Royal Demonic Disengagement

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Last night,
I finished watching the last OVA of 今日からマ王!R (Kyou kara maou! R) and three first episodes of 今日からマ王! 第3シリーズ (Kyou kara maou! 3rd series)

Kyou kara maou! 3rd series first episode part one a.k.a episode 79

The season began with a very heavy atmosphere as the ten nobles are introduced (9 in exact) and Gwendel announces that Wolfrom von Bielefeld will be made the twenty-eighth Demon King.
That made me go like O.o
Wth right?
So I continued watching…

Yuuri came in after that scene showing him coming out of school with his bike and seeing the normal lives of other students and how he used to have that until after he idiotically tried to save Murata’s butt. After that he goes to see Murata at the very park where everything began and the two of them go to his house. It’s kind of funny how Shouri tries to get Yuuri to call him onii-chan even at that age but it does seem disrespectful of Yuuri to go ahead and call Shouri without any respectful suffix. Then there was ‘Ofukuro’ that Yuuri uses to his mom.
So far, I have yet to know the real meaning of Ofukuro but I hope it’s nothing disrespectful.
After getting nagged by his mother and brother, Yuuri makes a run for it to the bathroom with Murata and failed to stop from falling when he notices that it was dirty water they were falling into. Oh well. That’s what he gets for tricking people I guess. Miko manages to slip the present for Wolfram though.
As they return to Shin Makoku, Yuuri is surprised to see only Conrad is there to greet them. His godfather explains to him that the others were busy preparing for his coming to age (he’s turning 16) ceremony. Everyone was acting strange though and Murata, being the wise man he is, notices this in a flash while Yuuri, being the air-head he can sometimes be, is completely oblivious to it.

Cutting past all the other useless scenes (They have a new maid though, forgot her name),
Wolfram is shown to be attacked by some army (I suspect his uncle’s) and ends up using his maryoku till he’s tired out when he reaches the castle. Yuuri is worried but Wolfram just brushes it off. No one seems to be telling him anything and Yuuri confronts Murata, demanding that he tell him what the hell was wrong with all of them. Murata dissuades him by saying there was a reason no one is telling him anything.

The day passes with Yuuri doing weird events for his coming-of-age ceremony that he feels something particularly off with that day. By evening, Conrad escorts Yuuri to prepare for the final event, which is announcing the path of life he chooses at the Shinou temple. This is actually the real ceremony.

As they walk past the kitchen, they overhear the maids gossiping about the meeting between the ten nobles(9 to be exact) and Yuuri finds out that Wolfram was agreed to hold the title of the twenty-eighth demon king. Wolfram, finding out about this, storms to Voltrana von Bielefeld, the uncle who nominated him, and demands that they call of the arrangement. Voltrana tells Wolfram to suck it up and prepare himself to be the next king.
Back in the present, Conrad tells Yuuri that the nomination was
cut off because he came back to Shin Makoku. However, Conrad tells Yuuri that it’s ok if he decides not to be their king and continue living normally in earth.

When they reach the temple, Yuuri asks to be left alone until the ceremony starts and he began contemplating his decision because he believes that the new Wolfram (a much serious and matured one) is more suitable to rule the kingdom. Then he feels someone watching him and he chases after that person, ending up in a dark hallway and he yells for Shinou to appear before him because he can recognize the man’s maryoku anywhere.
Shinou tells him that he certainly has no need for Yuuri anymore but he will give his blessing anyway. Yuuri tells him that that wasn’t what was really bothering him but…hmm…I forgot what happened there.

Anyway, when the time approached Yuuri voiced his oath and, thankfully, he decided to remain king.
That night, Wolfram sets out to his family and leaves a note, telling them his whereabouts and that he was breaking off his engagement with Yuuri.
They find the note that morning and Yuuri can’t believe Wolfram would do this, leaving the engagement aside because he was against it in the beginning. He vows to bring back the blonde and they set off.

