That Odd One

You know how being a girl, you get your period and everyone else decides to fast one day. So, they eat their sahur before dawn and clean all the plates and do their prayers. Hours later, the sun high and bright, you wake up and okay, breakfast is on you.
But because everyone else is practically camping out in the dining area, you try to be sensitive piece of shit and not eat in front of them so you don't turn on the stove to cook yourself some shit. You just eat cold bread. Excellent breakfast. Excellent lunch. Haha who the fuck do you think you are?
If you think for people, that's gonna be all the shit you get while you wait for them to break fast.
Of course, your sensitivity flies over their head and they're just gonna assume you're the most full and happy motherfucker around and have you do all the shit around the house. That makes sense, y'know. You can eat stuff; you have the energy. No one thinks you're gonna be a considerate little douchebag. Maybe that's not how the world goes around.

Haha I'm such a sack of shit.

I Got into Homestuck!

And that's pretty much all I wanted to say.

And look, purty art

It's purty. I say it is. Shooosh.
Wow, pointless stuff again

My Website got Hacked

And I, like, haven't noticed that since a month ago *facepalm*

Oh well, I didn't really have much use for the website anyway. Welp

I just finished fixing it of course, so now it's working again. Nothing new has been added yet but I plan to do a whole makeover for when I have to insert "Do Not Stay Outside After Maghrib" page. Maybe next time I'll put a more lively theme. Black is pretty depressing =v=;;

Getting idiotically hacked aside, I haven't written anything in what felt like forever.
(Well, I don't have a reader anyway)
I have a reason for that though!

I moved houses! And so there were some problems getting the internet back. It was really tough but turns out there wasn't much expecting me when I finally had the internet.

UPDATES! On my life~

Spring 2012 anime has started!!!!
Other than Hyouka, I started watching Kuroko no Basuke~
 As always, the main guy falls straight into this little 2D part in my heart.
I even went to read the manga up until the recent release in MangaFox. It was pretty interesting. The animation was pretty good in my opinion and I'm really looking forward to the next part.
Hyadain's also singing the ED. I was surprised ^^ but I love it even before I knew that.

Ah, yeah, Kimi to boku came with a new season~ It's always nice to be able to hear Shun-chan's voice again.
Speaking of Shun-chan,
This here is Matsuoka Ginger ( 松岡ジンジャー)
It's named after the first impression I had of the colour of his fur. This is also my first possession that I've given a family name (I feel retarded suddenly. Welp)

I'll take a higher resolution picture of him later. I only got a webcam now.
I received him the morning when I arrived at my hometown. It's a pleasant surprise really. It's cute, fluffy, soft and smells nice. It really, really smells nice. I can just bury my face in it lots of time.
I haven't figured out a good blog nickname for the giver but thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
I can't wait to bring him home and introduce him to Hanatamago

Other than that, I've recently gotten into reading Dean Koontz's novels. I'm on my way through my fourth novel by him titled 'Life Expectations'. That's one hell of a funny book.

The first book I read by him was 'From the Corner of His Eyes.' It was recommended by Aneki.
I INSTANTLY fell in love with his beautiful and captivating writing.

The 2nd one was a book I bought from Popular bookstore called 'What the Night Knows.' aksdjsjkdh that book is indescribable. I was on edge reading that. Very nicely written, I'd recommend it to people who love horror and supernatural stories.
Aneki borrowed 3 books from her lecturer; 'The Husband', 'Life Expectation' and 'Sole Survivor'. I've finished the first one (Absolutely in awe of it btw) and hoping to start reading the last one soon.

Just in case anyone would like to know what I want for my birthday, a Dean Koontz novel would be REALLY nice. I will love you so much you will get tired of it. They don't sell his novels at Kinokuniya (WHICH IS A BIG DAMN SHAME BTW) so I'm outta ideas where to get more of his works.
Shhhh I dunno how internet transactions work

Let's see...
I'm still in the process of finishing my final project so I can't get into a lot of other things.

Other things I got into was Markiplier's 'Let's Play's on YT. I was looking for reaction videos of Penumbra and Amnesia when I found him. It's interesting and addictive to watch him play. Currently, I'm mostly just listening since I've to do my final project but it's interesting all the same.

