Nee-chan, I fail at poses so direct me a bit.
Better yet, link me a reference.

Rough Faces Don't Mean Rough Hearts

The other day Rieya-chan and I were out fishing for props for our assignment. It’s a music video for our audio-visual technique subject. Please await it!

Anyway, we found a few stuff for her hair and the like.

These are a few accessories she’ll be wearing. It’s not all. The attire we set up for her just for the video clip is pretty elaborate for two girls with thinning wallets. Haha. But we’re doing fine so far. Nee-san is letting me borrow a lot of her stuff and there has been overwhelming support from a lot of people.

Thank you for all the help and guidance. We’re both just bumbling girls trying to do our best for an assignment and we love what we do. Thank you so much for making it a happy memory for us.
Please continue to support us.

Well, we’re getting pretty off the beaten path
I’m supposed to know what that means, seriously.

Let’s get back to the subject of this entry.
Because I recently managed to get a sum of money, I wanted so much to spend a portion on a comic. So, I dragged Rieya-chan to Borders bookstore. The feeling of stepping into that place again really lifted my spirits! I love giant bookstores like that

Because the chance of buying a comic is slim nowadays for me, I wanted to buy something that would really entertain me. In the end, between Hoshino Katsura’s D.Gray-man and Sorachi Hideaki’s Gintama, I chose the more humorous one.
A few pages of that volume:

Why am I starting with the last page? Anyway, from this volume of Gintama, I got to see where the heck Kyube poked out of.

Despite Gintama ALWAYS making my arse fall off, it does have its serious and deep moments. It reminds you that Gintoki DOES have a heart under all that laziness.

Read by following the arrow
Okay, this part made me laugh quite hard – and I was in the bus to boot! For people who know nein Japanese, this might bewilder you a bit. Let me try to explain~
I’m still high because I managed to explain this to Rieya-chan.
As a lot of people might know, three in Japanese is san. So, to reply to Gintoki’s persistent questioning, he answers “Shochu san!” which is equivalent to “Shochu, three!” but in Japanese, “Shochu-san” can also be mistaken for “Mr. Shochu”. Get it?

Okay, will shut up now.

I can’t believe you, Kondo…and Danna…
Haaaa~ I still like reading that volume again and again and again…
Ah! But we still haven’t reached the reason for this entry. Yes, we haven’t reached it yet. No, Gintoki has nothing to do with a rough face or a rough heart.

Anyway, after grabbing Gintama off the racks, Rieya-chan asked to see the multimedia department in Borders. We randomly walked around, going through the fiction, non-fiction, photography, music, health, etc. We went through a bunch of racks, okay?
We browsed a bit in the IT section and that was when something hit me. There must be a History section around here!

So I went in search for the history department, somehow managing to lose Rieya-chan a couple of times.
Ah, how heavenly it was when I found it~ There were books about the Thirty Years War (it was so thick!), The Holy Roman Empire (I wanted to cry), the expansion and fall of the Rome Empire (This one was interesting) and lots more books that fans can relate to Hetalia. To my utter happiness, the books were arranged to fit their countries. Like Asians, America, Russia and Classic History. I immediately went to search for UK.

Yeah…let’s leave that to that.

I did get a bit confused though since Iggy’s section was kind of divided into two: The British and The UK. I can’t really remember the difference between United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British and England even though the France in Worldface explained it once. Agh…I wish I screencapped it.
Can anyone tell me the difference? Please and thank you.

So – now we get to the main subject of this entry – after having been disappointed at the price of a very interesting book on British people – imagine nyotalia America married and living with England at his house – I went in search of Feliciano’s section. To my utter dismay, the Italy section was on the topmost part of the shelf, right above Ivan – eh, I mean Russia.

I was so depressed! I stood on my tiptoes and I still couldn’t get it! After jumping a few times, I somehow managed to bump rather loudly and noticeably on the shelf. I immediately glanced around to see if there was anyone around. To make it worse, there WAS a guy sitting right behind me! If my face had been any fairer, you could possibly see my blush.

The guy glanced at me weirdly but said nothing. I apologized and sadly backed away from the shelf.
I wanted to cry, seriously! Not only was my most-looked-forward-to book was out of my reach, I had also made a fool of myself! Never before had I been so saddened by my lacking height than that day.

