Gosh! 3 Harddisks to Empty!

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Yuuri...haven't seen kyou kara maou for a while now.
What's been happening in Shin Makoku?
Today, things happened
the day started quite late for me...
but a snake got into the house and caused chaos
still unsure if it has shown itself out of the house yet or not
Anyway, finally got the external harddisk that I bought with my own money fixed
I haven't tested it yet, but I think it should work now.
So, I'm currently emptying the harddisks in the computer I'm using now.
This computer has 4 harddisks
Can you believe that?
All slots filled. Seriously!
I occupy 3 harddisks with my stuff and they're about brimming already
There's a lot to delete considering I have to conserve space and everything.
Well shit happens.
I've sorted only 1 currently. Still working on my second
but as I was working, I stumbled on a few files I had long forgotten
It's the korean macros!:
Comprehensible lines: My friends say I'm special but my doctor say it's something called...like...A.D.D?
Lolz, Donghae killed me XD
but I rofl when I read the one with Heechul
I rofl everytime I read this

At first, I didn't know what autism is
then someone told me
and I lol'd harder

What the-XD
all macro pics taken from the kpophumour and kpopmacro community in livejournal

I stumbled upon this pic as well when I was sorting out a kind of misc folder
It's Heechul's back
Girly hair
I really miss using this as my desktop wallpaper
I did this in Photoshop in 2007
...when I still had photoshop T-T
Whoa! I haven't seen these pics in ages in my folders.
It's from an FMA doujin that I coloured in PS to test my colouring skills
My skills are very obviously poor T^T
Ed wasn't supposed to be naked in the third pic but I didn't make reference to the doujin when I coloured this
and the shirt lines were barely there...
Gah...things like these make deleting much harder

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