Yuuri confronts Voltrana when they arrive at the Bielefeld castle and demands to see Wolfram. Voltrana is against it though (he was revealed to have a nephew complex towards Wolfram) and asks Yuuri if he is able to chose between earth and Shin Makoku because he doesn’t want a king that cannot remain faithful to their side. At that moment, the blonde idi – uh…Wolfram storms in and challenges Yuuri to a fight.
Here, we are reminded of the event that happened early in season one when Yuuri stupidly picks up the knife Wolfram throws. Only this time, Yuuri knows the significance of it.
Wolfram fought seriously and managed to lay a quite damaging hit on Yuuri, causing the ‘demon’ side of Yuuri to awaken. As the angered Yuuri (and very bishounen-ish) was about to lay his punishment against Wolfram, he stops and sucks back the power into himself because before he striked, Wolfram said to him, “Yuri. Become a good king.” making him realize that it was all just an act Wolfram planned to show his uncle that Yuuri has enough power to rule the Shin Makoku as he is. Suddenly, the ten nobles(8 at that time) mysteriously appeared out of no where and demand that Voltrana make his decision at that time.
Wolfram returns to the castle with the gang and he gives Yuuri a visit at his room and spouts about how it would be inappropriate for him to enter the king’s room while he is changing because they are no longer fiancés. Yuuri says they are still family and gives him the present that Miko had told him to give. It turned out to be a nightgown.
Wolfram realizes that Yuuri had been worried of him and suggests that they annul the disengagement much to Yuuri’s relief. In a panic, Yuuri grabs Murata and makes a beeline to the bath pool.

The new OP “世界よ笑え” (sekai yo warae) by Yoshida Jungo didn’t give me such a good impression at first because it wasn’t as exciting as the OP for the first and second season but after hearing it a few time, I’ve gotten used to it.
The third ED “Going” also by Yoshida Jungo wasn’t so becoming at first, especially with the dancing skeletons things. I didn’t hear much of it because I preferred to skip on to the next episode. I think if I heard more of it, I’ll come to like the song. The dancing skeletons though…that’s another story.

I hope more of season 3 will be uploaded at youtube because I can’t, for the life of me, download the whole damn season. My comp is nearly at it’s limit.
I do hope to see more of Saralegui-heika, especially since his seiyuu is Naruto’s emo-sand controller, Gaara. I’m not sure how Ishida Akira will voice the dishonest young king but I’ll be sure to enjoy seeing Saralegui and Yuuri’s first meeting in a ball.
Yuri Heika! Ganbatte~!

A Darker Story

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Darker than BLACK - 黒の契約者
Darker than black – the Black Contractor
Plot Summary: Ten years ago, an inscrutable and abnormal territory known as Hell's Gate appeared in Tokyo and altered the sky and wreaked havoc on the landscape. The heavenly bodies disappeared, replaced by false stars. During this time, people who possess various special abilities emerged. These individuals, known as Contractors, are able to murder in cold blood. Each fake star has a corresponding contractor, and they vibrate when their contractor's power is being used. As such, contractors are usually identified by their star's Messier catalogue number. They are implied to lack human emotions which include no aversions to murder, and regarded as extremely rational and logical in their decision making. Contractors are thus named because of their need to always complete a remuneration or payment each time their power is used (ie. eating flowers, breaking fingers, drinking blood). Contractors usually work for one of various rival Organizations as spies and assassins.
Director: Okamura Tensai
Character Design: Komori Takahiro
Art Director: Aoi Takashi
Animation Production: BONES

I was interested in watching this anime at first because it was previewed in Animax and I’ve seen the CD at a PC game shop

