SMTown Live 08' Fan Account(DongBangJunior Special)

I thought the concert was over after that, so imagine my surprised when another video comes on the screen, announcing a special DBSK/Super Junior segment. LOOOOOOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Guh, I die for Dong Bang Junior interactions (and there was a TON of DBSJ in the finale as well!), so I was feeling happily spoiled then. DBSK came out singing ‘Oasis’ and ‘HI YA YA’ first. THEY WERE ON THE MIDDLE STAGE FOR BOTH OF THE SONGS TOO. The ‘HI YA YA’ one, especially, was one of my favorite performances all night. That song is brilliant. And so happy :). I almost forgot that I didn’t have any pictures from the 2nd half at all. ALMOST :(. Lots of Yunchun and Jaemin interaction in HI YA YA. I don’t know why Yunho feels the need to stick his microphone in everyone’s faces, especially when they’re already holding a microphone lulz, but it was pretty adorable. ADD!Yunho nearly got him in trouble again; he slipped and came very close to falling down the stairs :/. Changmin was in a SUPER GOOD MOOD all night. I’ve read stuff about him being “cold” in concerts, but I didn’t see it at all. The girls behind us were shouting “Changmin! CHANGMIN!!!” and he turned around to wave at us :). Didn’t see too much of Junsu cause he was on the other side, though :(.

DBSK ran back to the front stage when they were done and SuJu came out to perform ‘Happiness’ and ‘Wonder Boys’. This was definitely where Yunho and Yoochun slapped Donghae’s ass because I was flipping a shit over it. LOL. Donghae was actually one of the first SuJu boys running out to the stage, but he must have known what was coming, cause he froze before stepping foot on the walkway (letting the rest of his SuJu members rush out past him) and sort of hunched over while Yunho and Yoochun ran over to him LOLOLOLOL. Poor Donghae ♥. ‘Happiness’ and ‘Wonder Boys’ were such fun and awesome performances ♥♥♥♥♥. Both of those songs would be in my top ten favorite SuJu songs. Siwon, Hankyung, and Heechul came over to our side and alskdjflsajskdlfjkl omg they know exactly what to do to make the fangirls go crazy. Heechul had his arms over both Siwon and Hankyung and was making them drag him around the stage LOL. Eunhyuk and Donghae also ran over to our side, clearly not knowing where to run next, until Eunhyuk pointed to the side stage and was all “OVER THERE” and they ran off. EUNHAE IS SO CUTE, YOU GUYS. DBSK came out again to do ‘Balloons’, again high-fiving SuJu along the way (Changmin stopped to hug Kibum ^^). The fan chants for ‘Balloons’ were fabulous! After each member sang, the fans would chant that member’s name :DDD. The boys were chanting along too. I don’t know how they do it, since it was a six hour concert and they performed a lot of songs … HOW DO THEY NOT LOOK TIRED AT ALL?

And finally, the mother of collabs: DBSK AND SUJU SINGING ‘SHOW ME YOUR LOVE’ TOGETHER OMG. I almost couldn’t believe it when I heard the opening notes of the song and then the “TVXQ … OHHHHHH WITH SUPER JUNIOR!!” alskdjfkdls. So, they were totally spread out all over the whole stadium for this song and ajksldfjs yeah I didn’t know where to look. A bunch of them walked past us though! Kyu, most memorably, because he smiled and waved and looked adorably shy when the screams picked up a notch XD. I think they eventually got on these rolling platfroms that were being pushed toward middle; DBSK on the left side, SuJu on the right side of the stadium (near us). Hahahaha, I kind of wish they hadn’t separated them on those platforms by groups because it would have been nice to see even more Dong Bang Junior interactions. And also from a practical standpoint; SuJu looked positively squished on their platform and then there was a minor traffic jam when they had to walk down the stairs from their platform, thus causing a delay in their return to the stage lmfao!