I also got back into reading Noblesse. Damn, Rai made me cry hard in one of the recent chapters.

As for my project,
it's going kind of not so well.
I'll fix it somehow.

A running boy

I'm happy to report that this is the result of me working in the studio. I'm really thankful of my boss and senpai at work (who is now working elsewhere) for their guidance and patient in teaching.

I am using all the skills I have learnt there to assist me in my final project which is an animation under Cicak Goreng Productions.

At the moment I am unable to update my website but news and progress of my final project will be placed in the Cicak Goreng Production homepage under the 'Current project' tab.

Drawn in photoshop; animated at

This is a fake page

I'm actually in the process of cleaning vol.16 for Sandreen but she's still working on translation so I'm just setting the boxes for the fonts and sfx.

I'm doing it for my entertainment. Will probably do more in the future as my cleaning progress continues.

My website

It's my very own personal website~! Am I hipster yet? Please check it out!

I bought the domain for my portfolio class so now I can enjoy it for one whole year. Who knows, maybe if I have money, I'll buy it for another year when it finishes ^^

Originally it only included all my portfolio works but I just finished re-designing it to add a special page for Cicak Goreng Productions to replace the old blog link and I even went with my initial plan to go grayscale.

Give it a try and send me some feedbacks. It'll help me a lot to know where I can fix it to be more user friendly. Ah, but I'm not really a master in Dreamweaver so there's still a lot I don't know how to do.

I'll soon update the "Current Project" page in the Cicak Goreng Production site to show progress on my final project. If you guys don't know yet, I'll be doing an animation called "Do Not Stay Outside During Maghrib" that was written by May-chan and was illustrated by me.

I'm still thinking about whether I'm going to make it a flash animation or frame-by-frame animation but for now I have to get the script and storyboard done first. I don't know if I'll do the voice myself or ask help from my friends. I don't even have a mic. Welp.

I'll be working on this alone too so it's quite a challenge this time around. Wish me good luck, okay? ^^;;

CF '11 Pic Dump

I was going through some of my old pictures to find something to replace my current cover on my portfolio's facebook and it occurred to me that I totally didn't put last year's Comic Fiesta pictures on this blog!

It's long enough for me to not remember much of what happened so just have this picture dump of the first and second day of last year's CF (and sadly, my last one)

First Day
Fran from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Okay, I'm just gonna put random text in between these pictures so that this post will still look like a blog post and not some kind of photobucket yyeeeeeepp 

 Inga(s) from Un-Go

Nee-san can testify to how excited I got when I saw that people had cosplayed Inga lol and there was quite a number of them too

Now that I think about it with my head clear, I was being very embarrassing but...yeah
F!@$ if I'm gonna name every single one of them from Prince no Uta-sama

I actually had all these posted on my facebook but then I deactivated my personal one so major WELP there. So, just in case anyone is searching for their 2011 CF cosplay pics, you might appear here. Somewhere.
Uhhh....Momoka!Himari? from Mawaru Penguindrum 

I should also take this opportunity to remind anyone that if they would like their picture to be taken down, just tell me. If you want the original version (since I've edited some and resized all), you can have it in your dreams. It's too troublesome to give you the original one?
 Sawada Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Well, I've run out of stuff to ramble about. Honestly.
??? from ???

The only thing I edited (from the ones I've placed my dirty hands on) are only the backgrounds. I didn't temper with the cosplayers. They look as they're captured^^
Shou Kurusu from Uta no prince-sama

I got lazy around this picture so I left it as it is (lucky!) but, in all honesty, it felt a lot more noisy and cramped  with the bustle in the background so I thought I'd try to neutralize it a bit. That was the only reason I tempered with the background.
 Kagura from Gintama

THIS. She actually did one of Kagura's signature poses of sticking the pinky into her nose but that picture turned out to be BLURRY FFFFFFFFFFFFF---------
 Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji

Kuroshitsuji is still as popular as always it seems^^
Okumura Rin from Ao no Exorcist

Ahaha~ I got excited seeing a lot of AoEx cosplays too! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Nezumi and Shion from No.6

asldkfjskdlfj day = made
Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji

I've run out of things to say again.
Mugi, Ritsu and Mio from K-On

Uwooh, sorry for the blurry pictures (@A@) Around this time I was just trying to settle down with nee-san after having snooped around excitedly.
Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

On hindsight, I think I should've tempered with this picture.
This is a rare (wut?) picture of Sebastian giving his master a piggyback instead of a princess-carry. Bocchan must have been acting his age again.

