It's Not Goodbye; It's See You Later

It's been a pretty crazy week.
At least that's what it felt for me.

A precious housemate of ours left today.
Walked out of the door just a few minutes ago.
Streaks of tears are marring my cheeks and water is clinging to my eyelashes.
There were no spells casted, no need of it
but her presence in this house was always warm.
I will always remember the feeling of happiness everytime she would walk in through the door - any door - after a holiday with her family and she'd be greeted so welcoming from it; with sincerity that is shocking even to me
Like a big sister everyone ran to
the feeling of losing such warmth; do you know it?

Kak Long
She was a one in a billion. A gazillion even.
I hope she'll come by this house again.
I want to be selfish and say that this is still her house. A place she can come back to if she ever needs to.
It's Not Goodbye; It's See You Later

Why Does it Need a Title?

Believe it or not, I think nee-san doesn't actually understand how to plan

You see, at the moment - perhaps as of last night
I was in turmoil over her event assignment.
overrated use of expression
I thought I was going to have that - oh! - extremely easy job of typing into MS powerpoint and probably a little English editing.
But no.
When I asked her, "Did you plan it yet? The timetable and everything?"
She had the decency to look blankly at me.

Gah. If she wasn't feeling so unwell, I would've lectured her till midnight about planning and actually coming up with SOMETHING!
I have this stupid feeling that she thinks everything will come into order if she sat in front of the laptop, staring at the blank slides.
Previously, I had even mentioned to her - probably gritted out to her that
with me being all Romano
...and she goes ahead and DOESN'T do it.

I'm still the younger sister.
and Okaa-san said I should help.

I had something good happen to me recently.
I managed to talk a bit with my friend, Shiro-kun. Gosh, we haven't met in ages!
To my greatest surprise, she also knew Hetalia. Though she only watched the anime.

Last year - around December probably,
Senpai(Shiro-kun's sister) and I were face-booking together. I showed her one of Himaruya's christmas present to his fans
Somehow, from there I started to get her into Hetalia, showing pictures of this and that person.
Most of it being Im Young Soo.
I guess she managed to convince Shiro-kun to watch it too and now they've watched it to the recent episode.
They were all only 5 minutes long after all.

nearly 60% of our conversation was about Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia.
She was a bit surprised that I really adore Ivan and that Lovino and Feliciano shared the same seiyuu. I also told her that if she listened properly to Feli's voice, she'll see that it was Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle's Fye.
Matthew and Alfred also shared the same seiyuu as D.Gray-man's Komui Lee.
I had a good laugh when I found out. Oh, the crazy similarities!

I wasn't sure if she actually knew this but, I am most shocked with Kiku's seiyuu.
He actually did the voice of KHR's S.Squalo
Y'know, the guy who goes "VOOOOOOOOOIIII!!!!!!!!!"
I had a hard time imagining Kiku like that but it was fun.

My favourite is still the Switzerland-Liechtenstein team~
Romi Paku and Kugimiya Rie
It's like Edward and Alphonse all over again. Family ties and all

I kind of ruined the fun and told Shiro-kun that Iggy's seiyuu was William T Spears in Kuroshitsuji.
She was like, "OMG HONTOU?!!!"
And I was like, "Yeah, hontou aru!"

Shiro-kun, let's meet up and go on a date this May and we'll eat donuts and talk about European History.
I, like, am so into RoChu now
even Naruto can't believe it!

Whazzat?! A Freakin Drama?!

My first class of Scriptwriting revealed that by the end of the sem, we'll have to make a freakin' movie with us all acting in it.


I'd rather be behind the camera lenses if you mind
Malaysian Studies is something to look forward to though

Bel far niente

My title, it means "The Beauty of Doing Nothing"
in Italian

Recently, out of a longing to rekindle an old love that I had probably shoved too far away from me welcomed me in the form of a white paperback book with the simple title "Eat Pray Love"

It wasn't until I lifted it up, turned to the back and read the simple synopsis that something within me awakened to tell me that this thing - book, to be more precise - was something I wanted to have.
Everyone should know that feeling. I have always learned to shy away from it.
An infinite longing that I didn't know I possessed and as I think now, it might have been because dearest nee-san was always unknowingly probing me back into the world of literature.
A world where I was an acquaintance of but still a lot alien to.
This spontaneous feeling - how mother always lectured us about it - had me going doe-eyed, a silent hoping to buy it.

It is pretty unclear even to myself as to why I had wanted so badly to purchase this 4-days-worth-of-food-money book but I knew I really wanted to have it.
This will earn me a good scolding, I somehow just know it.

This love for reading novels, I always knew it never belonged to me. One of my few hobbies sadly didn't include reading. It included drawing, singing with bad vocals and perhaps even 'Bel Far Niente' as some uneventful evening passes. So it was a welcome surprise to know that I got attracted so easily to this book by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was also somewhat non-fiction and I pretty much dislike those kinds of books.

