Pure Hearted Romance Season 2 Opening

Junjou Romantika 2nd Season OP
衝動 (Shoudou) by Pigstar
rambles in green are from me
afuredashita shoudou ga
(An overflowing urge)
burst of stars!!! wee~~

Bokura no mune wo utsu
(moves our hearts)
...it feels too colourful and bright...

Ima futari no STORY
(Now, our story)
Arigatou aarinfantasy~~

Bokura no mirai ga kagayaite yuku yo
(Our future is going to shine on)

Our main uke~ Takahashi Misaki voiced by the uke-fied Takahiro Sakurai!!

mae ni susumeba dareka to butsukatte
(If I try to move forward, I collide with someone else)
naa...Misaki...don't daydream in the middle of the road...a car might hit you

okubyou ni naru bakari
(and I always lose my nerve)
AAAHH!!! The world has finally gone upside-down!!
And here lies Usami Akihiko a.k.a Usagi-san!...eh...that came out wrong

The main seme, voiced by Hikaru Hanada...saa...he doesn't do much major characters though

Ah! Kamijou Hiroki a.k.a Hiro-san saw him!

Kusama Nowaki! Hurry and catch his attention back!
Yatta! Junjo Egoist desu!

dakedo mae wo muite aruite iku yo
(But I'm going to face front and walk ahead)
Ah...Nowaki...why do you look furious? It's Hiro-san's influence, isn't it?
Ah! Miyagi You! You were right there all along~

Miyagi-sensei~ why aren't you at work? Who do you think you're calling?
Ah~ Takatsuki Shinobu! The terrorist of love~

kimi to aeru nara
(If it means I can see you)
Ah, Shinobu. Miyagi is right behind you. He's even watching you.
*Blush* Such a cute reaction

Ah...you're calling each other. You're gonna feel stupid later for not noticing him there, Shinobu
The two men affected by Misaki's Usa-mones! Usami Haruhiko and Usami Fuyuhiko

The deranged college student, Sumi Keiichi

ame ni utarete furueru koe
(Your trembling voice, pelted by the rain)
and that one is...a meddlesome person.

nemurenu yoru wo samayottemo
(Even if I have to wander sleepless nights)
Misaki, you have heatstrok? you shouldn't stay under the sun with clothes like that

Oh! A motivated look!

Boku wa yuku yo
(I'll go)
ah...they're mentioning the singer. Look! Someone attempting to crush the camera!

Oh, it's just you Misaki. Careful where you step~

Ah! Usagi-san!

kimi to deaeru sono hima de
(Until the day when I see you)
Just holding him like that...is so...unromantic...Futari ga Junjou Romanchika!! ROMANCHIKA dayo!
Random cute animals...it seems to be Usagi-san's hobby though...

afuredashita shoudou ga
(An overflowing urge)
Junjou Romanchika
Junjou Egoist

bokura no mune wo utsu
(moves our hearts)
Jun-...eh? Miyagi? where's Shinobu?
Junjo Terrorist!

Ima futari no STORY
(Now, our story)
Burst of stars again!!

(has started off)
Junjou Terrorist~

meguriatta shougeki de
(The impact of our meeting)
Junjou Egoist~<3

iro no nai sekai ga
(shocked this dull, gray world)
Burst of..animal toys! Animal Toys?!!

Misaki! Look out!
Misaki!! That's why you should always heed Usagi-san's advice of being alert!

Ah...It's only Usagi-san and Suzuki-san(bear)

isshun de azayaka ni irozuite yuku yo
(and in an instant, it burst into brilliant colours)

There you have it! The opening of Junjou Romantica Season 2.
Why season 2 only you ask? Because I thought of doing something like this while I was watching season 2. I don't think I'll do it for season 1.
Too many...screencaps.....-_-;;

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