It's Just FIFA and Nothing Else

Lol, like, my FB is totally mass spamming people with FIFA-related status
I totally, like, blame half of this on nee-chan. She was the one who kept changing the channel to football
And it's totally football! Not soccer! I'm, like, absolutely sure.

Well...yes. After FIFA, I'm gonna stop hogging the TV for football so everyone...just bare with me.

Oh! Today, KLMU held an art & design exhibition at SimeDarby and I found one of my artworks for a final assignment getting showcased there~! I really hadn't expected it to be there!
Sadly, the name of our team wasn't displayed. No one's name was displayed for any type of art. Don't know why. I think they could've at least give us some credit

Okay! Fangirling section~!
Lookies here:

Hetalia Axis Powers Volume 3!
I've had it in posession for quite some time. Haven't got the right moment to talk about it though - not until now
And absolutely loving every single page of it!
It comes with the third sketchbook.
Here's a better look at the cover:

The Allied Forces are holding their icons
though I feel America's missing his hamburger^^

[Translation: Everyone, Thank you, okay!]
Himaruya's icon of himself is sooo cute >.<
but...what's the sword and horns for?

After going through the book, I noticed that there were a few strips that Himaruya re-drew to fit in with the book. It looks absolutely charming. When I compared it to the old strip, I saw that Himaruya improved a lot since then. It's all so good
Not that the old one wasn't satisfying enough
Here's one of the re-drawn strips:

Sweden makes me melt =w=
And here's one of the strips he had made a while ago
It was already quite well done already with a full constructed story

There were also new stories shown only in the third volume!
Like the Nekotalia strips!

You can even tell which cat is which nation!
Nyuu~'s Spain vs Portugal now...
Must concentrate.
Go Spain Go!

Don't Don~ Hetalia'd

Title and post self- explanatory

I suck at backgrounds >.>
Remember that post on my WIPs?
Haha...I had to discard that...sadly...

It was too dark.

Like..."Dude~" Kind of Feeling

Bwahahahaha! Apparently the thing that busted was called a "Laptop AC Adaptor"
Yeah well. Now I know better.
Went to Low Yatt today with Rieya-chan and bought it at the price of RM75. I dunno if it's cheap or expensive. All I know is it is useable and has a warranty of five months.
So I'm back on mah own laptop again! I miss you Taimu-san even though it was only a day and a half!

Gotta get back on topic~ Scusa mi!
I just got around to DL Hetalia's "Gintamaku Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it White" OST.
It was really something. Much better than "Hetalia Axis Powers Sound World"
'Hetalia no Ooi Naru Sekai' was as good as an introduction as ever!
Okay, truthfully, it's the second track but my Windows Media Player rearranged it to the top of the list.
Hearing the OST really makes me want to watch the movie. I hope it streams soon. I read someone said it was a bit...weird. I wish that person would offer more intake on that comment but then it would account as spoilers >.>

Owh! Marukaite Chikyuu fans! Have you listened to the Non-stop version of MKC? I really love how they blended one MKC to the other. They arranged it in order of which was released first. Sadly, Spain didn't make it. I also got around to listening to Romano and Germany's Hatafutte Parade. I wish I knew where to find Italy's Hatafutte Parade! I didn't DL it when it first came out T^T

Oh wait! I got distracted again!

After hearing a bit of the 'WA! Wa! World Ondo', I was curious to hear the full version so I DL-ed it. It came with 'Mein Gott' and karaokes for both songs.
I seriously thought the Mein Gott in that archive was the same Mein Gott that was released earlier as a promo for the movie. How delightfully wrong I was.
The file was titled "Mein Gott! Oresama Saikou! Band version (Prussia)"

And duuuuuude! I think I fell in love with Prussia all over again.
I don't know really~ He slurs and sounds short of breath but damn if it didn't sound sexy to my ears.

I noticed the song was different when I heard the karaoke because(WMP rearranged things again) there was a different feel to it. It still reeked of Preußen awesomeness though. I think I liked it a lot because it sounded more natural. As if it didn't have much editing and tempering

I remember well how extremely disappointed I was with Super Junior's "Bonamana" for all it's techno-ness but that is only my opinion. People elsewhere love it to bits and pieces.

Okay~ done fangirling over Kousaka Atsushi's Prussian awesome voice...
Mein Gott!
Spain vs Switzerland tonight! Who are you rooting for?

My Current Take

Uwah! Haven't updated this blog in forever~

It's pretty lonely anyway.

Just as an interlude for a long post about something from the past, I'll offer a bit of info on what's been going on around me currently.
At this very moment, I'm using Kak Su's laptop to get online.
This is due to hardware problems concerning the DC wire of my laptop. No one here shares the same DC wire type as I do so I am unable to charge it; let alone turn it on.
I am planning to get this fixed as I feel at an extreme lost without Taimu-san.
Tomorrow, I feverishly hope that the weather would be good and Rieya-chan would be fit enough to accompany yours sincerely to Low Yatt.
It's going to cost a bit of something.

