Mein Gott Flash

Last Tuesday, in my Multimedia Authoring class, Aina-kun tinkered with my laptop and came upon my unfinished Mein Gott karaoke.
She was impressed, I must say and asked me a few things like:
How'd I make Prussia move, how did I insert the song, how did I time the words to fit the song.
I tried answering as best as I could and even offered to show how to her.

The unexpected came though when she suddenly stood up and loudly called for Ms. Xuan to see it.
I was very flustered!
The animations weren't right, the timing wasn't quite well and it wasn't even halfway done!
I tried in vain to stop her but she blocked me from reaching my laptop
The pains of being short!
and so, she showed it to Ms. Xuan
It's a bit like this:

It first started with a title flash "Mein Gott / Band version"
Before ^happens
With the same pictures, the words "It's fun to play alone" is revealed
"..." appears big and clear one by one

Then comes this

Ha. Ha!. The. Great. Me. Doesn't Care.
It appears one by one as well

One by one HAHA! comes to screen until a very big one covers the middle of the screen

"Let's Begin" appears
Himaruya originally drew a chibi!america but I retraced it to be chibi!Prussia

This is the first animation to appear.
Chibi Prussia appears from under below left screen, walks a bit forward and writes his name
Then he goes back.
I drew the animation myself, using lots of keyframes

Let the karaoke-ing begin!

This was from the third volume~!

Same here...most pictures are from Himaruya's own works.

Original picture by Himaruya was of Iggy
retraced to fit Prussia

Okay...I'm tired of screencaping. This was the other animation I did. It was of Prussia running from the left screen and dissappearing to the right.
There's more afterwards but...nah...
I'm too lazy.

So anyway, Ms. Xuan watched what I had done so far and she turned to me, asking, "Did you take Animation Technique?"
And I answered, "No."
and she told me she also taught Animation Technique and I should take it next sem.
W00t! Another semester with Ms. Xuan~! I can't wait!
I seriously like her class. I just do.
A few seconds later when I was just beginning to settle down and berate Aina-kun for getting me so flustered and anxious, Ms. Xuan came to me and held out her pendrive while she said, "Can you give me that vid? I like it. I might show it in (animation technique) class."
Can you imagine how I felt at that time?
I was speechless, happy, flustered, nervous, excited and pretty much just <333

On hindsight, it was all thanks to Aina-kun. She was rubbing it in my face BTW.
Haha...yes, thank you, Aina.

Real Face done.
And I found out I got Spain and China switched. Hyuhyu~
Ah well. Spain looks more in character with that pose...
I should finish that karaoke and never post it.

Bases and Musicals

The Japanese boyband KAT-TUN:

The Hetalia boyband remake:

...still in their base version.
SuFin are so badass >.>
It was a request by HikariKame on DA
It went something like this:


Italy: Taguchi Junnosuke [adorable and silly]
Sweden: Akanishi Jin [just odd]
China: Nakamaru Yuichi [normal, the oldest/mature]
Finland: Kamenashi Kazuya [sweet guy]
Spain: Ueda Tatsuya [easy going and adorable-romantic streak]
America: Tanaka Koki [they both rap and are funny]

I hope I got them all right.
I don't really know KAT-TUN so I was really nervous about doing this.
The vid I downloaded was also corrupted near the end so it gave me a lot of trouble when I wanted to take reference for their clothes...
Surprisingly, it took me around 4-5 hours to do that but I haven't added complete base colouring, shading, details and I think I'm gonna use a bit of texture this time around...


Enough about my crappy drawings!
Recently(not so very recent)
Shiro-kun posted something about Monoshitsuji at FB
it was on Senpai's wall but...yeah
So, I was like, "Ok, fine, maybe I should try watching it."
I did. On one episode and a half.
Curse you, internet.
Since megaupload video was being a sweet bitch, I decided to direct my Kuroshitsuji obsessions to Youtube.
Guess what I found there?

Kuroshitsuji Musical~~
:la: if there wera la icons here, I'd put a long line of it:la:

Now I'm a fan of Matsushita Yuya, who plays as Sebastian Michaelis.
He's on the short side but definitely bishie-material
His voice isn't like Ono Daisuke, it's quite high but I really love it!
I love every single songs he sang in the Musical, which wasn't much sadly.
My favourite would be 'Yes, My Lord.'
If I had an mp3 of it, I'd be listening to that song everywhere.

