Timcanpy's Act of Cannicalism

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Here is the clean version.
The original one is here
OMG, Timcanpy.
lol at bakanda and moyashi's expressions


Images drawn in Flash

From all the other works I did, I like this one the best because of how it turned out.

The story is that, I've always been curious as to why John Su chose to do his art in Flash so I decided to give it a try.
To my utter delight, that caused me to give a horrifying fangirl squeal of 'uwa~n', I found out that it was much easier to shape a lineart in Flash than in photoshop.
Of course, Flash didn't have all those uber cool image gadgets that photoshop offered but it made my images more discernable dammit!

I truthfully have very bad mouse control and to rely on the scanner everytime I need to submit an art digitally is actually a pain. So Flash is really helping me.

Here's the other works I managed to do:

It's weird, I know.

Allen: One day, I'll pick out a star for you, Leenalee.
Leenalee: Don't bother, you'll hurt yourself, moyashi.
Allen: -_-;; you've been hanging out with Kanda, haven't you?
Leenalee: ^^;;

Three seconds later, once the girl with the short hair notices there's a snail near them, she's gonna ruin the moment by screaming her lungs out and properly damaging the other girl's eardrums permanently.

A spoiler!

A happy family.
That is, until he notices his fly is open and the woman is traumatized for life.

An attempt at fanart. Ed's back is interesting


A bizarre drawing of Allen that I'm not proud of.
It's just...too weird.


Tis' how I feel when I wake up before 10.
I'm having sleeping disorder. Again.
Y'see, because of the unending project, I usually get shut eye very early in the morning. Like 4 to 6 sumthin. So, in order to get sufficient sleep that won't make me cranky or like a zombie, I wake up very near to noon.
The thing is,
Yesterday I followed okaa-san to her work in somewhere about two hours drive from hometown. I wanted sooo much to get to sleep in a hotel that I left with a few clothing and some of my drawing essentials. I even left my harddisk.
The point it,
when night rolled in and okaa-san and imouto had snuggled into bed, I was still wide-eyed and not even a remorse of sleepy-ness in me.
I knew why though and okaa-san knew why, so I was safe from her melodious M16 speech about sleeping late. I watched Discovery Channel until 3 AM before I told myself that I needed to sleep.
After settling rather uncomfortably and cold on the hotel floor, since wrestling with a sleepy imouto proved to be a waste of energy and time, I tried to get some shut eye.
Try being the keyword here.
I think it was nearly 4 before I slept.
Okaa-san woke me up at 6 and imouto had the TV on so I couldn't get anymore sleep.
So I was feeling pretty drunk when we went out shopping at Parkson's and slept like a log all through the drive back home.
I need to get my sleeping habits back on the right track before I leave to further my studies.
On an unrelated note:

This person whose name I do not know and whose permission to post picture I do not acquire looks like Super Junior M's Zhoumi in real life.
He looks cuter in picture so I guess that makes him photogenic?
I found this in nee-chan's laptop.
I wonder if we'll get to see him again
If you know this person, send him my regards


The ability to teach oneself without a proper guidance. Nee-chan claims it to be self-learning.

It is in itself a gift and a curse to me.

A gift because it reduces the need for me to interact with humans.

A curse because it’s the only way I can learn anything.
My grades are low.

Kuroshitsuji in Arena

I returned to my hometown to a pleasant surprise. My sister, who I suspect wouldn’t know the actual meaning of manga, bought Arena, a local magazine that prints translated Japan comics just for me. Well, technically the magazine is hers but she’s letting me ogle it as much as I want.

Just seeing the front cover made me jump with joy. Ciel and Sebastian, chained to each other, stared back at me. I thought that Arena had decided to make a special cover on the Kuroshitsuji series but when I skimmed through the contents (very briefly) I was ecstatic to find out that they decided to add the Kuroshitsuji series among the other mangas.

On top of having found out that Kuroshitsuji was starting, the magazine also printed out a D.Gray-man poster this time. I squealed excitedly and showed the poster to everyone, though no one gave it any care. Under “The Black Order” sign on the top poster, Lavi, Allen and Kanda was posing with their weapons out. Allen was in his crowned clown state with the big sword in his hand. I have to say though that I preferred if it was the manga version. Sadly, it’s the anime version but it is D.Gray-man none-the-less so my complaint is invalid.

