My Website got Hacked

And I, like, haven't noticed that since a month ago *facepalm*

Oh well, I didn't really have much use for the website anyway. Welp

I just finished fixing it of course, so now it's working again. Nothing new has been added yet but I plan to do a whole makeover for when I have to insert "Do Not Stay Outside After Maghrib" page. Maybe next time I'll put a more lively theme. Black is pretty depressing =v=;;

Getting idiotically hacked aside, I haven't written anything in what felt like forever.
(Well, I don't have a reader anyway)
I have a reason for that though!

I moved houses! And so there were some problems getting the internet back. It was really tough but turns out there wasn't much expecting me when I finally had the internet.

UPDATES! On my life~

Spring 2012 anime has started!!!!
Other than Hyouka, I started watching Kuroko no Basuke~
 As always, the main guy falls straight into this little 2D part in my heart.
I even went to read the manga up until the recent release in MangaFox. It was pretty interesting. The animation was pretty good in my opinion and I'm really looking forward to the next part.
Hyadain's also singing the ED. I was surprised ^^ but I love it even before I knew that.

Ah, yeah, Kimi to boku came with a new season~ It's always nice to be able to hear Shun-chan's voice again.
Speaking of Shun-chan,
This here is Matsuoka Ginger ( 松岡ジンジャー)
It's named after the first impression I had of the colour of his fur. This is also my first possession that I've given a family name (I feel retarded suddenly. Welp)

I'll take a higher resolution picture of him later. I only got a webcam now.
I received him the morning when I arrived at my hometown. It's a pleasant surprise really. It's cute, fluffy, soft and smells nice. It really, really smells nice. I can just bury my face in it lots of time.
I haven't figured out a good blog nickname for the giver but thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
I can't wait to bring him home and introduce him to Hanatamago

Other than that, I've recently gotten into reading Dean Koontz's novels. I'm on my way through my fourth novel by him titled 'Life Expectations'. That's one hell of a funny book.

The first book I read by him was 'From the Corner of His Eyes.' It was recommended by Aneki.
I INSTANTLY fell in love with his beautiful and captivating writing.

The 2nd one was a book I bought from Popular bookstore called 'What the Night Knows.' aksdjsjkdh that book is indescribable. I was on edge reading that. Very nicely written, I'd recommend it to people who love horror and supernatural stories.
Aneki borrowed 3 books from her lecturer; 'The Husband', 'Life Expectation' and 'Sole Survivor'. I've finished the first one (Absolutely in awe of it btw) and hoping to start reading the last one soon.

Just in case anyone would like to know what I want for my birthday, a Dean Koontz novel would be REALLY nice. I will love you so much you will get tired of it. They don't sell his novels at Kinokuniya (WHICH IS A BIG DAMN SHAME BTW) so I'm outta ideas where to get more of his works.
Shhhh I dunno how internet transactions work

Let's see...
I'm still in the process of finishing my final project so I can't get into a lot of other things.

Other things I got into was Markiplier's 'Let's Play's on YT. I was looking for reaction videos of Penumbra and Amnesia when I found him. It's interesting and addictive to watch him play. Currently, I'm mostly just listening since I've to do my final project but it's interesting all the same.

I also got back into reading Noblesse. Damn, Rai made me cry hard in one of the recent chapters.

As for my project,
it's going kind of not so well.
I'll fix it somehow.

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