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Something good happened today
but I'll write about that later.
For now though,
D.Gray-man chapter 184 was put up in onemanga today!

This is one of the panels I liked in this chapter
Kanda in chinese clothes
and Allen wearing a tie
I liked his ribbon but this outfit makes him look like some random student so
Kanda's golem's and Timcanpy's glaring competition is so funny I just couldn't edit it out XD

This is also from chapter 184
Truthfully, Link was the one that made me realize I had a uniform fetish
...or rather a fitting vest and slacks fetish

This is from chapter 182

but I erased the blood and a few clothes accesory also got covered
It was too hard fixing those.
I might just make this an icon for my LJ

This one a scene in chapter 181
This just screamed to me
Good thing the text is directly on Allen's uniform
This one is also from chapter 182
I wanted to have a better look at Noah!Allen
I did everything in paint
because Trojan murdered my photoshop
I really wanted to touch up with PS T^T

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