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.08.24 00:23

Title: Crazy

Because under ‘X-Mas’ quick new music arrangement, who is known as Jungmo with the exceptional musical ability

I performed ‘Lee Jung Hyun’s ‘Crazy’

Jungmo.. alone played the drums and guitar and different kinds of bass, settling everything himself

Me : Ya~ I will be doing a rock performance at the SM Concert with Horse and Danhobak

Jungmo : (-┏)Then which song will you be arranging.. <<>
Me : The rock version of Tell Me ㄱㄱ Give it a try
I connected my IPOD and went through songs one by one
Jungmo connected his electric guitar
Jungmo : (Jing Jing Jing Jing *sound of the electric guitar) Hum.. As compared to this, I think So Hot suits Hyung more
Me : So Hotㄱㄱ
Jungmo : (Jing Jing Jing) Why don’t we try with this first..
Me : If I sing So Hot, what happens if everyone thinks I’m a Wonder Girls fan?
Jungmo : Everyone knew it a long time ago (-_-) So Hot suits Hyung more..
Me : Ya we’re not singing U on that day, how about trying a rock version of U ㄱㄱ Can?
Jungmo : (Jing Jing Jing Jing) This.. How do you sing it alone;; You want to sing “Ni Hi”* again..
Me : The fist move filled with the spirit of “Ni Hi”!! Beok! Hmm.. How about (SNSD’s) the rock version of Into the New Worldㄱㄱ
Jungmo : (Jing Jing Jing Jing)Oh~ Will this be successful?
Me : At the starting, I will be having a sorrowful piano opening and also, I want to add in a violin ..
Jungmo : ㅡㅡㆀ For the violin, it has to be recorded alone then it’s possible;; If it’s like that, I’m afraid there’s not enough time..
Me : Ah get Henry to come and it’ll be fineㅋㅋ Call him and ask him to come~ㄱㄱ
Jungmo : I really;; How about using “다시 만난 세계 DaSiManNanSeGye” ..
Me : Ah! Kim Won Jun’s “넌 내꺼! 넌 내꺼! Nan NaeGge! Nan NaeGge!” I even know the dance for this song!!ㅋㅋ
Jungmo : (-_-)….Hyung, are you sure you can do it alone;; I need to arrange the music within this 2 days;;
Me : Then wait till after I sleep then do it!! First try it with a soothing tune and then change it to rockㄱㄱ
Jungmo : (Jing Jing Jing Jing) This song is Hyung’s type~ So we’ll use this then? * For reference As long as you give Jungmo the song’s title, he is able to play the whole thing out (-┏)
Me: Ah!! I said tell me!! How about Ji Nu Syeon’s Tell Me?! Tell meㄱㄱ
Jungmo : (-_-)….Who will sing the girl’s part then;;
Me : Soshi’s black mountain goat, Yuri ㄱㄱ
Jungmo : Tell me is Cool!!
Me : Hhm.. Should we get Yuri to sing then, this type of Cool music, it shouldn’t be a problem changing it to rock.. Right?
Jungmo : (-_-)
Me : Ah.. Am Jung Hwa’s version, I know all the dance steps to this song..
Jungmo : (-_-)
Me : R.E.F’s 고요속의 외침 GoYoSukUiOe .. I can sing this song very well too..
Jungmo : (-_-) <<>
Me : Ah.. Lee Jung Hyun’s Wa This is my killer tactic.. I’m impressive showing my fan..
Jungmo : Ah! Hyung! Crazy! Crazy! It suits Hyung the best! Crazy!
Me : Oh! So accurate! I know most of the actions for that song!! Ya That’s it~ Crazyㄱㄱ
So that was how Crazy was decided upon (-┏)
N.B * The part Heechul sang off-key the previous time.
Translated by
Heechul refers to Sungmin as Danhobak(Pumpkin) and Siwon as Horse.
Keke, Heenim seems to make the people around him crazy as well.

Choi Siwon and Youtube

SOUTH KOREA, Seoul 23 August 2008

Members of Super Junior's Official Fan Club ELF and other Community Groups supporting the heart throbs are joining Choi Si Won's Youtube account "". The fans couldn't believe it that the busy guy actually made his own account on the largest video site in the world.

According to a Mandarin newspaper, the Youtube account was "originally made by Henry Lau, a member of Super Junior's sub-unit Super Junior-M who that time reading mails on the net from his family back in Toronto during their very few extra time preparing for the SM Town Live 08.

Siwon jokingly asked him to teach him use Youtube. The violin lover responsed accordingly into making a funny account name for his Hyung. Unfortunately, it has fallen into unvisited Youtube account since they think it would be a risk to make one. But the account has been significantly talked about over a few days now since Siwon himself told the audience about that account and stated that it was made a week ago and thinks that it is a good way of reaching out fans by watching their videos but he said that he can hardly log in due to his busy schedule and his limited English.