Current issues aside,
I'm getting to the main topic here. Please bear with me~
During my brief return to home, I had managed to dig up an old comic I did while I was in high school. The fact that my drawing has changed and improved to a certain degree never fail to amuse me.
I am pretty sure very little now about the comic and even less still scarcely remember about it.
As plain as it was, the title of the story was "Special Child"
It was one of the three on-going stories that I did in my highschool years - the other two being a comic entitled "Elements Guardian" and the other a gaanaru doujin that I don't think I've ever properly given a title.
Special Child was as special to me as the name I had given it.
I first started drawing it when I was 15 if I wasn't mistaken and I had aligned grandeur ideas and plots for the story while it was in the making.
I was naive, amateur, thoughtless and selfish when I did it. I admit with no shame.
It moved too fast, there were too many plot-holes, the lead had a Mary-Sue tendency and by the second chapter, I grew anxious because it had begun to stray from the actual storyline.
Therefore, even with Shiro-kun pressing me to continue, I gave up.

Finding it back now, I can see some good points I had achieved when I did it.
For one, I had created a world of my own. A magic dimension - but a world nonetheless. It had its own science fiction and probably only needed a few more strings to pull it together.

Another thing that I can't seem to give up on being entirely awed was the characters I had set up for the story. As I had mentioned, I was naive when I started Special Child and probably should have known better but even then, and more so now, I had bestowed upon them a personality of varying degrees. I had also scripted their history and arranged their timeline to the best of my abilities. I gave them different views, conflicting sometimes, so that I had hoped people will be open to more outlooks and thoughts.
It amazed me how far I had thought just for the story - now that I'm looking back.
Special Child was something I had put a lot of effort in despite it being the last to come into existent out of the other 2.

As for the plot, it wasn't something I could be proud of, sadly.
I believe it needed more story and arrangement. It needed a proper setting and introduction. I had probably also lay off on the fanservice if it could even be called that.
I should also focus a bit more heavily on the background and the detail. Not to mention the action was scarce and the scenes jump a lot.

It needs work but it's not Game Over yet.

Just a main idea about the concept of the story:
Tsubaki Yuri is the illegitimate child of a Hanarie-born mother and Fusekie-origin father - Hanarie and Fusekie here would mean two types of living forces. She is the fourth 'Special Child' born and it is said that Special Child's can give birth to powerful offspring. However, this cannot be achieved without the consent of said Special Child. At least not until she turns the Hanarie adult age of 20-years-old.

And that's where her three bodyguards come in: Suzume, Tsubaki and Uguisu.
All three names are japanese words for certain types of birds
They have an oath from both Fusekie and Hanarie kingdoms to protect the child from people who wants to misuse her ability.

The story centers around Yuri but there are insights on the background of other characters.
Tsubaki Yuri is carefree, naive, gullible, kind-hearted, curious and some. She isn't physically strong and her magical abilities aren't trained well. She has the beginnings of a Mary Sue but I'm trying to develop her to be a bit conservative and deprived. What do you expect from being raised by men?
Musashi Suzume, or his real name Tsubaki Suzume, is the oldest of the three. As his name appears, he is actually Yuri's father. Due to many circumstances, he is a secretive person yet outwardly he can appear friendly, cheerful, positive and motivated. He was placed under a curse that traps his aging soul into a slow-aging body. He does come off sounding like a Gary Sue but he has his own set of dark characteristics and past that unravel throughout the story.
Hatake Tsubame is a no-nonsense type of guy and can probably work the sword better than a kitchen knife. He is loyal, strict, hardworking and dependable. He gets flustered easily when it comes to Yuri but as things are, everything is platonic. He is a good friend of Suzume but sometimes he just can't fathom what's going in Suzume's mind. That might be the fact that he can't really tolerate people who beat around the bush.
Hatake Uguisu is Tsubame's talented nephew. Not much of a genius but he's got talent when it comes to magic and fighting. He was the last to be recruited into the team and is learning magic from Suzume. He can be quite the prankster, having taken it from his father. Unknown to him, he is the product of a Special Child that was once also under the care of Suzume. That is why he's different from the other Fusekie's. He loves adventure and excitement but knows not to cross the line.

As for the antagonists...
I actually never got around to sketching the big boss but I did do a few.
Hikito Shoumi, whose original name was a cross between a DBZ character and an electrical appliance brand, is probably the most misunderstood creature to walk the earth. He is not evil per se but circumstances leave him with very little choice. He is family-oriented, caring, worry-wart and disorganized. He is Uguisu's childhood friend.
Hikito Nagiri is a man trapped inside a woman's body because of his own stupidity. He is Shoumi's younger brother with a bad temper. In a bout of rage, he had murdered their parents which in turned forced them to flee from their hometown. He is brash, street-smart, opportunist and slick. Because of him, Shoumi is forced to mingle with the darker side of the world.
Hikito Ryuhashi is the illegitimate child of Shoumi and Hatake Kurauchi, Uguisu's older sister. Terrified and shameful, Kurauchi wanted nothing to do with the child and had dumped all the responsibility on Shoumi. Closely after the birth of Ryuhashi, they had to run from the village. Despite living in difficult conditions, having to move around, Ryuhashi is surprisingly sheltered. He is timid, shy, gullible and can be quite childish.

Well, I've renewed their character sketch to keep my current style. When I can, I'll put it up here or on DA.
I think I'll be quite occupied for a bit~

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