It's a Flower!!

I'm taking this moment of blog updating to show you flowers
that okaa-san planted

They're flowers.


Aidiladha - Back Home

So, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and Happy something something(orz)
It's been a while since I wrote here
Nee-san and I returned home!

...for a week. Or so.

Anyway, first day of raya:
 without me

with me
that kind of looks like a really rotten smile on me -w-;;

I don't feel like elaborating much because certain things have soured the festivity for us so, let's just have me comment on the pictures I'm putting up here :D

We went to mom's friend's house and two kittens were new additions to their family members so we had a load of fun squeeing and poking and playing with it.

More of this kitty

Even more of this kitty (the other kitty was sleeping in imouto-chan's lap ;v;)

Even MOAR of this kitty
and we don't even know what its name is 8D

Solo kitty time XD
They were staggering and fidgeting a lot and we were inside so many of the pictures turn out blur-ish. This was pretty much the best out of it all
and I also brightened it in SAI. alskdjlaksd I don't like photo-editing without PS ;A;

The next day (today), we went to Pizza Hut! Yumm~
Nee-chan paid for it this time so it was really heavenly *q*


Okaa-san and imouto-chan.
Imouto-chan suddenly became a watch model 8D

My favourite Pizza Hut dish that's not pizza X3

One of my favourite poses to take when coming to Pizza Hut 8D
The 'Drinking Nose' pose~!

And that's about it really~
I'm honestly too tired to write more so I'll just leave it here

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