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I managed to get hold of the Kuroshitsuji DVD! Yatta!

It cost me all my pocket money but the covers are worth it! Thankfully the Kuroshitsuji series is one of those series that you can buy below RM30.

When I followed my cousin to see my sister working her booth in this popular mall in my area, I thought I was going to leave with a book in hand since I’ve been contemplating about buying a novel to read in the day. I went to Popular™ bookstores to check on the teenage novels there but sadly, the ones that had a cover I actually like looking at cost me above RM30 and I wasn’t feeling willing to spend that much on a past time I didn’t even particularly enjoy. I contemplated about checking the manga section but after one glance and one touch, I left. The mangas there were ancient! Of course the series they chose to display were fun and popular but damnit! I didn’t feel like immersing myself in any volume of Detective Conan or going down memory lane with Rurouni Kenshin vol.5!

So I decided to leave then. Just as I neared the shop entrance, I noticed the CD shop that was attached to Popular™ so I went in to investigate. On my mind that time was the need to find any old Super Junior albums or perhaps Wonder Girls (though I know I wouldn’t have bought it even if I found it). Obviously, I didn’t find any so I wanted to turn and go down and that was when I noticed tons of anime series! I’m not an otaku so I don’t know a lot of the series. I found a Ghibli studio soundtrack though but it’s a soundtrack so…yeah. When I was about to leave for real, my eyes saw it! Gintama 60-120!! Damn it! It cost a freakin’ fortune, going above RM60. I don’t have that much at that time!

So with a really heavy heart, I left the place. As I was descending through the escalator, I remembered! Speedy home entertainment! Bringing the World’s Entertainment to Malaysian Homes. Goods sold are not refundable/exchangeable. Media sold are guaranteed for 2 weeks. No kidding, that’s what it says on the resit.

Anime heaven~~
I wanted to dance in there just watching the amount of anime they have! But I’m not that brave or crazy and I was alone, so I behaved. In my mind was ‘Gintama, Gintama, Gintama,’ having been devastated because of the earlier incident.

That was when I found it! Kuroshitsuji Original DVD chapter 1-24End+free CD soundtrack with PVC protection! I was wow’ed by the DVD cover that once I got hold of it, I couldn’t set it down. I still browsed the other CDs to see if there are series that can top my fangirly-ness over Black Butler. I found Ghost in the Shell 2.0 but I wasn’t sure if it was really a new GitS series or that I just didn’t really know the name of the GitS series I’ve watched so far so no matter what, Kuroshitsuji topped that in my fangirlisness chart. I bought it and waited until after 10PM when my sister finished her work so that we could return home.

I plugged in my cousin’s notebook and shed into more comfortable clothes before I sat down on the chair and slipped the DVD in.

Now, the story about Kuroshitsuji. I first got to know it from a fanart of Sebastian and Ciel. The person who put up the fanart stated the anime title so I was interested about getting to know more about the two bishounens (thruthfully, more about Sebastian since I am far from being a pedophile. Not that I think I’ve reached the age that this issue can be easily brought up). Normally, I’d first use Google to look up the story but with Kuroshitsuji, I decided to check in Youtube. How devastated I was to note at that time that Kuroshitsuji wasn’t uploaded fully in YT so I watched what I can and laughed at what I can. By the time I reached episode 8 part 2 of 3, I grew devastated. How can anyone go on having missed a few episodes and parts damnit!

I recollected myself and decided to finally google it. That was how I found the Shinsen-subs torrents (Thank you Shinsen!) and I felt so relieved beyond imagination. I had Azures and around that time I upgraded it to Vuze so I was able to download it. The process was slow and one episode took around a day, sometimes reaching 3 days if I notice that Vuze died late but it was fun to enjoy the fruits of labour by the end of the day.

I ended up downloading from episode 1 to 9 (missing 7) before episode 10 became quite a problem to me because of some link malfunction or something. It was still okay then, because I still get to read the manga and I have to say, I enjoy the manga more even though it doesn’t have Pluto…or Pluplu or whatever. One day though, I stumbled upon an anime review blog and the blogger wrote something about the ending of Kuroshitsuji. The description was so scarce and made me really want to know since it seems that the ending wasn’t really satisfactory but was somewhat predictable.

This is probably the main reason I bought Kuroshitsuji: the ending!

When I watched it, I started from the very beginning; episode 1. I haven’t seen Kuroshitsuji in a while since my computer totally crashed around a month ago along with all my digital animanga collection. The entire night, I devoted myself to Kuroshitsuji and didn’t even pause for a second (other than change to my sister’s laptop since my cousin needed to get to work) until around 8AM. Yes, I didn’t sleep a wink. I was too excited to know the ending.

And like all the other animes I watched, happy or sad, I cried at the end. It really wasn’t that satisfactory but there were no cliffhangers damnit! It ended like it should but I wished it ended better. There was no definite indication that the Phantomhive workers made it. Tanaka also up and disappeared. I wanted so badly to just cry my heart out during Ciel’s last trip but my aunt was there, constantly coming in and leaving the room that I felt kind of embarrassed to cry openly. Tears did fall but it was quickly wiped away.
Sebastian took Ciel's soul after all

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