So, last night, while procrastinating on the above request,
I wiki'd him
Kuroshitsuji Musical was his first stage debut when he was 19~
He did such a fine job of it!
Well, okay...he still does mistakes on stage but he's only human after all
My favourite mistake was the tablecloth trick!

Can you tell how uninteresting my life is?

Night Wondering

For memory purposes.

Paul Made Betting Easier

This was posted on my FB hours before the Deutschland vs Uruguay game in which the Fatherland won 3 - 2 against the South Americans.

I was a bit dissappointed to have not been able to see Neuer or Klose playing but at least I got to see Muller in action again.
I got a bit sad that he couldn't join in the Deutschland vs España game but the result might've still been the same. Who knows.

Oh, and well...this isn't the 'proper' fanart that I mentioned I wanted Italy to wear Germany's scarf but it'll do for now. I'm too lazy for any real drawing at the moment. Haha~

And about Paul the octopus...whydoyoupreferSpain'sboxdammityou.


Creativity makes Life so Fuckin Easier

Prior to 9th July, we had a short post-mortem at our home to collect money to buy a mat for the living room and also some emergency money for the house supplies. Thankfully, everyone was agreeable enough to share a bit of their pocket money.
So, that landed us in a shopping excursion around Jalan Tar and Chow Kit
Liza-san was kind enough to tag along

So, we bought the mat!
Plans of playing chess and dam are still in mind. It gives a very studio-esque feeling doesn't it?
Since this week is Kak Su's turn to clean the house, she took the chance to sweep and mop everything while we watched and giggled in excitement. Well...not so literally but still...

While setting up the floor, we had to move this big guy here.
It gave us quite the problem since even before this it had problems with staying upright. And this baby ain't light as feather either. It weights half of me I bet...
Originally, we had the cooperation of 7 ladies and 1 injured toe to set it up but with only the 4 of us, there was, indeed, more to worry.
It did fall apart, mind you, but Kak Su offered the idea of anchoring both sides with the shelf while we set up the desktop.
Awfully clever idea; we haven't moved the shelf since.

Because of the mat, the shoe area had gotten smaller. We weren't really imagining having the shoes lined up and taking too much space inside the house as it originally did.
So, I came up with this idea instead.
Kak Su brushed up on that idea and instead of the metal railing on the cardboard, it would act as a support underneath.
We've always had problems with those empty bottles. It ate up too much space as well so we increased on the idea and added another level to it.

Here's what it looks on the side. I've never felt so creative in my life.
And we even eliminated about three problems in one go.
It's not pretty but it works; that, my friend, is the most important.

We had extra cardboard so we made another rack out of a longer metal banister.
As I've circled in red in the picture, we used the same method and ended up using all of the unusable bottles.
Alang took down the curtain in the kitchen and used the rope to bind the metal rod with the bottles. It helped keep the stability of the rack.
Having not much purpose left, the curtain was used as a makeshift tablecloth. A pretty one at that.
NOTE: Plastic bottles are not encouraged to be used continously. The most it should be used is probably 5 times in my opinion but regularly recycle it or buy a more suitable drinking container.


See? Now we only have 3 of the big water bottles that we're using as drinking water containers. We've also placed the small mat here.
It used to be in the living room area because we wanted to avoid cold tummies while we watched TV or did our work and study.

Why not kill two birds with one awesome stone, amirite?
So we cleaned and arranged the kitchen. Nothing creative here.
but we killed an awesome bunch of coakroches! Like a bloody hell lot!
...wait, I shouldn't mention that...

Not to be outdone, Nee-san forced me to clean our room. We arranged a few stuff , swept and cleared the dust bunnies out and certain parts of the room look bright and so on~
Nee-san has a stuffy nose now though...
I enjoy the house very much now

Did You Hear?

(click to view larger)
I think Feli wearing a Germany scarf is pretty cute...
I should try to do a proper fanart of it one day. Haha
Other than that,
Germany vs Uruguay!
I slept a lot in hopes of watching the game in a good state...
Go Deutschland!