At night, after I finished one session of my work, I was comparing the Kuroshitsuji from Arena and onemanga to see if the translation diverted far from the actual meaning. Some of the translations tend to be like that *coughFruitsBasketcough*. Now though, I have reasons to believe that the Kuroshitsuji printed out in Arena is actually the one uploaded in onemanga. The person who translated it didn’t have an actual grasp of the “I’m one hell of a butler” pun though, that’s about it. I like the onemanga version better coz it’s in English.

I’m not saying I have a problem with this. I’m just stating an observation. My feelings are faaaaar from hating it. In fact, I wish they’d print out D.Gray-man dammit!! Now that’s complaining *grins innocently*
That’s about it, really.
Thank you, nee-san, for buying it!

Amazing bracelet!

mood: good

the other day, aneki, hafiz-san, sakinah-san and nee-chan partayed (misspell is intentional) at Genting higland.
Nee-chan is even writing about it at her blog right now.
Aneki bought me this absolutely gorgeous black bracelet that had a green "Feshnie" on it.
I don't have a pic of it now but I'm wearing it at the moment.
I...don't think I want to part with it
Hontouni Arigatou Aneki!!!

Other styles

mood: unwell

I feel like I've just been repriminded because of [this]
but...I shouldn't complain.
I'm truly at fault.
It's been difficult for Hoshino-sensei as well.
Whatever has been said, her fans will still wait until she ends her hiatus at her own time.
I mean Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is currently nearly always on hiatus so I should have no problem waiting another few weeks for D.Gray-man.
Well, now that's off my chest;
...I'll find my own style soon!

Imouto-chan joins the club!

mood: ecstatic

Finally after being around hormonal sisters,
imouto-chan hit puberty today!
It's definitely a cause to celebrate
But...dang it. The panic was short.
Okaa-san has already told her about the birds and the bees.
I found out about the birds and the bees by myself.
But I think it was more traumatizing for her since mom showed it in diagram 1 and diagram 2.
Good luck, imouto-chan!

FMA: Brotherhood episode 6

Episode 6 aired in Japan yesterday and someone has kindly uploaded it on the net already.
Gah...Ed is so impatient and it makes him so cute...

Kuroshitsuji DVD

mood: ecstatic

I managed to get hold of the Kuroshitsuji DVD! Yatta!

It cost me all my pocket money but the covers are worth it! Thankfully the Kuroshitsuji series is one of those series that you can buy below RM30.

When I followed my cousin to see my sister working her booth in this popular mall in my area, I thought I was going to leave with a book in hand since I’ve been contemplating about buying a novel to read in the day. I went to Popular™ bookstores to check on the teenage novels there but sadly, the ones that had a cover I actually like looking at cost me above RM30 and I wasn’t feeling willing to spend that much on a past time I didn’t even particularly enjoy. I contemplated about checking the manga section but after one glance and one touch, I left. The mangas there were ancient! Of course the series they chose to display were fun and popular but damnit! I didn’t feel like immersing myself in any volume of Detective Conan or going down memory lane with Rurouni Kenshin vol.5!

So I decided to leave then. Just as I neared the shop entrance, I noticed the CD shop that was attached to Popular™ so I went in to investigate. On my mind that time was the need to find any old Super Junior albums or perhaps Wonder Girls (though I know I wouldn’t have bought it even if I found it). Obviously, I didn’t find any so I wanted to turn and go down and that was when I noticed tons of anime series! I’m not an otaku so I don’t know a lot of the series. I found a Ghibli studio soundtrack though but it’s a soundtrack so…yeah. When I was about to leave for real, my eyes saw it! Gintama 60-120!! Damn it! It cost a freakin’ fortune, going above RM60. I don’t have that much at that time!

So with a really heavy heart, I left the place. As I was descending through the escalator, I remembered! Speedy home entertainment! Bringing the World’s Entertainment to Malaysian Homes. Goods sold are not refundable/exchangeable. Media sold are guaranteed for 2 weeks. No kidding, that’s what it says on the resit.

