Darker than Yesterday

mood: sleepy


I feel so tired today...

Perhaps it's the weather.

People like me can't function well in such way

Yesterday was the same.

Sleeping without care.

Very thankful to my few hours dongsaeng, waking me up to bathe.

Izzah...Gomawo T_T

this unnie has become useless again

can only draw the world on my pillow.

Please help me again in the future

I will sleep like that again tonight probably.





I want to sleep T_T

Dinner and Supper Outside

mood: full


Oemma agreed to go to Pizza Hut.

Ijah-unnie will pay for the food

...but eomma ended up paying for a lot as well.

With hyperness I couldn't get from school anymore,

my siblings and sporting eomma ate delightful dishes

until our stomachs grew larger.

But we began with a smile and ended with a smile

I can't find more happiness than times like those...

Oemma...please bring us to eat out more~~keke

That night,

Intan-unnie wanted to dance to Wonder Girls

but we were so full....

and most slept early before we could do it.






I want to dance again T_T

Happy Birthday Donghae-Oppa!

mood: happy

Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Saeng il chuka hamnida~
Saranghaneun uri Donghae~
Saeng il chuka hamnida~

Happy 22nd birthday Lee Donghae~!!
Hope our fishy will have a successfull year ahead!

Kyumin, Goodnight's Song

mood: blank

Goodnight's Song
I wrote another Kyumin~~!!

Title: Goodnight's Song
Rating: G
Genre: fluff

(Kyuhyun really felt like strangling EunHae-hyung for overdosing his Sungmin with sugar just 3 hours before. “Hyung, what do I have to do to get you to sleep?”

“Sing for me!” Sungmin immediately said before sitting up and tugging the blanket back under his chin. “Sing our song.”)

This was inspired by Kyuhyun and Sungmin saying that the song they like the most from Super Junior is 'Believe' in an Arirang interview. It's not really related but I enjoyed writing it.

슈퍼주니어 오빠 들 사랑해~~

슈퍼주니어 화이팅~!

Monthly Pain

mood: in pain

HanChul-oppa deul...
This is how I should look like if I were to show my true feelings right now
In pain but trying to smile
Do they look like they're suffering?
Hannie...looks like he ate something very sour but trying to look good
...like himself
This month...
I don't know why
but my period pains have gotten worser
It isn't getting more painful
but the pain seemed to stretch longer than usual
To compare it with other times...
My first day would be slightly painless
Second day would pass by ok until night comes
and I'd writhe in pain until morning arrives
and third day would be a sunshine again
but now...
I suffered from my first day until now
and it's already been three days!
Am I going to die? T_T
I don't want to think about those right now but the pain isn't leaving
I've got no one I can rely at school anymore
So it's difficult to get distracted from the pain
The pain...is distrupting my valuable study time...
And the mood swings! Argh~!!
If there's anyone out there, HELP ME

A Song to Stir the Cold Heart

Mood: thankful

Even without Father we finally
made it.
We finally opened a small restaurant.
It wasn't big, but we
were happy.
Tears came from Mom's wrinkled eyes.
We used Mom's and my
first name to name the restaurant.
We named the restaurant and offered our
It was late at night, but nobody left.
People kept on
congratulating us.
It was midnight when everyone left.
Mother was very
tired, she quickly fell into a deep sleep.
And she never woke up again.

I loved you even though I never once told you.
I love you.
now forever in the world without me.
~ To Mother - G.O.D
Heard in Korean...
Even though I didn't know which word to which
Tears still escape to my cheeks
Sung with a mellowful voice...
but my mind still plays
A distant memory of Jungsu-oppa and Hyukjae-oppa
singing 'Eomonimkke' in Sukira
Wearing their dark Don't Don costumes,
they sang it for a listener who couldn't find the song to hear on a happy Chuseok day
Muishie must have been touched also
for that person translated that segment especially
and put it up in youtube
touching the hearts of others....like myself
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart
Though that person cannot hear it
With success, I downloaded this song
stored it in Ijah-unnie's MP3
and listened to it
Even without understanding, I still knew what it meant
It touched my heart so
that I cried wherever I was...
...in dorm
...while in a noisy study room
...in a noisy classroom
...times when I couldn't study because of the amount of noise
So far...it has only been less than five times
But to do so...
in only 2 days
I surprise my state of emotion
Ironically, Haengbok played after the song
So I wiped my tears and smiled
Smile for tomorrow...
I will do my very best!
I am not like that boy in the song!

