Petronas Bridge Adventures!!

On the 13th of June (as stated in most of the pictures present) Aneki and her husband brought me to the Petronas Twin Tower

Even around 7.30AM, there was already a lot of people lining up for the ticket.
The pic above, was sometime after Hafiz-oppa decided the toilet was a good excuse to abandon ship and get out of line so that all three of us didn't take over unnecessary space that could have been used by other people.
Well, that and the fact that he wasn't planning to get on the bridge.
Shigoto, shigoto.

With hours to pass before the ticket counter opened, Aneki felt that this time was best filled with taking pictures.
It was a tiring book to carry around and I am slightly miffed that even through the slow traffic, she had barely read two pages.

The reluctant poser: me
I really wasn't in the mood for pictures.
Aneki put all her heart into pouting though so I gave in and did a half-hearted pose
Looks good.

The preliminary ticket
What? No, I don't know what it's called. You just get it if you behave once the line starts moving.

Hafiz-oppa randomly took photos from a less busy sight.
The line was already moving at this time.

Random snap of Aneki. She looks good in this one.

Gosh, Was I looking at something disturbing somewhere above his shoulder?
I definitely have the face for it

Tickets! YATTA!

The black pass they let us wear matches so well with my attire that day that it made me feel proud.
*beams happily*

Photoshop would've made this look better
This is when Aneki was disturbing my information collecting to take a rather random picture of me.
The sun seems to be at the wrong places.

Here is Aneki trying to magically stop the traffic.
I'd give up yullen if she'd managed that from where we were.

Aneki posing.
Gyu~ gomen ne, Aneki. I wasn't really feeling like a photographer that day.

Blurry view.

Yosh, this is what the blurry view wouldda look like.
It gives a nicer feeling when viewed in real life.

Lighting sucks. View was great but hidden
*looks away guiltily*

Thinking of what to eat for dinner.
Aneki had nice perspective that day.

World peace, yo!

Aneki looks like she's about to lecture some random brat.

Hmm...maybe I'll have somwthing light for dinner.
Oh look! Tourists!

For randomness sake, here's Super Junior's Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun:-

It...doesn't have anything to do with the post but...just for randomness sake

That looks like such a half-hearted peace sign.

I felt awkward getting my picture snapped by this guy working there but he offered to take a number of photos of us.

This turned out as the best out of the three that the guy took.
Maybe we should've imitated the Gee dance or something.
I felt so awkward that it shows.

The sign that Aneki wanted
"PETRONAS Twin Towers Skybridge Visit"
I was so reluctant to give

The blurry peace that Aneki managed to snap before I hopped off the escalator.

Dunkin Donuts!
Please ignore the completely disturbing mannequin in black at the right corner of this picture.

Burgers iz dinnerz!

"Did they properly chopped and mince the meat?"
Here's me in deep contemplation

The day had been long
We didn't just go to the skybridge. I'll update the other day's activities in another post
It's rude to take pictures of people sleeping


20th June 2009

Saturday – Today marks the 14th day since we gathered in this house. There’s nothing specifically significant about the whole event but it marks 2 weeks of us being able to tolerate each other.

The feeling is good, unlike the time I was in my high school’s hostel last year. Everyone is just getting to know each other and there are no particular two close people yet at the moment so everyone can mix just as well.

As for me, I’m having fun not being too reserved as I had been last year. I know okaa-san had said to be careful and remain the ‘me’ that is observant and speaks less but the image I had presented on the first day somewhat does not allow me to do that. When my kazoku had left the condominium, leaving me to tend to my things, I had actually approached the people in the house.

Yes, I approached them.

As incredulous as it is, as I know the ‘me’ of last year would have gaped for an hour at the mere thought, it is true. I do hope I presented a warm first impression to them before they figured out I’m a clumsy character from lala-land. It doesn’t help to boost confidence but it does fill me with warmth if I can manage to make them laugh though I think I’m starting to worry them a lot with all my banging into random stuff. My cutesy act is, sadly, starting to become old but it’s an old habit so they’ll have to live with it.

The other seven people who are living with me are tolerable so far. I did have a massive breakdown before (as I’m quite sure everyone still remembers) but I think I’ve somehow figured them a bit. I’ve only just got to know them for less than a month so there are still a lot of things I need to learn about them.

In age chronological order, the oldest is Kak Amy who is the only one taking degree. She’s 23 and I had mistakenly thought was already married because she kept calling her beloved ‘husband’. She’s already gone through the marriage course and really waiting to get married. She might’ve heard of the “keep saying it and it’ll happen” method/theory. I wouldn’t know. She’s the most decent of us all and really resembles an ahjumma most of the time. I’ve already grown certain affection for her who fills me with the warmth of an older sister.