Because I totally love Gintama and these people are amazing o(*゚▽゚*)o
This was what nee-san wore to CF on the 1st day. And she's posing by this big ad of Kuroshitsuji merchandise. Oh, and that's my skirt by the way. I think people are starting to forget that fact because I rarely wear it.
This is the CF stage with nee-san in front of it.
England(s) from Hetalia
??? from Tegami Bachi(?)
A giant KHR poster! With nee-san in front of it
??? from ???

Wow, no more random comments from me?
Lenalee Li from D.Gray-man

Um, the first day was really crazy though. And I really hated how the KLCC staff treated us. It totally ruined the mood for a lot of us and I've seen quite a number of people commenting how the crowd outside the hall discouraged them from attempting to join in the fun.

AAAasdasldksdfldflkjdklasjd day = made^2
Soi Fon(?) from Bleach

The second day was a lot better though^^ I'm glad for that at least. Even though my feet ended up hurting so much I had to go back early.
Okumura Yukio and Okumura Rin from Ao no Exorcist

Oh yeah, I also went back early because I finished all my money. I spent RM200 on both days. I even borrowed money from Aneki (that I've thankfully paid back already). The price of food is (; ̄ェ ̄)
Satonaka Chie from Persona 4

Every time I see or remember Chie, the dialogue of Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 Comic Dub plays in my mind, going:
Chie: "I'm Chie Satonaka"
Yukiko: "And I'm uncomfortable!"
and it takes all I have to hold back on my laughter that I'm sure I look like I'm giving people one hell of a rotten grin. Oops.
I didn't get to see Souji/Narukami on the first day but I did eventually see him on the second. Was really happy that I got to see them^^
Nee-san with a fellow lolita friend...or something.
??? from Vocaloid?

I actually had a chance to touch her dress while we were lining up to get out of hall 4 or something. It was really...something. And I don't mean to sound like a total pervert or anything but...uh, never mind.
She's very pretty.
nee-san and Yui from K-On

and that concludes Day 1!

Second Day
 Takasugi Shinsuke from Gintama
 Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach and Otonashi Saya from Blood+

It's probably useless for me to say this now but I really wasn't trying to peek under her skirt. It was just that, there was A LOT of cameras and men and my height really isn't something marvelous so I had to use an angle that was able to show at least one of their faces!
 Tomoyo from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle(?)

aslkdjslkdf why did this turn out blurry
 ??? from ???

hislegwasshakinganditwassocuteIjustkindofdiedabitinside yeah. Pretty much.
 Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji

Since the 2nd day was a lot more orderly, so I went in and out quite a few times without much worry.
 ??? from (and I'm just always taking a random guess) Vocaloid
 Miku and ??? from Vocaloid
Yuna from Final Fantasy X

There's actually a lot more pics of the second day but I got too lazy to edit them. Welp. I'll update this post if I get to them one day. In the very distant future.

SD: My Prince

Found this on Tumblr thanks to taninu and I just HAD to translate it
This story is just so ;3;

I'm going to try doing it for the Kinrei and Prince part but that's a bit tricky.
Done! But only vaguely so

it was kind of confusing at points so I actually went and translated the previous page. I'm too lazy to typeset that but now this page makes more sense and that's all that matters.

I am honestly starting to grow on the prince. I used to hate his guts but then Kinrei tried to betray him and it revealed how lonely he really is compared to everyone even if he might not notice it.


Silver Diamond: 波 pt 1

I think I want to try translating the whole volume 16. I'm going to do it in a very slow pace though since I'm also still waiting for even more reliable scanlations of the series. It is now up to volume 13, right? It won't be long now^^

(updated 17-01-12)I'm a really slow fan whoops but the people at shiho_s_diamond are doing the scanlations and they've finished scanlating up to vol 13^^ So if anyone wants to download and read them, just head over there and become a member. 
That said, I will take down my crappy translations as soon as I see that they've scanlated vol 16. Before that, I guess I'll continue to have fun with this (Plus, it's a learning experience).