Min Kyung

Heechul Leaves First Kiss for Future Wife

Super Junior member, Kim Heechul revealed recently, “I will leave my first kiss to my future wife”, his words invoking reaction from his fans.
While hosting his ETN radio show, he revealed about the preparations that he and fellow Super Junior member Kangin has been undergoing for their “Xanadu” musical which would be showing from 9th - 11th September. The most interesting part was when he talked about the kissing scenes in the musical.
Kim Heechul expressed that he was able to complete the rehearsals for the hugging scenes, etc with relative ease. But he found himself in a spot when the director requested for him to do a kissing scene with the female actress. This was because he wanted to leave his first kiss for his future wife. So right until the end of the rehearsals, he never attempted any kissing scenes at all.
Eh? Didn't he already lose his first kiss to his ex-girlfriend? Ah...but this is so sweet for someone like Heechul.
Eventhough it's kind of weird.

SMTown Live 08'

[SM Concert ] PART 1

03. -Haruman(Just for One Day)- CSJH & Cho Kyuhyun
06. -Just Two of Us- Chu Gayeol & Lee Sungmin (guitar&singing) - Xanadu promotional video
14. -Suddenly- Kangin & Kim Heechul (Musical Xanadu)
15. -Don't Walk Away- Kangin & Kim Heechul (Musical Xanadu)
20. -One Love- Eunhyuk & Junsu
21. -Rappers Performance- Yunho, Yoochun, Shindong, Donghae, Key - Super Junior Rock Video
22(?). -Michyuh- Kim Heechul (vocals) Lee Sungmin (guitar) Choi Siwon (drums)
27. -Guhwiui Kkoom- Cho Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun & Song Kwangshik (piano)
29. -Doobuhnjjae Gyuhwool- Kim Ryeowook, Onew, (Yesung)
[Super Junior T did not perform]
33. -Woorideurui Sarang(Our Love)- Super Junior
34. -Midnight Fantasy- Super Junior
35. -Aju muht yetnal (Song For You)- Super Junior
36. -Under the Sea- SM TOWN
37. -Snow Dream- SM TOWN

[SM Concert ] PART 2

01. -TWINS(knock-out)- Super Junior
04. -Don't Don- Super Junior
07. -Kaljeung(Man in Love)- Super Junior
12. -You're My Endless Love- Super Junior
15. -Dancing Out- Super Junior
26. -DANCE BATTLE- Yunho, Junsu, Eunhyuk, Han Geng, Donghae (1st to perform), Shindong (), Taemin, Stephanie, Hyoyeon -DBSK & Super Junior video-
31. -Smile- Super Junior
34. -Haengbok- Super Junior
35. -Wonder Boy- Super Junior
37. -Show Me Your Love- DBSK & Super Junior
38. -Summer Vacation- SM TOWN
39. -Hotmail- SM TOWN
40. -Taeyangeun Gadeukhee- SM TOWN
One of the most anticipated concert of the summer has finally arrived. The show was huge and the performers were grand. Kwon Boa finally returned with her SM Collegues, DBSK returned from Japan to preform their hit Korean Songs, CHSJ also returned from Japan, Super Junior finally shared the stage among the 13 members, SNSD singing together again, and SHinee successfully performed in their first ever SM Town activity.

No One is Going to Quit

Is Kim Ki Bum really quitting the group?
Who would expect that a rubbish rumor spreads so fast as a dangerous fire and burned the hearts of ELFs in China, Korea, Philippines and Thailand that the other worried members of the Global Fan Club made their own conclusions and versions of the rumor "Kim Ki Bum of Super Junior Bids His Fans Goodbye".
Seems never-ending weep from the fans bugged the quiet member of Super Junior for an ambush interview and forced him to react on the spreading rumor...
"Who ever thinks I am going to quit Super Junior, is who has never trusted me and never given me a chance." ~ Kim Ki Bum
No matter how many rumors and outrageous feedbacks from the antis, as long as the trust is in the hearts of the boys towards each other, no one is going to quit!
Click here
Reign Heart

Kibum is Leaving?

Some ELF are shaking in their boots with the thought of Super Junior being only 12 members. There's been some rumors spreading across the Korean Blogosphere that KiBum will be leaving the group shortly before the release of the third album.
As many people know, KiBum debuted as an actor and his first priorities was and always will be acting. With this in mind some fans looked at KiBum's upcoming schedule and noticed that his filming schedule is in direct conflict with many of Super Junior's activities and engagements.
KiBum also didn't have one line to sing in Most of Super Junior's entire 2nd album.
So people started spreading some rumors that KiBum is going to leave Super Junior without any credible source to back up that theory. Even without a credible source, some Super Junior fans were getting worried about the prospect of KiBum leaving.

