I Went Through a Bleach-manga Marathon

I think I went around mentioning that I left Bleach for a year.
Haha It's kind of embarrassing.
But I've caught up! Somewhat at least...I've still got 7-8 chapters more
This year I started watching Bleach anime again (I remember posting a few screencaps of them here) and I was really, really curious about this image I saw of a long and black haired Ichigo with all these dark bandages.
(And I saw tons of spoilers on Tumblr...)
It wasn't until I saw this one page of Bleach manga on Tumblr that said:
Kurosaki Ichigo/Age 17
Occupation/High School Student


that made me go, "what the...."
I was really curious and I know I don't have enough episodes to catch up (especially with all the fillers and whatnot)
So I finally decided to give the manga a try
I actually do prefer the manga over anime anytime but considering internet connection and all...
but now that I'm home so I decided to take advantage of the wireless!
My Bleach manga-marathon went over 3 days but only because I have a life outside of animanga
contrary to popular belief.

I read from chapter 350 until chapter 441...
and when you consider that 1 chapter contains between 18-20 pages per chapter...hmmm

There were a lot of scenes that I really couldn't help but love! So that's why I compiled all these for the fun of it~
It doesn't make sense unless you have read it though ^^;

It's really nice to see so much trust placed on Ichigo. I'll never get tired of it especially when it's done by people with so much pride like Byakuya
About the part with Tousen, I was really distrustful of him even when he was weak and Captain Komamura was talking to him. It was sweet that he wanted to see Hisagi's face in his final moments. When that bastard Aizen killed him, I really wished it had happened.
Damn you, Aizen

Kubo-sensei, that looked like fanservice or something...
I'm totally in love with how Kubo Tite (the kanji is actually Kubo Taito but that doesn't matter) introduces the chapter titles~ It's so creative.
Oh! But that's not the only reason why I like this part. When Hirako said "This fight belongs to all of us." It reminded me a lot of how Aizen's betrayal affected each one of them, regardless if it was personally or not.
It's like, they're fighting for revenge and to defeat an evil force. Most importantly, to protect.
I dunno. I think too much into it most of the time (it helps get me into the tense atmosphere)

Soi Fon's one of those assholes you gotta love :D
The part with Isshin was mostly because I've been expecting him and go**am*** what took you so f***ing long, old man?!

Your love for your son is showing so much, Isshin. *sarcasm*
I wish Ichigo didn't say what he did. I really wanted to know what the deal was with Isshin.
Why is he a shinigami? Why was he allowed to live a human life after he lost his powers? Did he die before becoming a shinigami or was he like Ichigo? How old is he really? What's his affiliation with Urahara? With soul society? Why is he so strong? (He fought on par with Aizen for a bit) Who is he?
I think it's going to be answered in the newest arc, but I believe it'll take some time.

Home is where the heart is~
The part with Gin had me laughing despite the serious atmosphere (but really, I don't think I can stop being amused by Gin's face. I have this urge to laugh whenever I see him, scary or not) You're definitely one to talk, Gin, but I believe I can somehow feel why he'd say that to Ichigo. I think, rather than creepy, to him, Ichigo is scary in the sense that the guy can read another's intentions and emotions from his battles. I feel that maybe, he was just a bit scared that Ichigo might find out about his hatred for Aizen from his sword.
The last bit with Aizen:
That's just not normal, man!

One of the things I feel is always worth facepalming about is how easy it is to waver and brainwash Ichigo. Someone should teach him to keep a stronger will that fucking lasts
then again...it might just be his charm *rolls eyes*

More trust in Ichigo <3 aldkhalsdhglakhsdfls Tensa Zangetsu is so adorable~~ Scary, yes, but so cute! 
Okay, so around this time, my eyes are already watering because I've already read and seen the spoilers, like I said above. It wasn't hard to put two and two together especially when it had been shown that his father shares the same technique as Ichigo and that he had, until recently, lost his powers. When Zangetsu said, "What you want to protect is not what I want to protect...!" I kind of sobbed a bit.