After backing away a few steps, I sadly stared at that book so very out of my reach. Suddenly, the guy’s handphone rang. He answered and stood up before reaching over and plucking the book off the shelf, still talking to his friend.
You can’t believe how shocked I was. I was completely frozen on the spot and barely managed to say thank you to him. The guy walked away after handing me the book.

I’m pretty sure the guy won’t be able to read this but thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading that book!

Yeah, so that’s the reason for this over-written post. If you’ve read to here, thank you. I don’t think I am quite capable of keeping others attention.
Please await more colourful entries like this!

I So Totally Can Draw Chibi...


Ugh...I wonder when I can devote some time to practice this style more.
The details aren't as refined as my other lined arts so I have to work harder
Chibitalia, France's arm (c) Himaruya Hidekazu

I dunno about you...but I like the second one more.
Both done in PaintTool SAI

I can draw chibi...just not that good.
Let's go cry together.
Tell me how to improve please

Contest aru ka?

A Sister Blog – with literal meaning, mind you – is hosting a contest with a grand prize of a Nokia E72 voucher worth RM100. For more information regarding that, you can read it in her blog: [My Great Life]

Of course I’d have a picture with her. She’s my sister
So, about her blog [My Great Life] which, in its earlier days sported a fangirl banner that looked like this:

I so totally know this – because I’m the one who did that banner for her

Has now developed a more confident and self-indulgent air. Self-obsessed, meh. Same thing. The one thing I have recently liked about it is her quirky senses and funny lines.

The time I don’t like it is when she’s having problems with some bloody idiot and posting emo somethings that probably ruined some kind-hearted follower’s day. It hasn’t been happening recently and lets hope the fun entries continue for a while.

An irking quality that is both humorous and bothersome to me is her entry naming ability. She says it’s a trend to attract readers; I call it down right deceiving people. Thus far, it seems, I’m the only one troubled by this so it’s probably a lost cause right from the beginning.
But of course. To rub salt on my scarred skin

The good qualities of the blog – as I’ve felt that I’ve badmouthed it enough – is that she sometimes writes stirring and motivational entries. She also recounts the wonderful experiences she has been able to go through. She has met people whose names you’ve read off of newspaper and did things that are not only beneficial to her. To have her share those experiences with us – people who probably would never be able to get that chance – is a blessing in a written disguise.

The good things don’t only stop there. My Great Life is a really good and lovable place to stop by and be inspired by. Thankfully, she does not really rely on bad sarcasm to make her posts interesting – something that I’ve sadly noted to be a trend among other bloggers. You can be funny, just don’t be mean about it.

About the owner of the blog: Najmie – often I respectfully call Kak kerun or mention on my blog as nee-chan – is a very outgoing and interesting person. She’s probably like a vibrant piece of cloth that even if you want to ignore, will always call for your attention. In person, she has an aura that never cease to make me obey her, albeit grudgingly. She’s strong – both physically and mentally. As for emotionally; well, she’s still a woman no matter how you look at it.

She has a lot of influence on me and perhaps ever since I was a child, still crawling to remember the multiplication table, I have looked up at her as a role-model. Maybe it was the way she seemed to demand respect and her confidence was so overwhelming that I was swept away.

So far, I think I have given a biased opinion. She’s my sister sharing the same blood. I both love and hate her. Like every one of my siblings, she is special and I want everyone to love and recognize that.
Best of luck [My Great Life]!

Aini's Tiring and Totally Random Midterm Week!

My midterm examination schedule was actually something like this:
3rd April – Audio-visual Technique and Malaysian Studies
4th April – Academic Reading & Writing II
5th April – Scriptwriting and Multimedia Design Principles

But I’m gonna elaborate on those later. First, we go back to a few weeks prior, when I was still an excited girl, thinking,

That dream was soon killed by Ms. Xuan’s innocent exclamation of

You can imagine my reaction

Yeah, sorry for my fail Japanese. It’s saying ‘ZetsuboushitaAAA’

Ms. Xuan. Sweet, strict, all-smiles Ms. Xuan who made my Hetalia-ness escalate because she’s from China, decided to make a replacement class on that study week holiday. I can’t imagine skipping her class
Yeah right.
Especially since she said

Actually, there were TWO replacement classes. On Monday and Wednesday so I basically had to forget any ideas of returning home at anytime during that study week for it just wasn’t worth it to return only for a few days. Tickets were expensive no matter how you look at it.
After class, I immediately called nee-san.

