Let's Talk About Love

Corsets, y'know...
women all over the world thank the heavens those went out of style already.
If I didn't say that, would you've known what France told Iggy to take off?
coz it would sound kind of pervertish...


So, um...
I have this odd feeling that Rieya-chan and I have been talking a lot about love and life these past few weeks. It's not like I suddenly want 'in' in this whole love game but we did see a certain obstacle - per se - in our future about this issue.
I am *so* not into fairytail romance no matter how Fucking (Austria) beautiful it is
I can't claim titles like that anymore.
Besides, it's so outdated.

Wait, Okaa-san is probably gonna skin me alive if I keep on talking about this love thing...
Ok, nah. Probably not.
She's my mother. She's an awesome one at that
Wait, why are we talking about my mother?

So yeah,
Life is going to keep rushing past with me enjoying life by myself.
Damn, Prussia ought to be really proud of me.
Besides, when I was sitting around brooding
yes, I actually indulge myself to some Sasuke-moment
I noticed that my heart was probably still stuck somewhere in my hometown.
Yeah, it's THAT bad.
and it hasn't moved on. Damn it.
I want my will to fall-in-love back.

It's gonna be hard.

It's probably gonna hurt if I actually get that part of me back, huh...


An un-cute sketchy drawing of Amerika-san and Italia-kun
I miss Sai Paintool Software
*fangirl-ling starting*
Hetalia's movie!!! I saw the trailer and I really, really can't wait!
It looks like a serious story and why am I so impressed with their change of clothes and why did they give out sketches of Prussia in a tailcoat suit and WHAT ERA WILL IT BE IN?!?!?!
and Iceland-sama! Iceland-sama! AISU-RANDO-SAMA! is going to be in it! That has GOT to be the coolest thing about the anime!!!
...other than Prussia of course
Love is still a vast subject

Momma, don kill me yet

So What's the English Word for 'Kenduri'?

Last Friday, nee-san and I, after what felt like years but was actually only three months or so, was given the chance to meet back with okaa-san and imouto-chan.
We also got to meet with nee-chan but that's a different story.

You see, a cousin of ours got married last Saturday
and they needed hard labour workers
This entry is probably going to be just short reviews that will hopefully be enough until I have gathered enough willpower to edit other pics and write a better report.

this is a report spoiler.
Because this is Intan-san in her third dress.
The last dress we saw her in before we had to depart back to KL.
But...hell, just take this as a small sneak peak.
Now, let's go back to the time everyone had to do labour work that comes with this kind of celebration.

Here, we see the bride(to-be at that moment) talking on the phone in her room.

The 'pelamin'

The backdrop in the room
Wait - I'm not sure it's called that! Please correct me!

Hardworking cousin is hardworking


What happens when too many people try to tackle one 'hantaran'

Awesome henna is awesome.
Yup! That's all for now. Take this as a prologue of sorts for a series of, hopefully, related posts. I'm still hoping to gather information but...yeah.
I'm also hoping to be able to see okaa-san's side of the story that I hope she'll find time to write in her blog once she returns home tomorrow
which, by the way, is still empty.
for now~


I'm allowed to feel proud.

AP Generation by ~klaudiajapan on deviantART

APH - Gee by ~feshnie on deviantART-
Let's widen the range of dances, shall we?

I Seriously Think He Started it

If World Politics was Social Networking....
...it'd be fuckin' cool!
Note: this site is not for the patriotic

Lol...okay, like, Anis-chan linked me to this awesome as hell website and even if I don't participate, it's just fun reading through. It's like social networking + world news with a bunch of LOLs

~~ ┐( ゚∀゚ )┌ ~~
She says it is a LOLWHUT kind of website...
and dude, I so love you for showing that epic facemark! Where'd you get it?
...and it is!

I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing nations bicker
England is still a tsundere even when it's not Hetalia-related.
Everyone seems heated about the Vancouver thing ^^
Go Canada~!

Himaruya-san...did you think you'd have this big of an effect when you drew Hetalia?
'm still on hiatus

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