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D.Gray-man chap 186 pg 17
D.Gray-man on hiatus!
What the...
As if the fans hadn't waited long enough when Hoshino-sensei injured her wrist.
I dunno, I'm so pissed.
To think that she's just about to unveil the prick Kanda's history
Well, guess we'l just have to wait.
Hoshino Katsura better have a damn good reason for making all her readers sit on edge longer than we should.
The edge is so not smooth, trust me.
Thus the name 'cliff-hanger'
chapter 186 is great
it seems the order is pretty adamant about having the KanAre duo go on every mission together ever since they moved into the new headquarters.
Leenalee will be joining them this time as they go to Istanbul for Hoshino-knows-what mision.
I mean think about it;
first, it was with Miranda at the graveyard to get the ring containing the innocence;
then, it was with Noise Marie to recruit their new exorcist, Timothy
...and now with Leenalee to Istanbul?
Hoshino has so TOTALLY heard of Yullen. Like, seriously.
Back on topic of the recent chapter,
Kanda Yuu ran away from headquarters because of a request from a nearly deaf swordmaker/chef
and we get to find out that he actually somewhat originated from the asian branch, being casual with Bak and everything
(that punch was totally killer)
Allen and Leenalee arrive through the portal in all their awesomeness and I didn't fail to notice that Leenalee and Link's hair has so totally grown longer.
Link was a stiff prick as usual
reminds you of somene, doesn't it?
and finally...
the one speculation I can't believe Hoshino is going to make us grovel over,
...Kanda is believed to be delusional
and/or seeing things.
Plus, child!Kanda totally made me squeal fangirl version
Hoshino-sensei better get over this hiatus fast.

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Anonymous 5:34 AM, June 06, 2009  

She's getting sued for plagiarism by the artist of death note


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