Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Gah! Passed the 00:00 minute before the start of today.

So I'll probably post twice today.
Ah well.
Okaa-san arranged a small religious meet at home
Women only.
Kyu kyu~

On the 5th of April ago, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was released

I remembered this a day later though. Heh
After much fan speculation and teasing trailers,
there was about 6 to 7 trailers 0.o
the first episode was broadcasted at 5PM in Japan, replacing Gundam 00
...or so I was told
Here's the OP and ED
-since youtube and sony ent are being a real b***h, there's no OP and ED to embed here
until I find another less constricting site-
The OP is 'Again' by YUI
...and here I should mention that I'm a big fan of YUI's songs
The ED is ''(lie) by SID
I enjoyed them immensely.
To view the whole episode, visit this [site]

I enjoyed the first episode immensely for the action, animation and humour.
There's travelling news that this version of FMA will pick up from where the first version stopped following the manga.
I do hope it will turn out that way.
The anime drawing is also more synchro with the manga.
So our chibi-tan looks more matured and madao-taisa looks more manry
This coming 10th April, the series will broadcast in Animax-asia.
...which makes me want to bash my head
Okaa-san! Didn't you say you'd subscribe to Animax after SPM?
But it's really cool how the worldwide fans are able to view Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood around the time Japan fans can.
I can't wait to see the second episode.

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sweet_knk 1:45 AM, April 09, 2009  

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so exciting!!!
sleepy now... (-.-)zZzZ

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