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Just for the sake of not updating since forever...
I will post random stuff about what's been happening lately.
Too lazy to elaborate on much.
30th March - passed driving test
31st March - quit job
1st April - celebrated Professor Syamsul's birthday. The event can be read at my nee-chan's [blog]
2nd April - celebrated my Okaa-san's birthday
3rd April - random day spent at home. Waited for brother-in-law to arrive
today - Attended e-commerce seminar. Won some junk foods and a bottle of beverage.
That's about it.
Regarding my interest/hobby:
Naruto chapter 440 page 14
Read Naruto up to the recent chapter but I skipped the Itachi arc for fear of having to spend the entire night reading it.
and...I cried a lot
-when Naruto was informed of Jiraiya's death.
-when Kakashi 'met' up with his father
-when Konohamaru showed his rasengan
-when Naruto returned to a destroyed Konoha
-when Naruto asked Tsunade if Kakashi had left for a mission outside Konoha
Stupid Pain
But...finally, Naruto gets to meet back with his father. Even for a short while.
Before that even, Ebisu recalled the feelings of Konoha's shinobi that had begun to change with Naruto's success and failures and how everyone has begun to have faith and protect him as an important figure in Konoha and not just as a weapon.
Thruthfully, it's starting to be obvious that Naruto has become even stronger and wiser during his fight with baka Pain

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