The second would be Kak Anis, 21. Originally, she didn’t really approve of me calling her ‘kak’ since she’s very toddler-like and has the stubbornness of a hormone-driven teenager. I can’t help feeling rude if I don’t call her by that suffix so I just went on with it. I got reprimanded by her in the beginning but with persistence that I grew up with, I kept on calling her kak until she grew to accept it. When I call out, “Kak Anis! Kak Anis!” she’ll turn to me. Somehow, I’m filled with a proud feeling. She really is a fun character and she’s taking physiotherapy. I’m planning to learn something from her. Oh, she's also starting to call me "dik"

The third is Farah, also 21. She’s one of the three culinary arts students in this house. My kazoku only got to properly meet her when they sent me so I think they only know her from all my other housemates. Somehow, I can keep on living not calling her ‘kak’. I don’t know how that happened but she said on the first day not to call her kak. Maybe it’s her young face and babyish voice that made me able to not feel too guilty. Oh well. Farah, after hearing a lot of her thoughts and opinions, I figured is best to be left to her own devices. Her opinions of unique strangers are strictly speaking quite cruel if written. Out of all of us, I think she’s the most homophobic. I can’t actually say she discriminates people as on the front, she tolerates them well. In summary, I will try to present a good image in front of her as much as I can.

Fourth is another Anis who is currently 19. I nickname her ‘Anis Karat’ as her hair is astoundingly rusty straw coloured. It’s rather rude; I do realize that but it doesn’t help since she doesn’t actually serve in clearing her image. She is rarely at home and when she is, she spends it in her room doing god-knows-what. When she doesn’t have classes, she’ll leave home to spend the night at a friend’s house. At one point in time, we thought she might just have trouble socializing but even when effort had been placed in pulling her to join us, she declines. Amidst her rather un-striking hair, I think she has a friendly enough face as she smiles to us rather unreservedly. It kind of reminds me of myself last year, like a duck among chickens. Or a black sheep among white ones. But, like I stated, she doesn’t help fit herself with us so we’re all more or less just tolerating at the moment. As long as she pays her share in the rent.

The fifth would be me since I’m the oldest out of all the other 18-year-old housemates so let’s leave it to that.

The third youngest is probably Sal, I’m not sure as I’ve forgotten her birth date. Well, it’s either her or Yana so let’s just get to know Sal in my P.O.V. She’s a B-bloodtype. I’m absolutely certain. Reckless and too brave and the only one without a special someone. She scares the crap of me sometimes but she’s entirely open and friendly. She’s not afraid to express her thoughts and she’s a rough version of Nee-chan, who although takes taekwando still has a cutesy side in her. This makes me apprehensive of her at times.

Yana, who owns the softest voice out of all of us, is also 18. We, who brashly laugh like males from Texas, lose to her gentler one. It shames me a bit but she seems more well-mannered than me. She claims to be brought up in the more city part of Kelantan and has a lesser knowledge of her own dialect. Kind of reminds me of myself but she’s still more knowledgeable in her own dialect than I am in my own dialect. To me she seems to have been brought up in a good family but slightly corrupted by the times and the hormones. As long as she sticks to her own principles and teachings, I’m sure she’ll be such a sweet mother someday.

The last on the list and youngest out of us all is Alisya. She refers to herself as Lisya but somehow people start calling her Alisya and everyone is caught up. She, who casually walks out with sleeveless and a miniskirt kind of irks me at the hypocriticism of claiming herself a muslim but her B-bloodtype personality, which is far more friendly than Sal’s rough one, calls people to befriend her. I’m not the type to discriminate much so I’m on good terms and planning to stay that way. She’s a good person and is a valuable experiment to observe human behaviour. A kind of corrupted one but still good. She’s near lovable if only she’d orally control her tone of speech.

All in all, they’re all a bunch of good people in my mind and I’m pretty grateful that I have them as housemates rather than more nasty type of people.

Recollections of an older day

Random Post!!!

Before that, let's enjoy this totally random old pic of me watering the plant.

Hoho, yeah~ I so totally photoshoped the background
It looks more mysterious this way.

I actually wanted to recount my journey in the past three days with Aneki but I forgot to ask Aneki for the USB cable for my phone so I've got no images to go along with my narration.
That is that, so let's enjoys these old pics from my phone:-

My room!
News flash! Okaa-san spring cleaned it so it might look to be a bit different now.

Nee-san and Nee-chan at their expo in penang.
Aneki thought there was something on her screen when she saw those stickers on nee-san's face. She even troubled herself to wipe it.

At KLMU's office level.
I'll be visiting this place a lot from now on.

At SMIDEC's building
...I think.
It was really difficult to get the whole building but with my photography skillz, I rock!

A few shops on the way home.
One of them says: "Chew Skin Specialist Clinic"
I was internally laughing my ass off at the rather clear misunderstanding.