FIFAtalia sketches

While waiting for 2:30AM to come (8:30PM over in Africa), I drew the two brothers supporting their respective sides.
Feli would be supporting his best buddy, Germany
while Lovi would grudgingly support Spain because he doesn't want the potato bastard to win

The airhead Oyabun ended up winning 1-0 to my utter disappointment but all is good.
Football is still a foreign subject for me to cry over.

Well, Gil would be the most dissapointed of the two - all things considered.
But it's not The End for the Fatherland yet.
They'll still go up against Uruguay to determine who gets the second place.
Uh...but who'll I be rooting for in the final?

LaFee - Wer bin Ich

Wer bin Ich - LaFee

Ich kann nicht schlafen
Mein Kopf ist so randvoll von dir
Kein Mond für uns
Schwarz ist die Nacht
Und du träumst neben mir

Ich bekomm kein Auge zu
Ich hab solche Angst dich sonst zu vermissen
Ich will nicht träumen
Kein Traum kann so schön sein
wie dieser eine Moment

Womit hab ich dich verdient
Bin ich dich wirklich wert

Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich in deinem Herz bin - warum
Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich die eine bin die du liebst – warum
Darf ich hier neben dir sein
Warum willst du mich

Vor dir war jeder Tag zu lang
Und jetzt erleb ich jede Sekunde - mit dir
In mir gehn tausend Sonnen auf
Ich bete dass sie niemals
untergehn ohne dich

Womit hab ich dich verdient
Bin ich dich wirklich wert

Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich in deinem Herz bin - warum
Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich die eine bin die du liebst – warum
Darf ich hier neben dir sein
Warum willst du mich
Warum bin ich die eine
Warum sagst du mir
Ich liebe dich
Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich in deinem Herz bin - warum
Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich die eine bin die du liebst – warum
Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich in deinem Herz bin - warum
Wer bin ich
Dass gerade ich die eine bin die du liebst – warum

Warum bin ich die eine
Warum bin ich die eine
Warum bin ich die eine
Warum liebst du mich


Haha~ yes...I'm not even going to try and translate that. It's a German song that I recently grown fond of.
But I found its existance through a Hetalia AMV. Nyuhyu~
I think I can, like, pronounce half of them and feign prounounce the other half.
Haha! I'm just awesome like that!
I kind of want to know songs in many languages~ There's a lot of spanish ones but I wonder if there's a good song in Italian. I hear their language is beautiful.
...well so is France but I gave up on that faster than you can say
"Mein Freund aus Italien!"

Deutschland vs. España this morning!
I will be rooting for Deutschland all the way!
Sorry, Antonio~ you're all cheery and smiles but when it comes to personality, I match better with Ludwig
Actually, now that I think about relation to Hetalia...this match is fucking ironic. N.Italy'd be all over Germany while S.Italy would be cursing for the Spanish. Okay, will stop fangirling now!
Tun Sie Ihr Bestes, Deutschen!!

Drabble: Should be Here, FrUK

France stared at the bouquet of roses in his hands. They were dazzlingly red, fresh from being cut off their bush and now, in his hands, they waited to wither. He had picked out the finest ones as a gift for someone but he had been a moment too late. Now she was laid on her bed, a white cloth covering her aged face.

He had been away for a mere month due to business and before they had parted, France had promised to bring her the reddest rose he could find so that it would accessorize her hair, something that she had shyly said was unfit for her age. Before they had parted, before the man had taken to the cobblestones, she reached out for his shoulders and gave it a light tap. He turned, smiling, and waited for her to speak.

“Youth has favored you and blessed you, Francis. Unlike it has to me,” she had said and he felt his heart stir.

“Youth is not always what is outside,” France replied before taking her wrinkly hands into his and rubbed the back with his thumb as he stared into her deep, light blue eyes.

“I don’t have much time left –” she began to say but Francis had shushed her.

“You will be eternal for as long as you remain in my memory,” France said, with all sincerity he could give, and placed a light kiss on her hand. “And that would be forever.”

