Happy Eidl Adha!

So yesterday, every muslim around the world celebrated Aidul Adha.
I hope everyone had a wonderful and motivating day!
This entry was to just wish everyone a good raya~!

but somehow...

I felt like showing some pictures I recently got around to edit of the time I went out with my sisters. It was around 2 weeks ago?
Gosh so long ago.
Here it is:-

Last 14th November, I went to the Anime Hanabi Festival at Berjaya Times Square, having been informed by ShiroiNeko-san. By the way, I saw her but was too much of a coward to go any closer. Admission was RM2 and my sisters and I, a total of 4 people, got in.
Above picture are two Reborn cosplayers.
They were the only one I was brave enough to ask a photo with since I was amazed that I'd find Reborn cosplayers there.
*fangirl squeal*
I was pretty nervous about going in and felt pretty lonely because I was the only one who got excited about stuff like this.
Everyone was pretty friendly enough, I guess.
I kept in mind what behindinfinity had mentioned about convention ethiques and all that.
But really, I felt like screaming my lungs out.

With Tamaki-senpai cosplayer.
Gosh, he seemed pretty classy and friendly and really reminded me of the real Tamaki-senpai.
I swear, I could imagine pink roses around him.
I don't have much motivation to edit all the other cosplayers I took pictures with. I guess they will remain memories

I did see Cardcaptor Sakura, Yamato-sensei from Naruto, Itachi and Sage Naruto. My sisters chased after an FFX Riku cosplayer and we took pictures with her outside.
I couldn't spend much time in there since we had actually planned to spend the day with Uncle S.
I didn't feel any regret about leaving the convention since Uncle S was such a great company.
I hope I'll get to go to the Anime Fiesta this December!
The next day, I didn't have a chance to visit Anime Hanabi Festival again sadly because we were in a tight schedule, having planned to pay Midvalley a visit.

Lol, I gave this picture a title like, Rows of Flower.
Before going to Midvalley, Aneki and nee-chan helped haul our stuff back to our place and we found Anje watching Winter Sonata by herself. Alone.
So we decided to take her out too.

Nee-chan on the tren to Bandaraya station.

I underestimated my body's physical abilities and ended up feeling preety wrong in the stomach when we were wondering around MidValley.
My period pains acted up and it was hell on the loose for me.
The place was freakishly cold so nee-chan gave me gloves to wear and Aneki spoon-fed me pattaya fried rice, which didn't taste that good in all actuality.
The Midvalley journey was actually quite a long and regretful journey but we made it home and that enough is something to be thankful about.
Oh, and I did a new meme
APH: Micronation Meme by ~feshnie on deviantART-
Getting quite used to the tablet~

KLMU Haz Internetz Nao!

Italy and Germany.
Giftart for this kawaii imouto at DevArt
Align Center
WTF? There's free WI-FI at KLMU?
Since when?


DevArt got banned!!!
What's the point in accesing internet if I can't open DevArt?!
Well, to write my blog of course!

But I've, like, got nothin' to say now.
There's a bunch of people around. Makes me nervous and everything.
Oh! I just remembered something.
I did this last night just as a small tribute from a fan

Yuujin-sshi from Winter Sonata.
It looks like her dammit!
...and isn't chibi!Korea cute? He's saying [WINTER SONATA originated from me!]
and for once, he ain't lying.

I drew it at, like 12AM and so colouring sucks like something I dun want to mention.

Eversince Kak Long saw WS anime episode 1, she's been wanting to re-watch the drama again.
Mind you, the anime is like waaaaay different from the drama.
I get this feeling, watching the anime, that it's a conspiracy to increase the sale rate of the Drama CDs
I mean, to those who've seen the anime,
don't you think it sucked kind of
well....a lot?
It was like...for nostalgic purposes or something.
Of course I get excited when I see JunSang but YuuJin was a great disappointment. I mean, she wasn't as cute as I thought was possible and the anime felt very stiff overall.

enough rant about the anime. Must give it some credit since I still get to hear sexy Bae YoungJun's voice.
Kak Long and nee-san have been re-watching it since nee-san had the WS Drama boxset thingy.
I...was just not interested.
I mean, I watched a bit if I pass by or I'm bored, which rarely happens, but I just don't feel the utmost interest to sit down and watch.
Anje watched as well, but mostly on her own.

Oh, last Saturday...
before going on a hunt for WI-FI,
This happened

click to enlarge

Sorry about the horrible handwriting.
And as last note,
I'm really bummed with assignments. I'm finally taking it seriously.
Not like I never...I just procrastinate.

I hope Alang returns so I can borrow her broadband and submit my second giftart,
Spain and Romano
Meh, this one didn't turn out so well but I worked hardest on this than on the Italy and Germany one.

BTW, all images in this entry was drawn using that drawing tablet.