Consequentially, nee-san had planned to buy the ticket once she finishes class that day. It was pretty late and I was nearly afraid that she had already bought it.
Nearly, because if she had, I’d have no reason to stay in KL
Sadly, she hadn’t yet so I despairingly told her

Wait, what?
No, I told her that I couldn’t return home and she should buy her own ticket. We messaged later and she asked who I was going to stay with and I said Rieya-chan and she was like

Yeah, duh.
Turns out okaa-san won’t let her return if I was all alone here in KL. Since Rieya-chan and I went through all sorts of hell together this sem, she was also going to the replacement class so I would be bunking in her place. That eased nee-san I guess.
Didn’t ease me though.
Later that night, nee-san happily told me

That feeling of slapping someone silly has never grown so big.
The least she could do to ease my despairing heart was tell me that without such a big goofy grin on her face.
The next day though, I got a call from someone I didn’t really expect. It was nee-chan.
She called and asked me,

You cannot imagine how happy I was.

She told me I needed to do something in order to be able to go and I needed to do it the next day.
So on that fine and blisteringly hot Friday, Rieya-chan, who was urged to go out on a spur, and I began our journey earlier than usual. It took a good hour to get what I needed before we made our way to the appointed place.

Appointed place being the Astro building somewhere near Stadium Bukit Jalil.
I seriously have never gone that far in KL by public transport.
And I didn’t even know Bukit Jalil was listed as one of the LRT stops on the Star Line.
S-sama, who had been a great help to get those tickets
-I’m sorry. As it was a request from the great Okaa-san, I cannot disclose about the event here-
Had actually told me something startling as I was just about to begin my journey.

Yes, that meager amount startled me so much. When you’re a student in KL, particularly learning in a private university, every cent counts. PTPTN and MARA be damned. Especially PTPTN
Plus, I was paying for Rieya-chan.
Because I was the one asking her to go with me, I felt bad if she had to pay a sum of money for something that had nothing to do with her. I could only swallow thickly as I waited for my wallet to thin.
It never came.
We flagged down a metered cab once we reached the bus stand at Jalil Hill Stadium (lolz for translation) and I told the taxi driver to ‘bring me to Astro’. I think it was a pretty obscure address but thankfully he understood.
I was in awe (both in shock and amazement) when we reached the building. It turns out,

If he was actually Berwald a.k.a Sweden, I would’ve hugged him but he wasn’t so I didn’t.
I did what I had to do and later, Rieya and I returned.
And in the end, we missed the day’s lecture.
The next day, on that very busy Saturday, Rieya-chan and I – you’re gonna be hearing a lot of her in this entry - went to Low Yatt to get our laptop fixed. There was worry that the trip would wear me down because I had a big event that night but we went and did it too. I ain’t young for nothin’

Sadly, I can’t elaborate more about the event so I’ll have to cut that part.

Nee-chan spent the night over at my hostel and

The following morning, we went back to Low Yatt to install Adobe Master Collection. Rieya-chan looked really awesome when she managed to talk the guy into installing it for free on both of our laptops.
Nee-chan departed back to Kedah on the day and I said my goodbyes to her at Berjaya TS

She definitely is my own version of Prussia-sama
Nothing interesting happened after that as I was waiting for Monday to come.
Oh, but I managed to learn to play around in Adobe Premier.
Replacement class turned out to be quite okay and she most definitely gave tips. Everything was,

When we returned home, I told Rieya-chan that I’d bunk in hers that night and we separated at the lift. Once evening started rolling in though, my body felt uneasy and my temperature rose. The major indication of a fever coming down was my runny nose. So, I texted her to tell her I couldn’t come for fear of infecting her innocent self with my untimely germs. She tried to reason with me that it wasn’t safe staying home alone but I was adamant.
A runny nose was

No matter how you look at it.
The next day, I spent most of my morning lying in bed. It wasn’t such a good Tuesday for me and when evening rolled by, I got very hungry. Rieya-chan texted me that evening to invite me to her house since all her housemates have also gone home. I relented but also asked if she could accompany me to the night market. You could tell from her face that she felt sorry when she saw me in my dreadful state.
Every few minutes she’d ask, “Are you okay?” to which I lied.
Wednesday and Thursday passed with us locking ourselves in Rieya-chan’s house. I didn’t find out until that Sunday that our Wednesday replacement class had actually been cancelled.
Friday morning of the 26th of March began with a healthy me. The only remaining illness was my cough and I was jolly all over again.
No more sleeping for hours and feeling like there wasn’t enough sun! Thank you God! Thank you Rieya-chan! Thank you coolfever and Maggi’s Instant Porridge!
Ah, thanks okaa-san for the moral support!