The Mysteries of Novel

mood: distracted

Old friends are seen...

Although not of mine

but haven't seen them in a few

Though brings no memories

Yet still struck with familiarity of sight

Kerun-unnie's Otomodachi

All are oppas of mine.

Watching greenly at them as they tame the computers

In this environment, in this school

I can never achieve them

The ability to bring light back to dusty monitor screens

I am greening at their sight

Green with envy

But even so...

this is not something I want to delve in

I am interested in my own visual dreams

Illustrations on white papers

Lined by ink

Simple text

and large sound effects

What will it bring of me in the future?

The oppas of an unnie's generation...

it is a nice change in atmosphere in this years old building

It must have missed them.

Hear them shouting profanities

and barking orders and snide remarks

as I sit majestically on the teacher's chair, reading a borrowed romance novel

Life couldn't get better

But it can
If I study hard enough

Just Through a Day

mood: pondering
This longing in my stomach...
My fingers are shaking...
My head is in pain...throbbing...
I don't feel really well

Adapting back to the school life is always a great pain...
Living in the hostel
Ah! I want to be free!
...but next year I will
Just to get past this year...and onto the next

I have never given up on life
Just given up on the people
Life won't give me up
Until God calls for my return

Ah... I'm practically starving...famished even
but I know this is just from a change of diets
I ate so much in the past week
Now, I'm eating my normal high school diet
So, my stomach has to endure this training

Using the Pearl Sapphire Blue colour to say
My head hurts though...
But I know it's just from not taking a bath yet

So, that's okay
It's been stuffy lately
Just now, my unkempt-looking dongsaengs were called into the lab...
Most of them smelled like men's perspiration
I felt like gagging
I left for the toilet only to feel nouseous and trembling
My condition is so dramaqueen-ish
The chungkuggoh dongsaengs sitting behind me
They kept whispering excitedly that it got on my nerves
but I didn't want to do anything about it
It felt too troublesome
I don't want conflicts or attention
Am I really a kind of person like that?
Tomorrow, I'm going to treat myself to some good food at the canteen
and hope that tomorrow will be better than today
Optimism is my best exit at the moment
So far it's ben working wonders.
To do well, I must feel well
With a big roar, let's say
'Aini! FIGHTING!!'

Back to School

mood: tired

Ah...the holidays are over
Days I wish would remain have escaped my fingers again

We're fighting now!
Fighting for the big exam!
I have to strive
So many people have wished me good luck
I have mom's prayer
I want to pass with good results! ZZHANG!
Those pages I was cold to in the beginning will now be tamed by me
I will read from cover to cover
I will exploit my ability to the fullest!
If I can't memorize! I shall understand!
That is the principle I have achieved from life
This is me
'To achieve success, we must first work hard'
How many times has that word repeated itself in our lifetime?
In many forms, that sentence presents itself true and reliable
I now understand
Like Arakawa Hiromu's understanding of alchemy,
'To achieve something, you must give something of equal price'
Success is something big, so I must give it an equal hard work
I will show to the world...
that this girl
...who is often unsociable
...often quiet and murderous looking
...often the last on the list of monthly examination results
...often is seen with illustrated books
...often seen holding a pencil drawing doodles and writing nonsense
will stand proud with a victorious grade
I want to strive
Get better than my siblings
Get mom's recognition
Get the public's attention
Get a better life
I want to do that
In my only lifetime I want to do my best
My best will always get me somewhere
With a great cry of a word I have long left, I shall triumph

