Finally! A Handphone!

mood: ecstatic
mood pic from behindinfinity

I wasn't behaving like this today though
but okaa-san finally decided to buy a handphone for me
Uwaa uwaa kya kya arigatou nya~~
I googled for the kind of phone I have but nothing came up.
Since nee-san kidnapped my phone, I don't know what series it is but it's from CSL, a local handphone.
If I feel like it, I'll take a pic one day....
but that day...
is far far away
laziness kills XD
But I really am happy.
now I can't use this macro anymore:

Hei should get one
As for me...
Okaa-san! Hontouni Arigatou Gozaimashita!
Boku wa honto ni ureshii deshou~!
Thank you thank you thank you!
And thank you as well to onee-chan who went out of her way to ask the attendants there as well as help me choose.
and to end this happy entry:

Katsura-san and Elizabeth
...well it rained today.

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