So why did I buy it? Maybe it was because it was written in such a way that it touched my heart yet tickled my funny bone. That is, I finally found out, possible in a book as it is in every other form of media.

A not quite distant memory of a book called 'Anne of Green Gables' appeared in my mind as of late. It was a novel that a close friend, a good friend until now I hope, lent me. It was a wonderful and unimaginable read. The younger me of three years ago didn't quite understand all of it. Anne was too much of a dreamy girl with unthinkable imagination and witty atmosphere and it was all quite a lot for me.

But I knew I love it. I knew I loved every page of it.
Even when the passages were but coils of fancy word that I understood little of.

I do hope one day I will be able to re-read it.
And be able to string the words together into a fanciful garden of beauty imagination just as young Anne had.
Something perhaps close to l'arte d'arrangiarsi?
(the art of making something out of nothing)

I perhaps will leave that matter in the hands of destiny and concentrate on what I should do now that classes are about to start. It is; tomorrow being the most recent.
A few housemates - two in actuality - are going to be taking French this year; a language most would call 'The Language of Romance'. I do hope to barge into their French study time and learn a few words of that language.
This is all in the name of extensive knowledge and not because one of the major characters in Hetalia is pervert French-nii-chan.
I do hope to learn a little more Italian since it is, in contrast to French, 'The Language of Beauty'
which, in accordance to the way it's country arranged the words, is very ironic.
Non è vero?
The way Elizabeth Gilbert describes Italy in all its good and bad, even Sicily, makes me really want to go see the country.
But for artistic reasons as opposed to her more stomach-filling reasons.

A dream is a nice thing to have.

Did everyone read up to here?
All my love and deepest thanks to those who did.
I do wonder if I should continue writing such long and boring entries in the future? Filled with unneeded words and too much thoughts.
Himaruya described Italy and Romano well

I'm a Fangirl; Live With It

The only time when Google Translate is the awesomest tool alive is when it tells you what you want to know correctly and in a different language!
This is because I was playing with Google Translate just a while ago.
I remember there was a time the Awesome Pa(originally known as Uncle S)
but we should, like, totally call him Vati or something...
said to us 'Arrivederci' just as we were parting

I don't think my sisters took note of this even though I was practically squealing, 'OMG! Didn't Mukuro like totally said that? That's, like, goodbye or something.'
Why yes, KHR's Mukuro did say that.
What I didn't realize at that time was that 'Arrivederci' was Italian for goodbye.
Pa lives in Germany lol. Isn't it supposed to be 'Auf Wiedersehen' instead or something?
Doitsu and Italia people!
I'm a freakin' Axis Powers Hetalia fangirl!!!!


Yes, that's my sad life.

Other than that sad excuse of an entry introduction, I want to tell everyone that I'm taking 5 subjects this new semester.
4 of them being theory subjects
meaning I'll have to sit down for 4 papers
and 1 of them being Malaysian Studies
Now I can educationally use Genius Himaruya-san's Hetalia characters.
this shall be included with evil laughter BWAHAHAHAHA


I want my laptop back.
Like totally.
...and I should attempt to stop immitating Poland
...and stop thinking Korea will ever be accepted by Koreans
...and that he should attempt to touch Hong Kong
...I sh'ld als' sto' mess'gin w'th people i' Su-san's slang
coz no one like totally understand what I'm, like, going about or something.
...I should also keep drawing G-rated stuff
...and never go 3 levels higher when there is another person present.
...and stop being such a tsundere to my young prince T^T
I should do that T^T
All of that.

E così...
oooooh~!!! Go to google translate now! That was Italian!
Arrivederci, minna!

Final Exam!!

I'm currently having my final exam~!! early in the year...-_-;;
I just had my english test yesterday.
Just to be evil, I'll say it was difficult~!
This'll make the people who suck at english shake on their chairs
Okay, I was joking
mom, don't kill me!! T^T
It was pretty normal. I did an essay on 'My Dream House'
I really want to laugh coz I was being overly practical.
but at least it was better than the half-assed exam I answered the day before
Er...yeah...but y'know, I tried my best and squeezed all my brain juices on that piece of paper.
Now I have a hollow head. Wanna see? Wanna see?
I don't have pictures because my dearest laptop is still undergoing surgery at the HP Tower in Damansara. It's said to be done in a month or so
I so miss it!
Please return back to meeee~!!!
Other than that, I'm getting back into drawing using pencil, pen and paper!
Who here knows how Italy varied when he joined the Allied Powers?
Hn? Hn?
I wanna make a fanart of him separating with Germany
it brings tears to my eyes, seriously
I read it over at wiki
wth?! I'm getting too into this history stuff
Focus, feshnie!!
Anyway, care to explain anyone?
'm still studyin' tho' mom

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