Name: 李舜生 Li Shunsheng
Code name: 黒 Hei
Messier Catalogue: BK 201
Occupation: Assassin and Foreign Exchange Student
Seiyuu: 木内秀信 (Kiuchi Hidenobu) – Gunslinger Girl’s Jose, NANA’s Honjo Ren
On the surface world he is more known as Li Shunsheng but he is known as Hei by the syndicate with which he works as an assassin for. Hei blends in well with normal humans with his warm and gentle-hearted act but during his missions or when there is no necessity for it, Hei drops his smile and broods seriously. He also has a large appetite, which really reminds me of a certain silver-haired exorcist. He joined the syndicate to search for his sister, Pai, who got lost in the implosion of the Heaven’s Gate in South America a few years back. Unlike other contractors, Hei doesn’t seem to have an apparent remuneration and he has human emotions and doesn’t only care for his own sake. Later it was revealed by Pai that Hei wasn’t full Contractor. Rather, he was part of both human and contractor and in the end he couldn’t decide which side to choose.
Ah…I’m such a spoiler of the story. I prefer Hei as the nonchalant Li Shunsheng though because he looks nicer that way.
Hei is so kakkoi!

Left to right: 黄(Huang), 銀 (Yin), 黒 (Hei) and 猫(Mao)
This is the group Hei works in. Huang is the only human in the team and is responsible for getting orders from the syndicate and they work together to get the job done. At the beginning of the anime, Huang expressed his deep hatred of Contractors because of his terrible past love life that ended with the death of his partner but the hate gradually lessened when he found out the truth and Hei spared his life. Mao is also a contractor and he also doesn’t have to pay his remuneration because he has already paid it by losing his real body. Mao’s power is the ability to possess the body of other animals. Yin is a doll, which are emotionless "mediums" created to mimic the forms of humans, and she does the tracking of their targets using water as her medium.

Well…so far in the series…
The animation quality is appealing to me and I like the actions in the whole series. Though it’s gore-ish, it doesn’t make me feel like throwing up so it’s good for my appetite. Overall is ok for me and I think the anime is worth watching.

SPOILER alert!

The end…
It sucks in the end a bit with all the deaths but all is well because to gain some you lose some.
Hei got to see his sister for a bit and got a goodbye kiss from Amber. Huang dies by blowing himself up but he finally formed good terms with the gang. In the middle of the gate, Mao somehow dies, which puzzles me to no end. Evil police captain got caught red-handed by Misaki and Hei finally moves out of his thin-walled shack.
All in all…the ending was confusing and a lot of things feels like it has been left unanswered.

Season 2 is being considered though.

Anime Audio Actor and Actress

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During our stay to fight the baddies…
I was presented upon the chance to watch anime to my hearts content
With the help of Animax…
I managed to catch up with the latest anime activities around
I was ecstatic about being able to hear japanese again

Lucky for me, うえきの法則 (Law of Ueki) is currently being aired.
I switched to the Japanese language even before the anime starts and definitely felt like melting when 朴璐美 (Paku Romi), who was the seiyuu for Ueki, spoke. Honestly… she has such strong vocals and has been my most favorite since I began taking interest in seiyuus.

Recently though, a seiyuu has captured my attention

斎賀みつき (Saiga Mitsuki), she seiyuus for ディー・グレイマン Debitto, 鋼の錬金術師 Maria Ross, ゲットバッカーズ -奪還屋- Makubex, 今日からマ王!Wolfram, うえきの法則 Robert Haydn as well as R.O.D The TV’s Junior.
The anime that made me notice her was surprisingly not the more well known one but 隠の王 (Nabari no Ou) in which she seiyuu as the dying and emo-psychotic Yoite
To me, it’s weird because Yoite says very little in my opinion but I guess it captured my attention because I really thought a man did his voice. I guess I’m a sucker for male-voiced woman
Other than Paku Romi and Mitsuki Saiga,
I also adore these other seiyuus:
-小林沙苗 (Kobayashi Sanae)DGM’s Allen Walker, DNAngel’s Fukuda Ritsuko
- 釘宮理恵 (Kugimiya Rie)FMA’s Alphonse Elric, Nabari no Ou’s Rokujou Maharu
-石田彰 (Ishida Akira) Naruto’s Gaara, DNAngel’s Hiwatari Satoshi
-櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro)DGM’s Kanda Yuu, KKM’s Shibuya Yuri, FFVII: Advent Children’s Cloud Strife
-竹内順子 (Takeuchi Junko)Naruto’s Uzumaki Naruto, HunterXHunter’s Gon
-杉山紀彰 (Sugiyama Noriaki)Bleach’s Ishida Uryuu, Fate/stay night’s Emiya Shirou, Kuroshitsuji’s William T. Spears