I wanna go home

Frogs Should Never be Licked!

sfx: Basa---n!!
which, by the way, I don't know what it means but the picture is cute.
Focus on the picture! The picture!
And as an addition to my weird entry title; even if you want to know if it's poisonous or not, just don't lick them!
Tsuna pile!

Here's just telling everyone I'm taking weekday break from all forms of assignment.
It's breaking my head and I'm still constantly thinking about how to get around to making it out of thin air.
Ok, complete lie there.
I still have a few resources that I will just have to live with.
Agh! Stop thinking about the assignment!
[Yamete aru, jibun!]
trans: Stop, oneself!
Chill already!

Yes, tomorrow, on my, hopefully, first eventful weekday since a while, I want to go out with my siblings who managed to gather together in Aneki's in-laws' house and the generous uncle who has helped me so much in the past and is still helping us with a lot of things.
[Domo arigatou gozaimashita, jii-san]
A few days ago, Aneki arrived in KL and spent loving time with her husband until last Tuesday when we had finally sought each other to meet generous Uncle S (as nee-chan dubs him in her blog)
Last Tuesday, after having an eventful and limb challenging day in the National Zoo, we had agreed to making KLCC our meeting point.
I'm not going to elaborate much on that but I just want to mention that,
Dear Uncle S,
Thank you for the dinner and supper that night! And the presents!

He's such a funny man and down-to-earth. Did I mention he was generous? and funny?
Ah, I still can't stop thanking him deep down.
I feel like,
if I were to ask more from him, it would make me feel very embarrassed. What he has already given, I will treasure so much.
Even though it was such a short meeting in Berjaya TS, he bought us -confidential information- and gave -confidential information- and even paid for -confidential information-!
*manly tears*
BTW, confidential information does not contain disturbing or inappropriate content. To those who have placed their heads into the gutter, please carefully take it out again.
Out of all he did tonight, -confidential information- was the one that brought me to tears. Because of the slight financial epidemic nee-san and I were facing at the moment because of childish over-spending, we were both really grateful he had -confidential information- to us to help lessen our burden.
Okaa-san had also been awed by what Uncle S had done.
I don't think just 'Thank you' could cover up this overwhelming sense of gratitude I have for him.
I really do wonder what tomorrow brings.
As a closing note to this unexpectedly long entry,
I had planned to make it shorter
This is Animal-box Hibari. So cute.
is short for a stick man on his knees in despair

Spirit Holder promo?

I worked all night over this promotional idea!
So here it is.
For my Spirit Holder movie promo item,
I'm doing a file
Here's the front cover:

Here's the back cover:

...and this one is the spine.

I hope it's not so easy to tell but I photoshopped a lot of things. The comparison between the actual picture of Bonnie Wright is mostly like this.

Now that, my friend, is red-haired.
I seem to always overdo my photoshopping
Gotta fix on that soon
Now, about that website, can anyone help me choose?
Onwards to the keychain design!

Lasting Desires

My messaging abilities! Please come back
Here, tearing up because celcom won't let her send sms
Align CenterLove for you, my family!
Lately, I've been pondering and reciting it in my head.
My 2012 wishlist!
1- A drawing tablet
2- To buy okaa-san a new camera

2012, because...
I'll probably be able to collect some money by then
or maybe get a part time job
(if i have the backbone for it T^T)

As for the second item on my wishlist...
That's because out of all the digital cameras I've used up till now, nothing tops okaa-san's. Of course, Hafiz-san's camera is absurdly cool to hold but only certain atmosphere appears to my liking
As for okaa-san's digital camera, I just love most of the images that is produced from it!
So, that's why, one day...
I hope if she gets a new one, she'd consider letting me inherit that digital camera.
I consider it a nice dream.

I'm really bummed with a load of assignments. I have a presentation to prepare by this end of November
To add to that,
I have 3
image manipulation assignments to get done in 6 weeks
1 - my assignment portfolio
2 - my movie promotional item
3 - my web layout

The hardest is, of course, doing a web layout.
It's not just doing one simple menu.
No, it's making a whole book of layout from the frontpage down to the feedback page.
I haven't actually figured out what kind of website I should do.
I have a few ideas. Which do you think is best?
1 - A website on lolita fashion
2 - Cosparty website - for the cosplay magazine I did last sem
3 - A movie website for Spirit Holder - to go along with my portfolio's theme

Truth be told, I'm not really favouring the third option very much since a movie website is probably not as complex as the other two but I'd like to know what others think.
Please help me, ok?
I need an idea by this Wednesday to come up with a small proposal for my lecturer.

Something I finally got around to finishing
It's human sized chibitalia. I used the same re-lining technique that I used on the fanart of Japan and Italy.
Meh...didn't turn out to my liking
Another thing to add to the many reasons I desire a drawing tablet

I found this while researching on elegant gothic lolita dress last night.
I so hope I can find something like this one day!
It's so pretty
(the gloves, not the accesories)
Lol, should I add it to my wishlist?
Busy November ahead

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