The Wedding Ceremony

mood: content

Ah... 이잫운니 and 하핏오빠's wedding went well

She smiled brightly today

They didn't appear awkward

but later found out he was nervous

Poor guy

Treated like celebrities

Lenses focused only on them

이잫운니 and 하핏오빠

This is them

She; dressed in gold

He; dressed in white

Looking like they were glowing

Unknowingly, 개런운니 shed silents tears

Watching such happiness take place

Time for us to let go of our 운니

Who belongs to a kind 남자

Even so, these ladies are the backbone of this ceremony

Owe many thanks to them

One with a nice peach kebaya and the other a pure white kebaya with blue roses

Running around getting everyting set up for our special 운니

That is 개런운니 and 인탄운니

Both not quite taken but not quite available

Also can't leave out the memory keepers

Many bytes offered to store these happy moments

I am one of them

Even though only by the side, still keep smiling faces

Those are us; the photographers

Our family is getting bigger
Finally, 어마's wish of having a 남자 in the house is granted
Friendly as ever
As if we've known each other for more than 2 years
I hope I can get to know them better
The tall 오빠 of little words but always make stomachs burst with laughter...
The charming 운니 that can blend right in with our crazy family...
I want to get to know them all

I wish these two all the best

May 이잫운니 and 하핏오빠 have a wonderful and happy life together

as 이잫운니's 동생...

하핏오빠, the best of luck with my sister
I don't envy your position ㅋㅋㅋ
Ahh...I didn't get to sing 슈퍼주니어's 'Marry U'
Only managed to sing a little of Wonder Girl's 'Nobody'

All Washed Up

mood: excited

It's only 2 hours or so before 이잫언니 becomes a 마누라(wife...or so the dictionary says)

I've run around doing odd jobs...

...critisized 이잫언니

...watch a chicken get speared

...eaten breakfast

and finally taken my bath.

The new skirt hanging by the window is worn

I will wear it with my new undershirt

The shirt 개런언니 lent me will go on top

The tudung I asked 인탄언니 for will accesorize me

With only a purple and silver metal bracelet as well as my black watch...

...and not to forget my black glasses!

I will leave the room looking like another me!

I hope... ㅜ_ㅜ

I want to sing 슈퍼주니어's 'Marry U' to 이잫언니 and 하핏오빠

Just for the wedding...

but I might not be able to ㅜ_ㅜ

My Sister's Wedding

Mood: Tired
My sister...
이잫언니 will be wedded today...
Last night... a lot of relatives came
From the men side and our side
어머니 and 아주머니 had to cook for over 30 people.
While I play around
My body hurts

ㅜ ㅜ
I wanna sleep like a stone
And today, I return to my hostel.
-Heavy sigh-
I want to remain home longer
If I decide to help out, can I stay for one more day?
Somehow, I can already see 어마 shake her head wistfully
-Heavier sigh-
I can't wait for all this to be over.
I said to 이잫언니;

나 : You better live a happy married life with him

이잫언니 : ??

나 : because if I have to go through all this again for you, I'm gonna hurl.

이잫언니 : -_-;;
Am I being a bad sister like this?
But my body hurts from all the scrubbing...
I hope I've grown some muscle from all the raking I did
Is this just wishful thinking?

My try at SuJu fanfics

My current mood:(accomplished)


(Well not lately)

...I've been writing one-shot fanfics of the boys.

So far, I have three:

Title: Counting on You
Genre: angst(only slightly)
Rating: G
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin

Title: So the Drama
Genre: fluff, humour
Rating: PG(just to be safe)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin

Title: Won't Miss Hyung
Genre: fluff, angst, humour
Rating: G
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae

“Don’t forget this hyung especially!”
Donghae stared out the empty doorframe.
(No, he won’t miss this hyung.)

Fluff is all I can write it seems...

and oppa-deul are full of fluff~!

슈퍼주니어 오빠 들 사랑해~~


슈퍼주니어 화이팅~!

Am I going to put this up every time I post about 오빠 들? ㄱㄱ

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