Now that I look at it closely…
A lot of the seiyuu I listed were major characters but I guess that’s what makes it special.
My favorite is still Paku Romi-san as she has a very unique voice that you can identify easily and I think she is also a beautiful woman.
I listed the characters of other seiyuus but I didn’t list hers did I?
Paku Romi-san seiyuu as:
- Fullmetal Alchemist’s Edward Elric
- Law of Ueki’s Kousuke Ueki
- Bleach’s Hitsugaya Toushiro
- Naruto’s Temari
- Kuroshitsuji’s Madam Red
- Gakuen Alice’s Hyuuga Natsume
- Digimon Adventure 02’s Ichijouji Ken
- Shaman King’s Tao Ren
-Princess Princess’ Shihoudani Yuujirou
-NANA’s Osaki Nana

I got to hear her voice the first time in Fullmetal Alchemist. I think I might be a bit biased since my all-time favorite anime character is Edward Elric but let’s not get in depth with that.
My imitation of her sucks though T^T

Detesteful Nonchalance

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Over the past few days…
Oemma went through a stressful wait
Her pale mobile phone…
Always at her service
With ears that burn…
She spoke at length into the device
After getting back from a 2 hour drive from oemma’s class…
Intan-unnie had to drive another 6 hours

Being only a hindrance…
I tagged along
The wait was tiresome
For nearly 2 days of fruitless talks
Finally fret of the nonchalant treatment
Oemma wanted to pack up and leave
We were eager
But then…
By luck of being famished
Oemma planned a rightful comeback
…there was REVENGE

Demon Butler

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Kuroshitsuji(Dark Butler)

Plot Summary:
One of the noble families of England - Phantomhive, has a butler, Sebastian Michaelis. He has unquestionably perfect knowledge, manners, talent with materials. martial arts and much more. But for some reason, he serves a 12 year old master... –Animenewsnetwork

Director: Shinohara Toshiya
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures Inc.
Original Creator: Tobosu Yana

I first found a picture of Sebastian and Ciel in a website by incident and I was taken by the bishounen-ish character. The person who posted the pic also wrote the title of the anime so I went searching. There was a lot of missing parts in youtube so I got frustrated and searched for downloads. Luckily (or unlucky, depends on how you look it) I found a website that gave downloads. I had to download torrent because I couldn’t use megaupload. So far there’s only 10 episodes that are subbed (Thank you Shinsen-subs!) but I’ve also taken to reading the manga up to chapter 28 now! I find that both have quite different storyline and I like both the anime and manga.

Name: Sebastian Michaelis
Race: Demon
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Butler
Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke(Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi – Koizumi Itsuki, Uta Kata – Ryo)
This man…is the coolest bishounen butler ever! It’s like the summary; he has a wide range of knowledge, manners, talent with materials, martial arts and so much more. Well, he’s a demon but still. He does his works in an unbelievable speed. He always manages to fix the mistakes made by the idiotic servants in the Phantomhive manor. He can be sadistic but that’s a given considering his origin and all. In the manga, he is said to have savaged on lost souls in his past before getting bored of the tastelessness of it. Thus, he searched for rich souls like Ciel’s who no longer trust in god. His favourite quote it seems is: “Watakushi akuma te shitsuji desukara” which can be translated as “I’m one hell of a butler” or “I’m a butler and a demon” or “I’m a butler to the core”. I would describe him as absolute coolness.

Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Age: 12
Occupation: Head of Phantomhive as well as the Funtom Toy Company
Seiyuu: Sakamoto Maaya(D.Gray-man – Roufa, Ouran High School Host Club – Fujioka Haruhi, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE – Princess Tomoyo)

He is an absolutely adorable, emo-ish and funny brat. He always tries to find ways to make Sebastian’s work harder than it already despite the fact that Sebastian does his bidding for him. But then again, it’s understandable because Sebastian is a really sadistic person that tries to find ways to annoy Ciel as much as he can. I’m not sure about the anime but in the manga, Ciel’s past is unveiled to be hellish. After the murder of his parents as well as everyone in the Phantomhive manor(as well as his dog, Sebastian), Ciel was abducted and turned into a pet in the underworld of England. After getting various kinds of beating(I’m not sure if he was exposed to ‘that’ kind of torture), he lost faith in gods and that in turned summoned the demon(later he was called Sebastian Michaelis). He confesses that the reason he returned back to becoming the successor of Phantomhive was not to get revenge on his parents but to destroy the England underworld. The Phantomhive, for generations, had served under the queen as watchdogs that the society does not know of. If there is any mystery that involves unsolved cases of paranormal or underworld, the queen calls for Ciel to solve it and he does with any possible means available.

To my extreme delight, I found out Paku Romi-san was also a seiyuu in the anime. She took the role of Angelina Durless a.k.a Madam Red and an Older brother in episode 6. Madam Red was Ciel’s aunt on his mother’s side. She was also in love with Ciel’s father but her sister was faster than her but she loved her sister and she loved that man so it was okay at first. She married a man that she didn’t really love but he loved her and he didn’t mind the fact that she still couldn’t forget about ‘that man’. She soon got pregnant but got into an accident. Her husband died and she had to remove her womb as well. Shortly after recovering, she witnessed the Phantomhive manor burned to the ground, killing the two people she loved most and Ciel was also missing. In episode 7, she was killed after Ciel revealed her to be the culprit behind the mass murder of prostitutes in the case ‘Jack the Ripper’. She did it because she felt angry that the prostitutes were so willing to undergo operation to remove their undeveloped baby while she was stripped off the ability of producing babies. It was sad though because, despite her madness, she loved Ciel like her own son and to have Ciel finally work out she was behind the murder…well…it was sad.

I’m awaiting the continuation of the anime with hopes of seeing more Plue!
As for the manga, I want to know the truth about the circus as well as more info about Ciel and Sebastian’s past.

Reaching a New Age

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I turned a new chapter in life…
Helpless against time’s race
On 3rd January…
I had to face the reality that I was 18
While all my other dongsaengs of 1991 are still…
Though this…
I still feel like 15
A person my age should be outside
But taking my interest into account…
I should make something out of this life
Happy 18th Birthday, Aini.
On 2nd January…
The cake was already taken out
Unnie had bought chocolate cake
My favorite.
On it was the writing:
“Juhachi no Tanjoubi Omedeto”
Words that I chose
With festivity rivaling new years, I got my loudest and most memorable birthday song
With a stupid grin on my face…
My siblings…
My beloved siblings presented me with presents
I opened them with deliberate care
Ijah unnie and Hafiz
oppa gave me broches and a birthday card
Intan unnie gave me a fluffy pink handphone strap
Kerun unnie gave me a handphone pouch with a golden embroidery of the word ‘Princess’
Wahida-chan gave me a black wallet that I use now
After the celebration…
I took out a gift given long before 2009 arrived.
That person had given me a necklace as a birthday present
Fiza-chan gave a sweet e-card
And my young prince…
He wished me Happy Birthday.
Later on, Opah gave me pocket money that I have yet to use.
The best birthday present though…
…and most expensive…
Was eomma’s birthday present.
She paid for my driving lesson class as well as gave me my phone number
The amount, going above RM800…
It’s my most expensive birthday gift ever
I intend to do well with it.

Happy New Year

Let's get our old goals complete and our new goals started!
Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Saranghaneun uri Seongmin
Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Our Pumpkin...
Born in 1986...
He turns 23 today
Let's wish he has a great day today
In three days, I will also...

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