Just a quickie entry to show the photos that I had edited yesterday.

since the news is out, I guess it's already okay to post this

When I first bought the Vongola Family Song Carnival CD
See~ nappo!
Ciaossu~ ciaossu~

Yesterday's outing to Secret Recipe

I also managed to finish colouring this and submitted it as a deviation in DevArt
I still haven't gathered all photos yet

The Sights Today 3

To Aneki, who could not spend this year's raya with us,
Happy Birthday!
Tanjoubi Omedeto~

I hope you celebrated it with a lot of thankfulness and prosperity

And so!
Third Day of Raya!
How has everyone around the world spent it?
I hope you spent it well.
As for my family and I,
we have been up to great adventures!
Going from house to house, this year is like our own little halloween
Okaa-san was adamant to cover up for the two years worth of raya that we spent on Aneki's engagement and wedding.
Okaa-san's pursuits has been most beneficial to us
[Arigatou na, okaa-san...ore-tachi hetare desuka? Gomen dearu]

This time around, I decided to rely mostly on the level than on blurring and image focusing.
So that you'll know it's not all photoshop.
I decided I'd limit the amount of editing so that I would gain more confidence on the actual act of 'capturing' than on 'editing'
I'm not a pro manipulator at the moment so a lot of things are still difficult for me.
Please bear with it for a while
I will work harder in the future

I wonder if Nee-san will notice that I've reddened her nails.
Sorry, I was practicing on the burn tool.

It's glowing a bit too much around the head. I still have bad mouse control.
I seriously like how this turned out and we really hadn't expect to see this vibrant little pest wondering around the garden

I played around with the levels only. It's glowing healthily, isn't it?
[kore wa mada mada desukedo]

This young kit had been resting peacefully in the drain when I spotted it.
It was such a great coincidence.
I've always wanted to take a picture like this but I couldn't have given it my all for fear that I might scare the kitten away.
It was already curious as to why a camera lense was flashing its way.

Finally, a picture with me in it. Courtesy of nee-chan.

This one was pretty random but I guess if you want it to express a message it can.
I used a bit gradient in here and tried to make the orange stand out.
I don't think I managed too well but I'll live.
I only felt like editing up to this pic so below are original pictures that depend solely on my skills as a photographer
...if I have any...

this last one was taken by nee-chan. I was actually feeling a bit sick.

today, for me...
was actually quite dreadful since I did a mistake and it messed badly with my head
I had felt really nauseous for quite some time.
Unlike yesterday, we were only able to go crazy with taking pictures at one house
but a gorgeous one
and I missed my chances at other places. By the time I was feeling like my old crazy self, we were already heading home.

Random fangirl rant:
Awesome math is: 69+27=96
Tomorrow, shopping adventure!
and the possibility of seeing Aneki again

The Sights Today 2

Today was very tiring so I don't feel like elaborating
Even when I tempered with some photos on ps, I lost my mood and the quality of the image that I had been aiming for had decreased. My eyes are turning bad.
Being the forgetful me, I had managed to leave my phone home.
So, all images in this entry are purely from the lenses of okaa-san's camera.
To begin with,
here's the Sony DSC-S730 version of yesterday's flowers.

It feels a bit plain since I didn't have to fix the picture much.

Miss Dolphin

Nee-chan said she looked like one in this pic.
This one turned out a bit crappy because of my ultimate failz mouse control.
[Gomen na, nee-chan. Sukoshi hen desukedo]

Flowers to Date

This was just some desk accesory that had piqued my interest.
This one also, I failed to make the flowers look more vibrant. I'll see if I can do with it better when I'm well-rested.

Purses of Festive

Not much to comment about this.

Unforgotten Responsibility

Lol. The subject itself has been turned into a background. Forgive me.
Thus with that, I had entirely lost interest in editing other pics. I took a lot and I like how a lot of pictures turned out but I've got zero motivation now.
I'll see what I can do later.
For now, enjoy some other pictures that were taken today:-

And as a random fangirl rant:-
Mukuro, please appear again.
Off to collect motivation and energy

The Sights Today

The Ancient Awaken

Among Beauties

I don't really feel like elaborating on the events that went on today but the flowers noticeably bloomed well on this joyous day. I've especially framed the ones I like but here are the others I took:-

And as a special treat, here's QA...

with a new hairstyle courtesy of nee-chan
please focus on the flowers

Festive Eid Mubarak

Or as we say it,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Greeting today very cheerfully,
let's enjoy ourselves with care after a month of fasting and holding back
Just don't go crazy!
Everyone, please cheer up!

Phone papers~

So...I had a lot free time during my stay in KL before my return for raya.
So I played with photoshop
These are all 176x220 so that they'd fit perfectly into my phone as a wallpaper and not break up.
[tensai, ne...ore]

My family~
and all the others are anime stuff of course
Isn't that just like me?

One of Idea's artworks and kawaii Hibari with many Hibirds
But most of all, I had a lot of Hetalia pics.

Ah...isn't Chibitalia just cute?

There were also some works I coloured by myself. I particularly like Romano and Italy's kawaii heart even though I did such a bad job colouring it.
I think most SonyE's can fit these in like mine do.
Nee-chan's as well.
Mine is an S302.
I'm gonna do more

Idiot Hair


LOLZ~! I'm back yo!
I'm back...again.
Haha...my presence is already hated by imouto-chan.
[Nandayo omae?!]
It was most surely not I who have turned the house upside-down, thus why I question the need for me to clean it.
[fuzakenna kono gaki]
Romano's been teaching me new curses

Oh, and I did something during my internet-less time in hostel.
I was practicing on my photoshop seriously.


Italy's ahoge

Ahoge = idiot hair.
Erm...but doesn't Reborn also have two ahoges sticking out like sideburns?
It even kind of curls like Italia.
Ahoge makes differentiating characters easy

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