tried to draw the actual clothes they wore but it was difficult.
Having Iggy as Leeteuk is pretty...
Original picture:

Super Junior's ahjusshi >.>
How old are you two going to be this year?
I have seriously gone obsessed
I think Hetalia...would've fit Haengbok much better...


SNSD's Gee:


It's still in WIP mode...I think.
I dunno. I feel pretty lazy about finishing it with colours since I don't know their official colours.
They're all based on Himaruya's own gender-bend hetalia characters so don't think I made them up. Also, mother Russia is hidden behind Roma-ko just because I don't have the clearer version of mother Russia's sketch
Gah...Igiko~ I want your cuteness
To get a better view of the Hetako designs, I present to you,
A bad sketch of them!:

I fail OTL
They remind me more of cosplayers than the actual character sketch. manly even as a woman.
Atleast Ni-ko appears more feminine than she did in the dance.

SNSD's Genie:


Take that, you uniform fetish people!! what I wanted to express.
But I'm also...
*looks away*
Anyway, Iceland-sama and Austria-san are in this!
I dunno. I figure Russia and Germany are too man for this attrocity.
Oh, looking sexy there, Iggy.
I have nothing against SNSD
These are parodies after all. Hwaiting SNSD! Hwaiting Hetalia!

Making Way to New Old Stuff

Well, whadd'ya know~
It's nearly 14th February already!
Chinese New Year means extra holidays to eveyone!
To those who have to work on Chinese New Year, like in Supa-ma-keto and konbini, don't sulk. You'll get a break soon.
As for nee-san and I, we also have a few losses for this year's Chinese New Year.
That is,
we won't be going back to our hometown.

Okaa-san did let us but I guess we had to firm ourselves up if we were to survive this month. Nee-san always enjoys making things a bit more difficult, so most of our money is being spent on food, transportation and college.
Such a kind sister, right?
Making us both go through hell as if there isn't any more penny left if we decided to go back.
I do believe we could go back and return and have enough to not starve but try telling her that.
But it's all in good intentions perhaps. Spending the holidays here would probably allow me more time to work on some of the stuff I've been delaying.
Like my scriptwriting, my audio-drama, my malaysian studies portfolio, my APH prompts and my fanfics. I would like to get back into writing, that is.

Anyway, a certain thing happened to me recently that is going to make me turn a new chapter in life.
The page has already turned perhaps.
On the 9th of February. 5 days before the so-called Buon San Valentino
Not that I ever celebrated that.
Doesn't stop me from making fanarts though ^^
It's not like that something that happened totally changed me.
Well, no. It could never change me because it didn't make any difference to begin with.

So tonight,
I indulged in a few new old habits.
You know SNSD's Genie?
I think fanboys with a uniform fetish would most surely like - no, love - this.
I have a small degree of uniform fetish but not on girls obviously.
It is a wonder though, since I don't really know this group, why I'm still enjoying a certain person's presence in the song.
I don't even know her name

She's the one I circled.
I'm too lazy to go search for her name but if you can tell me who that is, I'll photoshop something for you....or something.
Owh, please ignore Im Young Soo in that corner.
Just to keep up to date a bit, I watched the MV and live version of Genie. The leg work is really working the other way around for me. It kind of makes me want to blanch for unknown reasons. I guess reaction differs from one person to the other.
Why did I watch Genie?
Well, I want to learn to dance again.
You see, I've gotten fatter...and my backbone needs some straightening.
My stamina is also down.
Just doing saikyou pare parade has made me wither.
In other words, I want to shape up.
But, like, I'm not gonna do Genie. That's like just weird considering I dislike the leg work-out - and that thing's the main focus of the freakin song.
No, I'm going wayback and learn a few Wonder Girls chorus parts like Ee Babo and probably Irony. My 'Nobody' needs to be revised too. Just for the heck of it, I downloaded Jewelry's Baby One More Time. The chorus is freakin interesting to do I tell ya!

Well yeah, that's it probably. Also, I won't have internet.
Love, after all, is a vast subject

Didn't Make It

As the title says it,
This month's issue of Gempak indeed did not contain my drawing.

Turns out, I didn't make it. For both sections no less. I did cry a bit. I mean, it wasn't something really big but I really gave it my all with the details and to know that it didn't make it was pretty heartbreaking.

But today was my sis' bday and I didn't have the heart to ruin it for her. I'm going to work harder and send some more. Still pretty hopeful. The thing itself won't earn me big bucks or something of grandeur but it would boost my self-esteem I just know it.

If you're curious about what that two drawings that didn't make it look like, here's a preview of sorts:

On the left is the one for the 'OK ka KO' section. This section was in this month's issue but none of it contained that earphone girl.
On the right is the one for the 'hitamputih' section where they preferebly want you to draw characters from fandom. So I chose Hetalia. This work contains approximately 11 characters based on Himaruya's work. It was also the first time I drew Norway-san and I really loved this piece the most for its overall completed-ness. This month's issue did not contain 'hitamputih' section.

Maybe in a week, I'll get myself a new pen and get down to improving my lining abilities. God knows I need severe help and practice in that department.

I'm trying to be optimistic about all this. Thinking the drawing got lost in the mail makes me feel ten times worst than being rejected. Strangely though.

Even though it didn't make it, I'm still thankful of the support friends and family have given me.
It never was easy for me to give others my art that is filled so much with my love and dedication.
I hope it doesn't stop me.
The me who has always given up easily; I want to let that go and move forward
Become who I've always wanted to be.

I'm sorry, Okaa-san. I still spilled tears after all but like everything else that fell upon this fragile shoulders, I'll learn to get over it. There is still a future I want to reach for.

Added bonus!
My current desktop looks like this: because I'm proud of it.
It wasn't easy drawing and colouring it. Trust me.
Jibun, Ganbatte Aru!

Happy Birthday Nee-san!

Align CenterHappy Birthday nee-san!
May your life be full of happiness and you get good results etc...etc
Oh! And you're getting
To everyone...that bear is Ubby. He's freakin big and freakin scary and I dunno how on all hell are we going to get it back to Kedah
There are rumours saying we aren't though...>_>

Other than that...
Let me gauge your eyes with nee-san and me in kimono!

So lying.

I am the master of covering up! Nyufu~
Only Nee-san and I understand....TwT

Do not feed dreamy animal!
Nee-san sucks at acting captured

Owh, and random fangirl moment of the entry~
I just realized that nee-chan was my very own Prussia
a more sarcastic Prussia
Off to celebrate the day
Yeah...she's 23 and still wants to celebrate

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