I Hope I Can Still Finish My Studies

There was a new demonstration at college today but it was because of yesterday as well. However, today everyone was even fueled with anger when the so-called 'meeting' did not quite happen. I'm not entirely sure about the details since I was in class for a good 8 hours and missed all the fun.

By the time I got out the police had arrived and I was informed that our Head (I dunno, CEO whatever but he owns the damn college) had been 'released' by the police (a.k.a he left from the QnA with the students) and they were trying to detain all the students responsible for starting the demonstration (90% being senior students).

I am not entirely sure about all this since I have been TOLD and did NOT witness it.

I boarded the bus quickly but from my seat, I saw that the number of students participating today was more than yesterday. Somehow it made me kind of happy and silly. We've all felt like we got swindled by the college, trust me, but I'm too much of a coward to face the higher-ups about it. I've still got 3 sems to go and I really don't want to give that up. Seeing so much of our students together fighting for OUR rights (theirs as well as mine) does leave me proud though. I hope their peaceful demonstration will bear fruitful results.


I condemn those stupid bloody idiotic fuckers who resorted to vandalism even after the admin at facebook had told us against doing so.

We are trying our best to do a PEACEFUL (though it gets noisy at times) demonstration. They are not helping it.

I think by tonight, videos and pictures of today's demonstration will be all over facebook. Hope you enjoy them.


I did not, at ANY instance or in ANY case, participate in the demonstration. I am a bystander in this case.

It's a bit shameful, I know but I still have 3 sems to go and I really, really love studying in KLMU despite the entirely lacking and unprofessional management.





I wish the best of luck
to those who are really fighting for your rights.

Really Proud Somehow

"Don't worry, miss. I'll catch you."


So proud of managing to draw it as so >w<
It was originally in a day setting but somehow I tweaked and tweaked with the background, it became night and looked better that way.
Taiwan's hair was a bitch to do because it was flowing against her body due to the wind coming from behind her. I've always wanted to draw a pose like that. Seriously.
It was my new passion for thin linearts that troubled me a lot but I went through it anyway.
Took 3 days on and off but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Hey, it has a decent background at least. I always fail at those.

Textures are all my own. Clouds are default option in PS CS3
Do not reupload, distribute, use without my consent. All copyrights belong to their respective owners:

Taiwan, Italy (c) Himaruya Hidekazu
Art (c) Feshnie

Attended Maher Zain's fanmeet

Not gonna say much but it was really exciting going to see the man who actually made my music dream come true~!

Although okaa-san already has his CD, we went to buy another one for him to sign~
It was sold at RM25 today~

Damn...Aina got him to sign her handphone.
I want that too TvT
He sang a bit
it made my heart soar

Shimeji Wiz Available for download

Wiz is a half-OC character from my TegakiE fancomic: Un Vecchio Ricordo

Shimeji is: "Shimeji is a kind of desktop mascot!XD
This is completely useless, but a cute program.
We can play with this by dragging the characters!
" - *haagen-dazs

What Wiz Shimeji does:
-sits around
-walks around your desktop
-climbs your desktop
-play with his magic
-falls/trips randomly
-changes into his wizard costume for a second
-hides your web browser (that you can retrieve with the 4th option)
-pulls another clone out of himself or a portal

You have the option of tossing him around. He likes it rough. Don't worry

To use: make sure you have JAVA, which you can download here: [link]

:bulletgreen:How to use/install:bulletgreen:
Download the RAR from here: [link]
Unzip it and double click "Shimeji.exe"
No ZIP sorry!

:bulletgreen:Program Menu:bulletgreen:
Right-click on the flag icon to get this
1. add more
2. Come here!
3. leave just one
4. get back the IE
5. Bye Bye!

Right-clicking on an individual shimeji will also produce a 'byebye' option

:iconcrazy-chibi:'s England was used for reference (the old one - so Wiz has a walking image missing *shot*) NOTE: Also, I've made a few alterations with what they're doing so it's best to avoid using this shimeji as a reference. i.e: Shimeji!Wiz does not eat, Shimeji Wiz does not come out of a box.

Original creator of Shimeji: group-finity

Finally done~!

My Army...

...of shimeji!Wiz...
...be cutiefied...be very...cutiefied...

It's still in WIP mode but I hope I get it done by Wednesday.
He's running around my desktop now

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