No way...

Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 081208

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.08.12 (Perhaps around 6pm or so)


Taegeuk/National Warrior Hwaiting!


Although...short but at least our Angel updated.
So sweet of him to be rootin' for the athletes in the spirit of Olympics. That's our considerate leader, always representing the team. As for me, Malaysia fighting!
The one who posted this said that it really was spelled 'Taegeuk' and not 'Taeguk'(Thailand). Incase anyone is wondering.

Fan Account of Yamaha CF shooting

"Now Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Hyukjae, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, and Ryeowook are here in Thailand for Yamaha CF shooting.
It is also confirmed that Kibum and Yesung will not come to attend the activity this time.
I cannot take any photo or clip of them today as their bodyguards was so strict and STRONG.
They put the flashlight to my face and everyone who’s holding the camera.
So I just kept my camera in my pocket before those guys come to break it.. haha
SJH + Heechul went out to the studio around 11am and worked there for whole day long.Hangeng arrived BKK around 12pm. He got to the hotel first, then left for the studio to shoot his part with all the friends there.
After dinner, all of them got back to the hotel around 11pm and Heechul looked really happy.
Hangeng was the very first one who walked into the hotel, and some fans shouted out his name.
Then Heechul rushly running from the front door to walk with Hangeng, and he put his arm at Hangeng’s shoulder then winked at the fans.
By his playful gesture, it was just like he tried to say “Hey, He’s mine!” (LOL)OMG .. that was the cutest moment ever! Seemed like he was very happy compared to yesterday..
maybe it’s because he can make the reunion with his best friend and brother that he misses ^^
For others, they’re so cute and nice as usual. Teukie was walking very slow because he tried to wave at all the fans.And Hyukjae was doing the Thai greeting (Sawasdee) to all the fans with such a cute bow.I didn’t see much of the rest as all my attention was already at HANCHUL .. LMAO~
Then around 1am, SJM (Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook) arrived the hotel.
Siwon looked so cute and natural without his hair set. He’s so nice and polite as usual, made his greeting all the way until the elevator.
Donghae ^__________^ he’s so alert!!!! Walking really happy and waving everywhere.My friend and I were standing behind the very big bodyguard, so I cannot see Donghae clearly at first then we kindda bent our heads 60 degrees to the side of that big guy just to wave at him. account by: schoolofpink@soompi


Omo~! Hanchul! Wish I can see that as well.

But I'm still wondering when it was they did this CF. Has it been quite sometime? Hmm...
Anyway, Super Junior fighting! Yesung, get better soon.

Kim Heechul, true Wonder Girls fan

Okay...this is really old post but I like it

"Super Junior Kim Heechul continued to show everyone that he is a true Wonder Girls fan as he performed the whole “So Hot” dance on a recent “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio recording hosted by Kim Shin Young and Shin Dong.In the recording last night, Kim Heechul was the guest on the program as Shin Dong asked, “Aren’t you dancing when that song is played?” as Heechul replied immediately, “Not dancing!”.
But immediately after, Shin Dong said, “It’s performed by the Wonder Girls.
Please take note of the video”, when Heechul immediately asked, “Do I do (dance) it here?”, as he kept looking for a spot to do the dance and looking slightly embarassed.
As the music started playing, Heechul immediately sprung up from his seat and started doing the V-Line dance after Shin Dong finished lip-syncing to the opening.
Although Heechul said he was shy and would just do a little bit, he only disappeared from the screen for a while before appearing with a pink hairclip on his head and started to do “So Hot” with zest.
And from here on, with Kim Shin Young as his partner, ‘Kim Heechul’ So Hot version was born.
Following the broadcast, netizens commented on the video which was uploaded to various sites, “Kim Heechul is really too sexy”, “This cannot be done so well with just 1-2 days of practise, he is a Wonder Girls fan”, “Compared to saying he’s a So Hee fanatic, the hairclip on his head was too cute for words.”

source: wonderland

Hehe...He really looks cute dancing to Wonder Girls. And he even brought his new kitten, Shampagne, with him.

Heechul's Cyworld Entry 080808

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.08.08 21:22

Title: Depression

4 years ago ..