Anime heaven~~
I wanted to dance in there just watching the amount of anime they have! But I’m not that brave or crazy and I was alone, so I behaved. In my mind was ‘Gintama, Gintama, Gintama,’ having been devastated because of the earlier incident.

That was when I found it! Kuroshitsuji Original DVD chapter 1-24End+free CD soundtrack with PVC protection! I was wow’ed by the DVD cover that once I got hold of it, I couldn’t set it down. I still browsed the other CDs to see if there are series that can top my fangirly-ness over Black Butler. I found Ghost in the Shell 2.0 but I wasn’t sure if it was really a new GitS series or that I just didn’t really know the name of the GitS series I’ve watched so far so no matter what, Kuroshitsuji topped that in my fangirlisness chart. I bought it and waited until after 10PM when my sister finished her work so that we could return home.

I plugged in my cousin’s notebook and shed into more comfortable clothes before I sat down on the chair and slipped the DVD in.

Now, the story about Kuroshitsuji. I first got to know it from a fanart of Sebastian and Ciel. The person who put up the fanart stated the anime title so I was interested about getting to know more about the two bishounens (thruthfully, more about Sebastian since I am far from being a pedophile. Not that I think I’ve reached the age that this issue can be easily brought up). Normally, I’d first use Google to look up the story but with Kuroshitsuji, I decided to check in Youtube. How devastated I was to note at that time that Kuroshitsuji wasn’t uploaded fully in YT so I watched what I can and laughed at what I can. By the time I reached episode 8 part 2 of 3, I grew devastated. How can anyone go on having missed a few episodes and parts damnit!

I recollected myself and decided to finally google it. That was how I found the Shinsen-subs torrents (Thank you Shinsen!) and I felt so relieved beyond imagination. I had Azures and around that time I upgraded it to Vuze so I was able to download it. The process was slow and one episode took around a day, sometimes reaching 3 days if I notice that Vuze died late but it was fun to enjoy the fruits of labour by the end of the day.

I ended up downloading from episode 1 to 9 (missing 7) before episode 10 became quite a problem to me because of some link malfunction or something. It was still okay then, because I still get to read the manga and I have to say, I enjoy the manga more even though it doesn’t have Pluto…or Pluplu or whatever. One day though, I stumbled upon an anime review blog and the blogger wrote something about the ending of Kuroshitsuji. The description was so scarce and made me really want to know since it seems that the ending wasn’t really satisfactory but was somewhat predictable.

This is probably the main reason I bought Kuroshitsuji: the ending!

When I watched it, I started from the very beginning; episode 1. I haven’t seen Kuroshitsuji in a while since my computer totally crashed around a month ago along with all my digital animanga collection. The entire night, I devoted myself to Kuroshitsuji and didn’t even pause for a second (other than change to my sister’s laptop since my cousin needed to get to work) until around 8AM. Yes, I didn’t sleep a wink. I was too excited to know the ending.

And like all the other animes I watched, happy or sad, I cried at the end. It really wasn’t that satisfactory but there were no cliffhangers damnit! It ended like it should but I wished it ended better. There was no definite indication that the Phantomhive workers made it. Tanaka also up and disappeared. I wanted so badly to just cry my heart out during Ciel’s last trip but my aunt was there, constantly coming in and leaving the room that I felt kind of embarrassed to cry openly. Tears did fall but it was quickly wiped away.
Sebastian took Ciel's soul after all

Complete flash n00b

mood: annoyed
mood pic from behindinfinity

Never let a complete flash n00b do something that is worth RM1000!!!

Complete flash n00b: me

Yes! Me who-has-never-even-made-a-straight-line-move-an-inch-in-flash-during-high-school-even-though-it-costs-30-marks-in-the-ICT-test-just-because-it’s-troublesome!

Of course, when money is involved, naturally anyone would be excited to. This is a real challenge to me. Apart from not knowing how to function flash in the beginning, I had no flash software at home, and no computer either since it so nicely completely crashed a few days after receiving the project, and thus had to migrate to my old house in my hometown where there is no internet other than the cyber café and the wi-fi about 2km from home because my cousin lives there, who owns a notebook complete with Microsoft office 2007, Macromedia flash 8, Photoshop CS3 Extended, CorelDRAW and a whole bunch other graphic software.

