TegakiE Contest Entry Walkthrough

Katsuhiro-Miamura is holding a contest over at TegakiE. It's to promote better quality and detail in Tegaki art,
and the ultimate destination is getting our art to the main page (usually through many nominations) but getting there doesn't mean you win.
It helps boost your self-esteem though.

Everyone is encouraged to join. I believe it can help improve our talent and the art we can offer to our community. So to those who have Tegaki, you should join~ It's open for OCs and fanarts and the theme is 'bond'. I know I have very little chance in winning but I still hope to join and just have fun and improve on my art.

So far I've submitted two entries and singled out one to show you a walkthrough of how I did it.
First of all, to those who don't know how TegakiE looks like.
It's this:

Everything is done on a single layer. You can zoom by right-clicking and zoom in and ctrl+z allows you to undo.
Do you get the basic gist of it?
It used to be really troublesome for me but now I'm smitten over them.
I'm there near 24/7! (exaggeration much)

I always have trouble colouring in TegakiE due to the absence of multiple layers so I gave it a few thoughts and finally decided to give it a full outline look.
Thus why I started with the outlines.
First was using a low opacity on gray colours to sketch then I used the darkest gray and thinnest point to lineart. I erased the sketches with the help of zoom and WALA!
I think I should mention at this time that I used littleMinna's TegakiE for this - thus the credit ^^;

Next, I linearted the background with colours. It's optional to do this.
OTL My background is so friggid simple -_-;;
Who knew drawing scribbles and calling it Wisteria could work so well?!

Next I coloured in the background. I used very simple techniques for this seeing as I wanted to emphasize more on the lineart. Most of the colouring contained a main colour and shade colour and mixed together using the lowest opacity

HRE's (the kid) cloak was hell to do since I had to be careful about the amount of strokes. His cloak used four colours - three shades and 1 to darken it.

Colouring in Italy completes it~ His was pretty simple.
It kind of looks like water painting now
orz orz orz

I'm not giving up! I want to do better and improve!
Sorry, littleMinna
I can't use my TegakiE yet atm ^^;

Happy Eid Mubarak

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Saya menyusun sepuluh jari
(Dua puluh kalau perlu)
meminta maaf atas segala salah dan silap saya sepanjang kita berkenalan.


pfft hahaha!
Seriously, I don't have a good picture of myself
Now I must look for another picture to replace this at my facebook.

Sengal je.
Either way,
Have an enjoyable Syawal everyone~!

Cameo in Final Exam

"...and that was when I clearly saw it.

'It' was a small boy with hair the colour of wheat, eyes the colour of emerald and the bushiest thickest eyebrows I had ever seen. When he noticed I was looking at him, he scowled."

Yeah, Hetalia invaded my English final paper's vital regions. The striked word really was in the exam.

Other than that, I'm finally home in Kedah. Everyone is so busy and I'm so lazy to venture out of the house
nee-san, you still owe me RM10

It was a weird story. Seriously

Catch that Kiriban!

A kiriban is an interesting number displayed on a web counter, such as 10000, 22222, etc.; particularly, one selected by the website owner for the purpose of giving a prize to whoever reaches it.


My kiriban over at DA is 6,969.
Don't ask about the number - it just felt pretty
As you can see from the screenshot, my pageviews are nearing it.
The person who catches my kiriban will have to post the screenshot in their gallery and in return, I give them a free commision.
It's not much but it's fun~!

If no one catches it however...too bad. Maybe the next kiriban.

Oh, and tonight I'll be boarding the bus back to Kedah. Pray for my safety and Happy Early Eid Mubarak everyone~!
Of course, blogs can have kiribans too.
If you want.

B-But...I thought....

...I was the only Feshnie around ;A;

B-but...it's not identity theft thankfully.
I have to admit I got the name "Feshnie" from a spam but that was like, 8-9 years ago
I don't get it
Ah but I still retain the name 'Feshnie Fox'
That is my full internet name. Any other place using that name is definitely trying to impersonate me.
Ah...maybe I have finally found the real Feshnie?
I don't know. I'm pretty sad right now.
Yes, I google-d my own name
So what?

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