The smile she gave him did not reach her eyes but they parted as well; him to his quarters down the dirt road, her to the warmness of her abode.

Now, he was still staring at the bouquet of red rose in his hands. In front of him, on the grass, was a single red rose. The best one he had picked out while on his way. Its purpose was lost now as the owner of the hair it would adorn was gone from the world.

A rustle between the trees made him look up and he saw a boy stumble out.

Mon petite chenille,” France breathed out and his voice cracked a bit from not being used. The boy grew flustered at the nickname and stormed towards him.

“I’m not your bloody caterpillar, you sodding frog!”

England, who had been the one emerging from the bushes, was a boy with thick eyebrows and messy dirt blond hair. He was elated, silently, to see that the boy was growing fast. Only a month ago the boy was but a toddler of a figure. He knew the aging of nations were different from humans and it was quickly getting apparent that England was expanding, getting powerful.

“What’s a rose doing here?” the boy asked curiously, stopping so suddenly from his tirade of ill-words. France was silent as England picked up the single rose and turned it in his hand. His emerald green eyes were suddenly on the Frenchman, seeking and waiting for an answer.

“Hey, Angleterre,” France began to say, licking his dry lips. The boy looked at him questioningly. “Have you ever felt loss from one of the humans?”

The way England bristled as if France had all but slapped him nearly made the man chuckle. The Brit wanted to cut him off, retort indignantly but when the blue eyes were cast down to the roses in his lap, things seemed to fall into place.

“You fell in love,” the boy said almost accusingly.

“I did not,” France bit back, defensively. “It was a misplaced affection. I never even slept with her.”

England looked like he had more to say about the matter but, for once, he remained quiet. France watched as the boy turned the flower in his hand. When the green eyes looked back at him, it was not with disdain or disgust but a bit of wonder. His eyes were also not trained on the Frenchman. Not properly, at least. It was staring at France’s hair - or more accurately, his left ear.

Angleterre?” France said softly but it succeeded in snapping out the English boy from his staring.

“You’re always a weird one,” England grumbled but his attention was on the rose in his hand. He took out a pocketknife, cut the rose into two, much to the man’s pleasure, and threw away the lower part of the stem. “Falling in love with your human. You know they won’t last long. You know they’re going to make you sad anyway. Yet you can’t help it.”

France was a bit startled to hear the sadness in the boy’s voice. England had probably gone through an episode like his before. As the boy continued, he carefully sliced off the thorns from the rose “Your heart wrenches when you have to wave goodbye to them and whether you see them again or not, it eats you inside. Their sadness resound in you because they are…”

When the Brit trailed away, France looked up into those bright emerald green eyes, still full of youth yet already tinted by pain.

“…a part of you, in the end,” England finished. He breathed out a sigh before stepping closer, leaning down, and carefully placed the rose onto the left ear of the Frenchman.

France was speechless, having not been expecting that gesture of all things. Although he was staring at the boy’s solemn face, England had found more interest in examining the blood red rose.

Angleterre?” the taller man said again, snapping the boy. It resulted in a very violent reaction. England had backed up a good five inches, his face a deep shade of red, his mouth stuttering incomprehensible nonsense and his hands waving frantically around. It was so comical that France felt a tug on the side of his lips.

“It wasn’t – don’t think – I was – no – it – Don’t laugh, you bloody frog!” England stammered angrily before he turned away and folded his arms across his chest. “Don’t think I did it to amuse you!”

“Then why, mon cher?” France said, a hint of his playfulness returning back.

“Roses. Beautiful ones like that…shouldn’t be wasted lying sympathetically,” the Brit boy reasoned indignantly before turning away and running for the trees.

France was left, a bit confused but oddly content, and he stared at the bouquet in his hands. What the boy said was true.

And so, France stood up, dusting his tunic before making his way to his old acquaintance’s house. After all, as promised, she would always remain youthful and alive within his memory.


Haha. wtf. I fail so much at writing nowadays.
Mon petite chenille(France) - My little caterpillar
Angleterre(France) - England
Mon cher(France) - dear

It's not historically accurate and the timeline runs a bit due to France' I just wanted to give oneshots a try~ Yeah, well. It was fun.

Still high on FIFA, btw

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