(This is) The first picture I posted up when I opened my minihompy..

Opening the drawer, other than red, I have almost every colour of contact lens

Opening the cabinet, it’s filled with plain series, floral clothes, and hats

Thinking of it now, before debut, I seemed more like an artiste..(-┏)

No matter who’s staring at me, I will carry the thought that ‘I am air’ and only caring about walking

Even if I hear “So handsome”, “So pretty” I do not feel anything

I just have the ‘Now then you know?’ type of thought which is far from a good feeling ..(-┏)
Letting me face women, the 3 dongsaengs who are willing to dump their pride for the sake of true love

Jung Yunho (Absolute and complete AAA type)

Lee Donghae (An A type who’s just like a B type)

Kim Kibum (I don’t know if he’s talented fella who’ll become an A type just like Yunho)

When these 3 get together they’ll always go into comparisons of relationships ..

“No matter how much we like (her) we’ll break up, but until the end, our pride will still be left with us”

Even elementary school kids will jeer at the story ‘Women are Men’s enemies’ ..

This is the rough plot of Heenim’s ‘Women are Men’s enemies’..

Why is it that men always have to pay for the meal?

When you all cry and get yourselves entangled, do you feel that being a woman is very great?
I just walked simply, the women in front cast a glance and had the intentions to run away

Women look at men
“Wa~ Your stature is so good! Can I touch? >>Ya~” Like this

But if men say
“Your figure’s not too bad either^-^” It’ll become a @#$%&! outcome which will upset people..

And there’s also other weird behaviour that was forced ..

What’s funny is that.. Thesea 3 pure dongsaengs who are not able to readily nod their head saying these kind of words

In the end, the 3 of the dongsaengs still don’t believe women..(-┏)

Although it’s very normal that Cassiopeia and ELF will clap, and wave the Taeguk balloon

But in my opinion.. ‘What if the kids don’t get married;;” Thinking about this, I’ll feel that I’ve sinned

When I met and contacted my high school friends

“Do you have a girfriend?ㅋㅋ It looks like you won’t be getting marriedㅋㅋ”

“You still have no way of initiating a call to a girl?ㅋㅋ”

“You play games>girlfriend That’s the problemㅋㅋ”

With regards to the words filled with warmth said by friends, I acknowledged it using violence

When depression sinks in, even if I force it I’ll also pretend that I’m happy

Or I’ll act depressed to the highest level, finding a way out of the darkness

It’s roughly this meaning.. I’m still more of the latter

I’ve reached the age at a certain degree..

It’s time.. I should learn the analogies of this degree..

The depression of August can’t be like a child’s thought disappearing that quickly

I’ll use my camera to capture my depressed image and upload it..

Truthfully, updating my minihompy with this kind of font and colour..

It doesn’t look like I’m depressed (-┏)

Translated by superduperlove
Credits; OnlySJ13, LoveChul
Omo~ emo-ish Heechul...this is so sudden. I hope he's okay. It's strange for him to be so Eeteuk-ish...

Eunhyuk and Youtube

One of the semi-active netizen of the group, Super Junior Happy's Eun Hyuk has secretly been observing fans on Youtube as the second most viewed site for his group next to their official site.
SBS recently filed a complain against Youtube users who have violated the copyright infringement of their shows and now are suspended.
Eun Hyuk as the member of Super Junior, being involved on the issue as they have been a part of SBS's Exploration of the Human Body feels sorry about it.
"I still thank those people for all their efforts ripping and uploading videos about us.
They are one of the reasons why we are here.
They have exposed us worldwide and that is something that I treasure so much.
I want to upload videos too but I don't know how and I'm afraid that I might get suspended too." (laughs)

Eun Hyuk's Youtube: Click Here
Translation from:
Taken from Asianfanatics

Omo! Our jewel boy has a youtube account! Now they're going to find the fanvids of them(teehee). Good luck uploading vids, Eunhyuk-sshi!



...should always be the first things you say...

Ahh...why did I make my own blog...
Couldn't even maintain the one at livejournal...
Will I continue posting here?

I should...

Maybe...I'll fill post after post with Super Junior love
or anything related to it...
...I've never done that...
...I should

...start from now

But, alas...I can't do it frequently...
...being at school
...and me liking to procrastinate...
it should be a crime...this procrastinating
but it's not, so everyone is doing it...

this should be my greetings.

With regards,

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