Migrating was not such a big deal to me of course since my sister, who works with my cousin, will be there for me to annoy and pick on (take note that I mean ‘older’ sister). The big deal was that the notebook would only be available for me to use after she comes back from work, which is after office hours. That would also equal to me working like an owl from around 7PM to 6AM. Thankfully not continuously. I do my best to procrastinate without being noticed. I usually pull in much earlier than the time I should, my earliest would be at 3AM my latest would be 5:50AM.

The working hours are okay with me since I don’t think I can function well with the many distractions of the day. The next problem would be the project itself. I had to make karaoke-like animations for Arabic kids’ song. Hah. My main language is English and Malay as well as some Japanese and tidbits of Korean but Arabic? I did learn that language when I was 7 until I turned 11 but after that, I entered public school because my mom became a single mother and could no longer afford private schools. Even then I didn’t learn it seriously. I’m 18 now. I haven’t practiced my Arab in a long time. Yes, 7 years IS long enough to make your language skills rusty.

Apart from my rusty language, I had to face the problem of transferring the lyrics on a paper into the notebook. What the… yeah… My sister had an old friend of hers fix this problem and now the notebook is able to write not only Arab but also Thai, Korean and Katakana. Why Katakana and not just Hiragana and maybe the whole Kanji itself? Beats me. It wasn’t me who asked for it. My role was only to look ecstatic and misuse it.

After that problem had been taken care of and the keyboards get new looks courtesy of the stickers with the Arabic letters, I face another problem! Flash turns the words backwards! What to do? There’s probably a million ways to fix this that I somehow didn’t get wind of but I used the ‘type in MSWord-print screen-crop in paint-turn to .jpg’ method. It’s troublesome but like I said, I didn’t get wind of the other 999,999 ways to fix this.

Now that cropping is done, let’s implement it!...fuck. Here is where I start to hyperventilate because I am a complete flash n00b. Cry me a river, please do. A few days prior to the installation of the multi-lingual setting, I had experiment flash with a few Japanese songs that I could remember the lyric like RADWIMP’s ‘Teromoro’ and D.Gray-man’s ‘Tsunaida te ni kisu wo’. I really liked how it turned out but because it was only for experimenting, I only did the first verse of it without the chorus. Toremoro gave quite a problem to me since the song is fast and it was my first try. With Tsunaida te ni kisu wo, it was much easier for me and I really did it karaoke like with the colour change but like Toremoro, I barely did half it.

So I start to do the song and –PING!– realized that I needed to listen to the song first before I could continue. I stuck the CD in the RW DVD thingy and waited for it to process. The songs were easy to follow, considering it’s for kids and all, and I think I’ve already got two songs stuck in my head already. Oh great. Damn. I attempted to transfer it into the flash library but it failed. To my utter despair (ZETSUBOUSHITAAAAAA!!!!) flash didn’t support the song format. I went ‘what the…’ again.

It couldn’t be helped so I decided to bitch about it to my sister since she has that old friend of hers. After a day, that old friend, who she refers to as Alien (a sick pet name, I tell ya) and I call Ah Lien to be more polite, sends me an Adobe Audition 1.5 installation CD. I continued to bitch around when the installer wanted a serial number and he told my sister and my sister told me to open a crack folder. Crack folder? Yes, I see it. A folder named crack. For a second there, I thought he expected me to find some lunatic file on rampant. Without even a guide, I converted the song files into mp3 and delightfully noted that flash accepted it.

Yes, those were the hardships I had to go through to get the project up and running. I’m also working alone. A n00b working alone is not good. I told my mom that I wanted to recruit my best friend, Shiro-kun to do my lining for me and perhaps contribute ideas. She retorted with a: “Are you planning to pay her? How are you going to distribute the money after this? This is a family project, why can’t you let your sisters help you?” Family project my…argh… the only contribution I felt they were giving me was not to disturb me. Doesn’t that make me want to bang my head on a random wall?

Back on subject, so far, I’ve turned 3 out of 6 tracks into flash karaokes. Phase I is half done. Phase II: animating objects is worrying me. Phase III seems so far away. And I have to get everything done before the last week of May.






AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dare ga, tasuketeeeeee!!!!!!!

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