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Regarding the previous post, ^this is what I did.
It piqued only very few interests and I was really sad to note only 1 out of my five friends(or classmates if you may have it) knew about what is happening in the Middle-East. It's a bit sad but we mustn't give up.
I hope everyone will keep sending their prayers to the Libyans who are fighting for their rights.

I had this on for nearly half the day. I think it gave me a bit of idea but we'll see how things go.

Yes, that's me. ^^;
I tried a kind of self-portrait when I had a bit of privacy.
This really made me want to cry
...in sadness
because Photoshop is really amazing.

As a reminder, please don't forget to check my 2D-Animation group's blog at
1000 Words
I've just finished another scene.
Tomorrow I will rehearse for my presentation this Friday. I'm so nervous but I really want to do my best. This is important since it is for my future and I have a student crush on my lect.
Wish me luck~!

We Are Libya

I saw this on Tumblr while I was going through posts on Libya:

(via thelibyanrevolution)
This is an wonderful idea that aimbrosephstalin just had!

On Wednesday, Feb.23, everyone who supports Libya should show it by wearing the pre-Gadaffi Libyan flag somewhere on their person! You can wrap the flag around your hand or paint it somewhere on your body, o...r draw it on a shirt, it doesn’t matter, just have it on you! You can even carry around a pamphlet giving information about this as well so people become more aware of the situation in Libya! The whole point of this, is that when people ask…”What’s that?” You start to explain how it’s the Libyan flag and the reason you have it on is because of the genocide that is occurring in Libya right now! This results in more people knowing and more people supporting the cause until the government finally falls under the pressure of its people’s words and takes a step of action!
Stop the violence. Stop the blood from spilling. Support the Libyan People!

Thank you so much iambrosephstalin, this is an amazing idea! You’re amazing!

Also, the lovely woman made a facebook group about this day:
JOIN IT AND SPREAD IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. We need everyone to know about these massacres! I’m joining right now!

And...well I cried a lot when I read the things that are happening there. I feel a lot useless now for I can only offer prayers and spread awareness.

And about spreading awareness:
(via mindheist)

Spreading Awareness | What does it mean? Why do we do it?

Spreading awareness throughout each country in the world — throughout every city, every household — can help save lives. I know there are some people out there who don’t believe that one can help make a change. That’s a bunch of bullshit. One reblog, one text post, one tweet, or one status or whatever else — they can, indeed, make a difference. One can lead to tens, which can then lead hundreds, which can then lead to thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and so on. Awareness can potentially save endangered life, whether it leads to donations or whatever else.

However, that gives you no reason whatsoever to call people “disgusting” or “inhumane” for not reblogging a post that helps spread awareness. I have seen countless posts saying “if you don’t reblog this, you’re disgusting.” Just because they don’t reblog a post, that does not make them any less of a good person. How do you know that the people who aren’t reblogging the post are trying to spread awareness in their personal lives, instead of online? You don’t. You’re trying to force people to reblog things, because they think that people will possibly hate them for not reblogging that certain post. Though that may sound okay because they do end up reblogging that post, it’s not. If someone didn’t want to reblog that post, because they’ve probably reblogged another post much like it before, so what? That doesn’t make them awful. Yes, the more awareness the better, but still. That’s no excuse to call people names. It’s fine to encourage people to reblog the post, but it’s not fine to say “if you don’t reblog this, you’re a jerk” or anything along those terms.

Spreading awareness also doesn’t mean that every single person on tumblr has to reblog every single post about every single current event happening somewhere out there in the world. If you do so, good for you. If you don’t, good for you, too. By just coming to terms with it yourself, you are spreading awareness. You’re spreading awareness by becoming aware of the things happening out there in the world. People who are saying “stop” or “shut up” to people who are reblogging posts about Libya or New Zealand or any other location or country, are actually spreading awareness because they have knowledge of everything themselves, so really, they can just shut up, because they’re telling people who are spreading awareness to shut up, which would include them.

I took this from tumblr. They have a 'reblog' option quite like blogger's 'share' and twitter's 'retweet'

Of Roses and Flashes


and flash

As Expected...I got Busy

^This got rejected in class yesterday

I don't know how to say it anymore. My predictions last year became true. I'm super busy now.
This semester, I'm taking Creative Web Design, Essentials Business Communication Skill (English 5), Introduction to Database SQL, Digital Photography and 2D Animation. Out of all that 5, I want to excel in FOUR(4) of them.

The feeling is so different from last sem! Because we focused a lot more on business and arts, my eagerness to shine kind of went downhill. There wasn't really a subject I truly liked and knew I would enjoy.