Block B.
The girls' shrine.

Group 3: United
My orientation group that didn't work out in the end.
The boy in black actually looks like a member of 2PM in real life.
Now that I think about it, there's a lot of people who look like korean artists here.
There's a Zhoumi(though he's chinese) lookalike in KLCC.
I saw a shorter version of SHINee's Lee Minho in Citrus Hotel.
Yesterday, Aneki and I saw a local version of Seo In Young.
Though it's unrelated, Hafiz-ani pointed out a girl who looks like Final Fantasy's Yuna

The fries tower that I built when I went out to eat with Aneki's in-laws. This one is the second try out of four if I'm not mistaken.
The first one was leaning tower of fries but it didn't hold up long enough for me to take a picture of it.
That's all for now, probably.

The Life Awaited and Awaiting

Text Color
Gahaha~ if Kanda says this to me, I'll slump from my chair and eat my dinner under the table.
Random animanga update:
I bought D.Gray-man volume 12!
*fangirl squeal*

Yatta minna!!!

*goes crazy*
I've so missed you so much that every waking hour was spent thinking how I could improve my graphic abilities.
It's partially true.
Partially, because I think of other stuff too. It's impossible for me to be concentrated on one thing for too long. My mind won't make it. Kekeke.

I'm not sure if this entry will be a long and draggy one as I'm just spontaneously writing down my thoughts. So be prepared.
Like most people around me know, recently I moved to my country's capital city to further my studies. I'm taking a multimedia-oriented course so I'll be facing a lot of monitors in the future. I can already tell that it's a hard and exciting road in front of me.
The me that is currently writing this has still not gain confidence in her own work so I want to improve myself to the point where I'll be able to show some random stranger my artworks and beam proudly when my art is complimented.
This is a feat for me. It truly is.
I have low self-confidence and I have seen art and works whose qualities are a hundred times much better than me. Aiming low has already become impossible for me. If I still can't reach that point where I can stand on the same stage, the same level, as those whose works impressed the hell out of me, I won't be satisfied.
Reaching that very goal is the biggest challenge I'm facing.
Transportation difficulties, roommate behaviors, daily needs, the dog that is tied outside every morning; those challenges are very slight.
Though the dog really makes me worried.
I will do my best in the future.
I'm sorry for constantly worrying everyone. Please bear with me.

Living here, in this big concrete jungle, has been very eye-opening to me.
Various kinds of people live all around the world but somehow, the slight differences in them around me, becomes more prominent the longer I stay here.
The facilities provided by my hostel is still in progress so I don't have much reason to stay home and get down to drawing. My elbows hurt from pressing on the mattress for too long when I draw on the bed. My feet also start losing blood when I hold it in the air, having to reduce my body length to accommodate the bed. The study table has yet to arrive but the warden has taken note of this. Thankfully.
Currently, I'm attempting to get to know the city much better so that I know where to find the stuff I want. I might not remember them by name but when I walk down the path, I'll know where to head to.
Since my transportation is just my legs, the bus and LRT, I'm thinking I won't be able to show okaa-san around if she comes here. Huhu~

Just to soothe okaa-san's feelings, I'm eating well. The food I consume isn't junk mostly. Sal, a roommate, even mistakenly thougth I am forbid from eating maggi so no one is sharing it with me.
Oh well.
I've also refused offers of bread and milo in the morning. I'm eating biscuits to get some energy to hold till lunch. I'm drinking lots of water and spend above RM5 every day for meals.
I'm missing home, trust me.

Last Night at Home

*smiles* just too cute -///-

Is the last night I'll be spending at home before I leave for KL.
I don't even have suitable words to explain the feelings I have in me.
So I won't.
Things are packed. Well, about 80% atleast.
My room is slightly clean.
I'm hoping to be able to sleep early tonight considering we have to leave early tomorrow.

Random Fact!
When I am deprived of sleep, I lose my appetite
When I oversleep, I gain my appetite.
Isn't that just normal?

NekoNeko-chi made me join a new anime fandom:

Hetalia: Axis Powers
It's teaching about world history actually.
With lots of laughter and cuteness

Oh kya~
I like Japan but I have a certain adoration for UK because of his seiyuu, Sugiyama Noriaki.
I dislike Sasuke though but his voice makes me feel the tingles.
It's not exactly like Romi Paku (btw, she's also a seiyuu in this series) but he's a man yet his voice is something not too manly but has a high attitude to it.
Hmm, how can I explain it better?
Oh well.
Imouto-chan likes German

In the Drains

There's a few kittens outside the house.
They ate a rodent's inners for breakfast today
Mom should be happy we're down one mouse
They live in the pipe hole so I guess it's ok.
Sucking at Rhymes
Align Center

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