Silver Diamond Random Scanlations

These are just a few pages I tried to translate at the best of my abilities.
They're not 100% accurate, not even 80% accurate word-by-word but I believe they vaguely hold the same meaning.
I'm still waiting for a better scanlation but for now, let's enjoy some of the funnier parts of Silver Diamond vol  16

Oh, and some of them I'll provide the japanese text that I accumulated (it's hard not being able to type japanese welp) while I was working. Hopefully those who have a better Japanese understanding can correct me ^^ I really want to understand what they say.

These are only text of the 2nd and 3rd panel:
一灯: えっ何急に
成重: いえ あの 私より年上だと聞いたので
一灯: 丁寧だな アンタ
宮: 別に いいのに呼び捨てで
成重: でも年上の方は敬わ ないとですから
虹: 成重はマジメだからな -
I left the last one from Narushige untranslated because it felt funnier that way. "Ack"
When I first did this I didn't know that the づけ in the 2nd panel meant 付 (affix). So the text untranslated in the Kazuhi's bubble is probably "-san affix?!"
This was too fun not to translate. The Touno brothers are so cute^^
灯二: えっ年上ってさんづけするの?  一灯も?
一灯: いや別に構わねえよ呼び捨てで
一灯: 構わねえけどえっと...
灯二: 何? どしたの? -
Chigusa whispers
灯二: えっと...一灯お兄様...?
一灯: いやもっと フツ- ので呼でほしかったんだが....
1 - 親切
2 - 嫌がらせ
3 - 世間知らず
どれだ 千銀....!!
I had trouble with Kazuhi's 「いやもっと フツ- ので呼でほしかったんだが」I think really got it wrong ^^;;;

みつば:「千銀さん」て呼んだ方がいいの? 「千艸さん」?
恵司: そ-いや年上って さんづけするモンだったっけ?
灯二: おまえら成重は「さん」で呼んでるじゃん...
みつば: あっいやそれは...
恵司: なんとなく...
羅貫: 別にいいんじゃないの    気にしなくて
羅貫: 千艸は前「呼び捨てでいい」って言ってたし
羅貫: ね
千艸: ああ
千艸: 呼び捨てにされる方が好きだから...
恵司: なんで アンタが言うと
淕楼: 変な意味に聞こえるんだ...
成重: 多分変な意味だから大丈夫ですよ
I probably got it wrong from the start. Welp! This one was the most confusing and since I don't really get the joke, that means I definitely translated it wrongly. Sorry!

I still have one page left that I want to try my hands on but for now this is enough probably^^
I finally did it:

秋市: でもよく考えたらまず  ラカンを呼び捨てがダメじゃねえ?
秋市: サノメの皇子なのにさ
彌式: 偉そうに見えねえかもな  たしかに
秋市: じゃあ「ラカン様」で呼ぼうか
夕吾 : あ いいな「ラカン様」格好よくて
灯二: あっ待てストップ!
成重: ダメですそれは
(?): えっ!? 何で!?
千艸: 羅貫様
羅貫: 様はよせ  様は-- はずかしすぎる
灯二: ホラすぐ真似するんだもんコイツ
(?): あっごめん
Rakan is very cute^^ I probably got it wrong for Touji's part at the end though ^^;;

Oh, and have these little snippets I posted on tumblr:

Because I couldn't translate the whole page, I made a few cuts. This is when they are trying to think up pseudo-names and Rakan asks them what would be a good one for Narushige

 Only Rakan thinks this of course. And to add a bit on this topic, this came in the extra:
Rather than 'nickname' I think I should have gone with 'pseudo name'. Google translate came up with mnemonic but...well.

fyi: They're just pressing foreheads together in order for Chigusa to transmit the image into Rakan's mind
This is a pretty normal occurrence in Silver Diamond actually.
A fluffy moment with the four of them^^

Self Portrait in the literal meaning

I got very ecstatic today when I found out that youtube is working again on the TV so I played Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic dub over and over and over again.

It was pretty random but I took out my camera to get a picture of the working youtube.

As you can see above. Welp, messy house.

Lol, that was a weird moment in the story to capture of, but never mind.
Somehow, I was playing around with the settings to see which was okay with indoors. It's because tomorrow there will be Comic Fiesta and we're most likely to stay indoors.

So, it resulted in these:

I made use of the self-timer setting. It was difficult to have it stay static since I don't have a tripod but using a pail and my handphone, it worked somehow. That's why the POV is pretty low, I guess.

I also managed to play around with them in Photoshop. alskdjskldjals I don't know why but Photoshop suddenly decided to work again ;v; I'm so happy aaaaaaa-

There's like dozens more that didn't turn out good since I make such a lousy model but oh well

It was very unplanned, that's why I'm wearing just random clothes.
Maybe if I can do it again, I'll dress much better.

For now, these make appropriate profile picture on facebook.

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