I'm just doing this for fun and my translations are really bad because I've seriously never gotten proper Japanese language lessons so anyone who's a fan of Silver Diamond and somehow stumbled upon this post, don't trust my translation 100%. Not even 70%, okay?

As before, I'll leave the Japanese text in case anyone who can understand it better will be able to help me correct it ^^ I honestly want to understand it as well.

To view it in full size, please right click and open it in a new tab/window. I don't think the new feature allows you to zoom just by clicking

Page 007
金隷: どうぞ皇子 今日はもう
金隷: 遅いですから お休みください
金隷: .....皇子? どうなさいました?
金隷: さっきから何か
金隷: 機嫌が悪いような...
皇子: ...金隷 あの者たちも「仲間」か
金隷: え? -
I originally went for 'companions' rather than 'comrades' but when I thought about other action/adventure anime series, I just kind of...
The part in black that I didn't translate (idk why) is 「波」 which means waves

Page 008
 皇子: あの者たちを私と同等に扱ったら
皇子: 許さないからな...!
金隷: ああ それでずっと....
金隷: 案外 可愛い事を言いますね
皇子: 何!?
金隷: あれは「仲間」ですよ 皇子
The moment I saw the word 'kawaii' I just kind of had to give a moment to myself to giggle in a creepy fangirl-ish way because I thought the prince saying those kind of childish things (though it's pretty normal) is kind of adorable.

The workings of a fangirl's mind. It's hard to understand

Page 009
 金隷:「仲間」とは 「使える道具」の事です
金隷: あなたと私のための
金隷: .....私にとって  あなたと同じものは
金隷: あなた以外にありませんよ  皇子
金隷: 嘘をついてますか 私は
皇子: ...じゃあそれならもういい!
金隷: はい
皇子: 私のみを大事にしろよ
金隷: はいはい
皇子: 二度!?
金隷: さ どうぞ中ヘ
Ugh this was killer to translate. What are you trying to say, Kinrei?! I just kind of put it in a way that doesn't seem too awkward (I hope)

Page 010
金隷: ああ...緑に戻したのか
金隷: 大した知能は無い筈だが...
金隷: 沙芽の本能みたいなものか
I hope I got this much right. It was so confusing @A@ Saying something like 'the green has returned' feels weird though. Maybe I should have tried to word it better though I can't think of another way to put it

Page 011

皇子(?): なんだろうな この感覚--.....
千艸: ...羅貫

Page 037 (yup, I skip a lot)
一灯: 千鋃!
一灯: やばい何か...でかい化物が下から

Page 038
羅貫: あっ大蛇
夕吾: えっ普通!?
千艸: 大丈夫だよ
夕吾: 何が!?
灯二: なんだ大蛇か
成重: 何かの用ですかね
淕楼: おまえらも普通!?
西南: いやオイ! 誰か乗ってんぞ! 女...
羅貫: えっ女の子!? -
千艸: 本当だ -
みつば: あからさまに怪しいだろそれ!?
倡嗣: ヘビ遣い!?
柄光(?): 敵なんじゃ...

This was one the very earliest translations so I didn't think to write down the Japanese text and most of them I understood anyway.

Page 041

三重: 兄さま!
成重: 三重 ...こんにちは
羅貫: うっ本気の他人行儀!!
三重: あっこんにちは
羅貫: あっ妹さんも他人行儀!?   大丈夫かこの2人
成重: どうしてこのな所に?
三重: あの...ええっと  こちらの卯の花さまと  真珠さまが
三重: 兄さまの所に連れ来て下さるって...
成重: ...真珠さまが?
虹: ほう
三重: はい 私にも  とても優しくして下さって...
三重: ええっと  あの
三重: 母さまともお友達になって下さるって
三重: 約束して下さったんです
Sae is very polite and formal even to her brother so I had a lot of difficulty with her. I actually went through more than 3 forums discussing about formal sentences. It is, however, lost in translations. As you can see.

That's about it for now. I'll update this when I get the pages in between done. This post will probably contain half of this chapter

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