Ah? What's that? Another Random One?

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Today...calls for another random short entry of my everyday random life.
...Because it is neither boring nor interesting.
So it's random. Live with it.
Wasn't so interesting. Nothing big happened yet.
In a few minutes, onee-chan will be celebrating her birthday.
She insists upon making a video of her birthday that she can upload on youtube.
Tomorrow...if she manages to upload it by time,
I'll embed it on my next entry...
or just link the url.
I seem to do a lot of those lately.

D.Gray-man chapter 183 page 19
Gah! This chapter, Timothy gets a lot more action than Allen and the others but it's ok.
They have another exorcist among them in exchange for losing others in the battlefield(coughSumancough)but I think Timothy is too bigheaded and proud.
Ah well. He'll change in time I hope.
Get to see Allen with revealing clothes.
He's got a large scar from where his innocence pierced him.
His room at their new headquarter looks comfy. Link has his own bed and it has an average type of window complete with curtains. They also have a study table in there as well as an armchair. It's so nice.

Gintama 4th ED screencap.

One day...I'd like to hear Gin-chan sing an image song...
while looking like that.
Gotta prepare for the party.

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