This sem turned out as if it was making up for all of that by giving me a whole bunch of subjects that I like and was looking forward to learning (well, except for English)

Creative Web Design is a subject I'm looking forward to teaching me about html, xml and css. Also, my scriptwriting lecturer is teaching that and I don't know why but I'm thrilled at the prospects of learning under her again.
Introduction to Database SQL will allow me to understand the workings of Microsoft Access, which was a topic I had to skip in high school due to time limitations and damnit if I'm not interested in that. I've been dying to learn that since I was 17!
Don't even get me started on Digital Photography. That's like my second hobby after drawing! I'm really am hoping I get to develop my creative and artistic side (which, btw, I'm really lacking).
Lastly, 2D animation. It's ANIMATION, you guys! That in itself is exciting already.

And I have a platonic student crush on my lecturer (He's from Iran btw >w<). More reason to attend his class and give it my all! Before you go around pining me or joking about me having a crush on some guy, the feeling is totally the same as what I feel for Ms.Xuan.
It's like a deep respect+fangirling because they're so cute and seem so nice but I know are strict and make me want to do even better in my works.
Ah....I miss Ms.Xuan.
What is it with me and foreign lecturers? >.>;

Anyway, my 2D Sir told us to make a blog for our team. So here's mine:
It was originally supposed to be about yuumei's flash comic, '1000 words' but...as mentioned above...it got rejected. I made a new storyline though! Under the same title and it involves a lot of nekotalias~! Be sure to check that blog out for cute animated kitties >w<; Anyway, I wrote this to express how truly busy I've been lately. Last week, I was out EVERYDAY of the week. It was tiring, seriously. I couldn't even sit down to draw anything decent and I still haven't. This week even! I was free on Thursday and could finally get to doing some chores at home but ended up spending most of the time studying about the history of animation for our 2D individual assignment.
Good news~! Sir had told us that he would choose 3 people who did the best on the assignment to present about it next week. I was one of them! It is truly an honour and I really felt all my hard work had paid off. I thought I wouldn't get it because of the wall of text I put and that all my images were in the appendix. What a delighted (and nerve-wrecking) shock it was to hear my name among those chosen. Thank you so much, Sir Ahmad! I will definitely do my best for the presentation next week~!

I guess the excitement from getting my hard work paid off is still running through my veins.

Our Digital Photography class has also made improvements. The first assignment has been given out. It's about shutter speed (+aperture). Although it's due in three weeks, our lovely lecturer, Ms. Lis, told us she wants to see some of our shutter speed photos by next week.

So, Rieya-chan and I will be going out tomorrow to take pictures in the busy streets of Bukit Bintang. I'm thinking there will be a lot of action there that we can snap. I'm also hoping to do some light painting if we can because we'll be out till night.

I don't think I can get down to drawing anything decent until the end of the month. It's depressing but the feeling is mostly over-ridden by the excitement of learning MultiMedia again!

Remember what I said about wanting to take more pictures in my last entry? Yeah, Rieya-chan and I are planning on going to Genting Highlands to do a photoshoot we've always dreamed of doing. It's like one of our fantasies that can come true if we work hard enough. We haven't set an actual date yet and we're not financially well at the moment...but it's definitely on our minds.

Other than that, recently I can't stop listening to Kuromyu2 (Kuroshitsuji Musical 2) It's really captivating. Even Alan and Eric's song is enjoyable to listen to. Ah well...I'll find something new to listen to soon probably.
But I'm seriously tired to the core now.

Let's go Take Pictures

Classes have started. Assignments have been given but all I'm really excited about doing is taking pictures. Why is no else as enthusiastic as me?!


Let's Count Sheep Only

Don't you just love the Hetalia sheep counting?
I most definitely do! And some of them really actually help.
But what's this? There are banterings in between the counts!
As cute as they are, how am I going to sleep peacefully?

Okay, enough with that. I'm actually doing this mostly for my sake but I just wanted to share it with you in case anyone's interested or share the same problem as me

North and South Italy

Germany and Prussia

Hungary and Austria

Just click on the pictures and they will lead you to the mediafire link. Sorry it's all in wave(.wav) format ^^;
And there is a reason the pictures are small, you can use it without credits if you want. Just don't claim them as yours :D

Other than that,
recently I've been doing a few testing with the settings in my new Canon EOS1000D
Check it out~

These pictures may not be watermarked but no stealing, okay? Credits are awesome.

My Canon's name is Elizabeth (Hungary) but let's just call her Elly

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