A Bit of Pizza Ain't Too Bad for the Tummy

Yeaaah!! I'm finally home! Actually, I've been home since, like, three days ago or something but got too lazy to update. Haha~
Can you believe it's been 5 months since I left home?
Gosh, it's so good to be among my family now
even though Aneki is having her honeymoon in Beijing now with her husband

Yeah~ we went to eat pizza today.
It was the 'calm before the storm' for me as I had to do some jobs afterward
Jobs that lasted till midnight ^^;;

My new phonestrap! Isn't it great? I wanted Italy or Germany though but found this instead.
It was a free item in Jack n Jill's crispy potato...uh-huh.

As for my fangirling issue~
Hetalia Vol.3 is finally out. Gosh, it was filled with so many cute things! I wish I could doodle them all! >w<~
Spain's Marukaite Chikyuu is also out too! I squealed so much -_-;;
but straight to the point!

Getting to it...

Because of my finals, I had to drop a lot of things.
So, here's about half of my collection of WIP that I'll hopefully have time to get around to doing.

I think this one takes priority above the others considering it's a gift art that was a prize.
However, this gift art took me by surprise as you see:
I am, by far, NOT a graphic design student.
I do NOT do portraits
I do NOT study about drawing or colouring in college.
Portraits are NOT, and probably never will be, my best skills
I am also in the process of grasping new colouring techniques By Myself.
This, however saddening, is half of the reason why I can't quite get it done yet.
I'm still trying to grasp the idea of a lineless artwork so this can be taxing.

Anis-chan's overdue request. This was from ages ago and I still can't seem to get it done.
My main problem is that the Don't Don music video is too dark and the quiality of the screencape is not really good. I DO want to complete this but it's going to take some time.

A request from a fellow dev to do Iggy's version of clothing meme.
As you can see, I also adapted the lineless style for this as I did with the Italy version
It's more time consuming as I saw it as an oppurtunity to do, at the very least, three characters in some slot.

This is supposed to ba giftart that I was going to add in the CD we were to hand in to our lecturer.
but I never could find time and energy to complete all the frills.
If you have noticed, this is also lineless.
It makes frills much harder, trust me.
This is not what I consider as portrait as I put more priority in the attire than the actual similarity between Rieya-chan and the girl above.

The reason I chose to do a lot of lineless arts nowadays is probably because it doesn't burden me with the task of lining. I don't fancy doing lining because I can barely draw a straight line using my tablet. Colouring it takes more time than usual and that's why in one day, sometimes I can come up with only two of these kinds of work.
Still, it's something new to me and I want to experiment with it more.
I'm still in the stage where I can't mix colour well.

Again, I am not a Graphic Design student.
I feel that I should focus on this point
I don't learn how to draw and colour in my classes and I probably will never get to. That equals to the fact that I learned how to colour - and probably draw better - outside of a condusive learning setting. In other words, I'm learning all this shit by myself.
So, I'm torn between two academically challenging lives
One side - the Multimedia side that is properly taught in class - and the other side - the Graphic Design side that is learnt out of observation.
I love both sides though and my Multimedia side always takes precedence because it costs the most.
Okay, done ranting about my life now.

It's for my MDP storyboard assignment.
It's done already though so it's not considered WIP
I'm not gonna tell you what it's about but the girl is my new OC
Her name is - for lack of better naming skills - Avia.
I'm going home
and continuing all of these there

Current Life: Busy with Shooting

Ugh...I have been so very busy these last few days that I just wonder when I can finally get my much wanted rest.
I haven't died, you silly goose.
Anyway, I previously planned on making long and more detailed reports about the shoots I've been doing with my group of friends but it seems time might not be on my side at the moment.
So, briefly...

For my Audio-visual Technique final assignment. First outdoor location was at Orchid Garden, Perdana Lake Park. Truly enchanting place.
We were shooting for a videoclip to go with Lenka's "The Show"
Nadia and Akmal had generously went out of their way to bring us there.
Thank you very much!
Thanks also to Nee-san as credits to the photos go to her.

Second outdoor location for our Audio-visual Technique assignment.
Many thanks to Nadia and Akmal also for providing transportation to Botanical Park, Putrajaya.
Heaps of gratitude as well tu Syafiq who will also be appearing in our music video
It was a lovely day but all of us were dying from the heat.

I accompanied Rieya-chan to KLCC as she was asked to help with some classmates' Scriptwriting Movie. It didn't go so well as it rained but I couldn't say it wasn't totally unpleasant.

That night we had a photoshoot at Reiya's house for the cover of our Audio-visual Technique assignment. Something we did just for fun.
Thank you so very much, Rieya-chan. You have been very, very accomodating with my needs.

For my group's Scriptwriting movie, a total of 7 people filmed at Putrajaya. Many, many thank yous to A-kun who provided tickets for the cast and also allowed me to experience riding the ERL and Nadi Putra for the first time.
Unending gratitude also goes to the cast who, despite it being a weekend, still found time to join us. It was pleasant working among you guys. I hope that KFC feast was enough.

Second shooting for our Scriptwriting assignment. Got to meet back with Tan Sri and Tok Imam and Puan Seri. You know who you are.
Please continue working with us until the end. If our wallets permits, we'll treat you to Nasi Ayam and Teh Ais at the Mamak nextdoor.
Next stop: Danau Kota

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