I didn't realize AT ALL that Keigo and Mizuiro weren't close. I know from the episodes that Mizuiro doesn't give Keigo much damn but I didn't realize that about the only thing that is keeping them acquinted was Ichigo.
It's....It's kind of sad...yet cool. For Ichigo at least.

When I first saw Keigo with a zanpakutou, I was like, "askjfhsdfcdsfjk don't tell me he's secretly a shinigami!"
Of course he is not. Damn. But I definitely like that idea haha~
The part with Chizuru made me realize that it was good that the three of them - at least - had realized Ichigo's secret. It would have been bad otherwise.
Actually I felt something deeper but I'm already a dork enough without having to add my 2-cents about it.

That was totally unexpected. I knew he was cool-headed but nothing to that extent
I'm seeing him in new light 0A0

I think I can say it here now.
I always had a suspicion that Gin wasn't loyal to Aizen. Maybe it's just how he interacts with them all or the way he carries himself. I dunno. I can see that he doesn't care much for Soul Society but I always felt his loyalty was not with Aizen.
but it's no use saying it now. Not like anyone is gonna believe me >.>
and w00t! More faith in Ichigo~ Go Ichigo~!
Plus, Ichigo with longer hair is so fu- I mean, cool. Yeah.

Ichigo being bad-ass <3 Oh, and Aizen cracked the moment he talks too much. His words are so confusing and so self-absorbed. I kind of wish Ichigo was cold-hearted or brave enough to split his head open and kill him there and then. No one seems to die in Bleach, I wouldn't have minded much if Aizen did! 
I mean, Ichigo gave up his shinigami powers just so Aizen could get locked up? That sucks.

My tears.
Seeing Zangetsu cry (in that adorable form to boot) will always tug at my heartstrings.
I hate farewells! Why can't you say 'see you later'? It's a fuckin' prayer! ;A;

Kyouraku's Face.
Byakuya's such an amusing bastard. He'll never cease to amuse me.
Relax there, Yama-jii, you'll burst a vein HAHAHA
Points for Kyouraku though since he said the haori is stylish
Love Zaraki's reason though. It does look like a pain in the ass.
Eavesdropping!Ukitake is cute

My tears.
They now double.
Rukia, you better have something to do in the next arc! You can't leave Bleach like that! Especially since you're the first character Kubo Tite drew for this series.
I've been reading a lot of bashing from fangirls who hate Rukia and Orihime. It saddens me. Those two are Ichigo's source of determination and although they sometimes can't help being damsels, they are still strong in their own right.

Click to view larger
So, a new arc begins with the setting being 1 year and 5 months after Aizen's defeat. Ichigo is leading a normal life and everyone has new hairstyles.
Ichigo fucking has sideburns~ It's so badass, man. (I hope he doesn't let them grow into a goatee. The horror!)
Yuzu is cuter and taller while Karin has boobs. Hahaha~ I wonder if she still plays soccer.
Eh...Sado is um...well...I'm not much into shaggy-looks but I guess it might just be his blood ^^;
Ishida decided to part his hair differently and tuck his hair behind his ear. hhhhhnnngg one of my kinks y'know
Orihime looks more mature and I absolutely love the new hairstyle. She's still much in love with Ichigo (hard not to be) and Ichigo's still as oblivious as ever (the lucky guy)
Keigo just let his hair longer. That's about it, I think. It makes him look cooler though but his personality is still...
Mizuiro, for a moment I couldn't recognize you at all! Haha~ it's not too bad a haircut but I totally hadn't expected that ^^;
Tatsuki just grew a tail lol
Jinta got taller~
Ururu grew cuter~

I love all the new changes~ (w-well maybe less for Sado but...) I can't wait to finish catching up
and that's all from this crazy and absurd fangirl!
Anyone who actually read up to here is just. So. Fucking. Amazing. Not gonna lie.

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