Kuroshitsuji in Arena

I returned to my hometown to a pleasant surprise. My sister, who I suspect wouldn’t know the actual meaning of manga, bought Arena, a local magazine that prints translated Japan comics just for me. Well, technically the magazine is hers but she’s letting me ogle it as much as I want.

Just seeing the front cover made me jump with joy. Ciel and Sebastian, chained to each other, stared back at me. I thought that Arena had decided to make a special cover on the Kuroshitsuji series but when I skimmed through the contents (very briefly) I was ecstatic to find out that they decided to add the Kuroshitsuji series among the other mangas.

On top of having found out that Kuroshitsuji was starting, the magazine also printed out a D.Gray-man poster this time. I squealed excitedly and showed the poster to everyone, though no one gave it any care. Under “The Black Order” sign on the top poster, Lavi, Allen and Kanda was posing with their weapons out. Allen was in his crowned clown state with the big sword in his hand. I have to say though that I preferred if it was the manga version. Sadly, it’s the anime version but it is D.Gray-man none-the-less so my complaint is invalid.

At night, after I finished one session of my work, I was comparing the Kuroshitsuji from Arena and onemanga to see if the translation diverted far from the actual meaning. Some of the translations tend to be like that *coughFruitsBasketcough*. Now though, I have reasons to believe that the Kuroshitsuji printed out in Arena is actually the one uploaded in onemanga. The person who translated it didn’t have an actual grasp of the “I’m one hell of a butler” pun though, that’s about it. I like the onemanga version better coz it’s in English.

I’m not saying I have a problem with this. I’m just stating an observation. My feelings are faaaaar from hating it. In fact, I wish they’d print out D.Gray-man dammit!! Now that’s complaining *grins innocently*
That’s about it, really.
Thank you, nee-san, for buying it!

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