That Saturday, I returned home and cleaned around a bit. Nee-san was returning that day. Gradually, so were the others.
Nothing worth mentioning happened that weekend. The midterm atmosphere was around but with all the classes I had, I barely felt it. Rieya-chan kept asking if I had opened my textbooks and I did become troubled for a while because I barely did. I tried though, that should earn me a few points on hard work.
So, back to that Wednesday; A-kun told me she was going to give me the script for our Scriptwriting class. When I met up with her, it was like I was seeing Alfred a.k.a America-san sick.

The thing is, A-kun is pretty loud and proud and she’s also a technical kind of person. There wasn’t a day in class that you don’t get to hear her voice at some point. She also has a lot of absurd ideas sometimes.
To put it softly, I was amazed.
She gave me the sickleave memo to give to Ms. Xuan and told me to come pick up my pendrive after class. She had yet to finish the script at that time.
So, Rieya-chan and I made our way to Ms. Xuan’s Audio-visual Technique class and she taught us how to edit videos inside Adobe Premier. She also asked to see the photovideo she told us to do as our third assignment. I was the only one who showed.
Here’s a few screencaps of my Hetalia-cosplay photovideo:

click to view larger
I used a hell lot of transitions and every single technique she taught and some. Because I chose the song ‘From Y to Y’ by Hatsune Miku, I did subtitles – something I actually figured out by myself because we hadn’t covered that part yet.
I didn’t know how to make the title cover in Adobe Premier so I used Illustrator instead.
My hard work earned me a 10/10.
You can’t imagine how proud I felt

Rieya-chan wanted to show hers and I, myself, wanted to see it since she’s been having trouble with Adobe Premier since forever. Turns out she forgot about the ‘source folder’. We were both really disappointed and she felt embarrassed throughout the whole class.
After that, I went back to A-kun to get my pendrive back. Along with it, she gave me the Celtx software, something to make scriptwriting much easier.
Thursday passed with a short Malaysian Studies quiz. Everything asked on that quiz was in our midterm exam. Rieya-chan and I were thrilled to have this ‘shortcut’
Shows how awesome our lecturer is.
I also took a look at Aina’s script and imported it into Celtx before doing a full editing to turn it into a celtx script format. The work felt kind of awesome. Here’s what the software looks like:

click to view larger
Okay, it needs major help. I so totally know but it’s not like I have movie scriptwriters as BFFs
That is my part actually. I wrote it.
A-kun wrote everything above it. If you read the entire script, it actually feels kind of like this:

In which, Rieya-chan is Iggy, A-kun is America and I’m the China with a laptop.
Yes, a laptop and it’s not even going to be mine.
And yes, pocong shuffle. Just because A-kun has seen it on youtube.
Okaa-san isn’t going to be proud

I’m supposed to be the one in charge of doing the camera shots. In our notes, that’s actually the job of the director. In other words, I’m unofficially the script director of this film.
So far, A-kun is most DEFINITELY our producer. She’s taking care of everything. From the casting, to the equipments and she’s even asking a friend to ask for permission to film on the bus.
She’s our HERO!
I feel really bad since she’s a really busy person and to top it off, she’s not feeling well. She fixes people’s laptops as a side job and is also in the MPP. To top it off, all the other assignments we have to do. It’s really a lot. Even I’m barely getting through my studies at the moment!
Enough about her, let’s get to the Friday after that.
Our last day before midterms start!

Oh kay…I’m actually pretty tired already from all the writing and prompt drawing.
So, TBC at the next entry. =3=
Note that the drawings in this entry are all done in SAI paintool. Ugh, I'm gonna go despair

Gimme a Link

I wanted to start the post-midterm entry with the stress that overcame me during, well, midterms but I'll get to that later.

For know,

--ck. Damnit.

Someone gimme a link to watch Hetalia: World Series episode 1 and 2 and I'll devote an hour to write about how awesome you are in relation to Hetalia.

Wait...I found it.
Nevermind, I take it back.

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